InkTV Media Splatoon Tournaments

Season 9

A Weekly Tournament Series where a dedicated Map List is made for each Month long Season!

  • 8 Maps per Season
  • One Season per Month
  • One Mode per Week
  • Play All 4 Matches in Swiss Groups
  • Best of 5 Top 8
  • Best of 7 Grand Finals

In the event of 5 weeks in a season, All modes will be mixed in the 5th week! Tournament structure will vary based on Entrants, but will always take ~5 hours from start to finish. We have work in the morning too, so strict timekeeping will be had.

With only 8 maps, Bleck n Spoon is the ultimate grind. Which team will come up with the best strategy this week?

The Reef
Inkblot Art Academy
Sturgeon Shipyard
Snapper Canal
Shellendorf Institute
Goby Arena
Piranha Pit