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Everything inks in here...

Heya! I'm Nine, a fun-loving guy with a big heart and a louder mouth. Much of my involvement in the community comes through my commentary.

Charles "NineWholeGrains" Whitehead

hi! i'm Nicholas Devantier, better known as hermes! I've been passionate about this community since Sept 2015!

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Unapologetic Brush Sympathizer

Ryan "YoKo" Logan

Henlo! I'm Marshall Greenbaum, I've been in the competitive scene since 2015 and now I'm lookin to help make the community even better!


Yo! I'm an artist who likes a laid back life =w=)~

Maegan "UBERU-5" Ma

Music and Art Major at GRC

Red ⭐

Confident and ever-learning number-cruncher and communications specialist. Likes video games and LOVES cats.

Nikki "Aditya" Sandhu

Avery aka Bread, listener of music and player of games, occasionally thinks of fun little ideas that Spoon lets me stick on the fridge that is InkTV

Avery "Bread" Waddell

Hi I'm jack or jacc. Audio and video production enthusiast. Always looking to bring my A game to my work. Giving back to a community that gave to me.


A creator/developer who is passionate about helping improve the Splatoon eSports scene.


Former player turned commentator and journalist for competitive Splatoon, I look to bring the best content possible to help grow the scene.

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

InkTV Co-Founder, Twitch Broadcaster, & Software Developer. Former Competitive player tirelessly working in the shadows to put on a show.

Blake "Bleck?" Burns

Im a Streamer, commentator and occasional player. but for the most Part i am the Co-founder of InkTV

Jamie "CryptikSpoon" Thompson

I joined InkTV in March 2017 after developing my skills as an event organizer and assisting with the media for the Bleck n Spoon tournament.


26 year old video game enthusiast and pin collector, looking for the path less traveled.