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LUTI S5: At the Halfway Point

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Nov 22, 2017

Leagues Under the Ink breaks into Splatoon 2 after four seasons in Splatoon 1, and things continue to go well. The League offers steady competition for teams looking to test their skill over the long haul against the best of their opponents. With the 4th week coming to a close on Sunday, November 19th, I want to take a look back at what has unfolded so far in the early stages of the season.

Starting off with Forge Division, besides Rising Moon dropping (giving every other team in the division a free win), this division has been rather uneventful. Team Olive is sitting strong with three wins right now (including a huge one over Extermination),while Kraken Paradise, Extermination, Ethereal, and Saikai each sit with two wins. Crème Fresh and Yami each sit at the lone win over Rising Moon currently, but hope to make a push and upset some of the teams higher in the bracket. Team Olive and Saikai are the favorites to win, while Kraken Paradise looks to continue their incredible LUTI storyline, being the winners of the LUTI seeding tournament. Extermination hopes to continue showing why they are a team that has stood the test of time at this top level beat out Olive in a possible playoff runback. As more storylines unfold this season, Forge Division looks to be one of the most dramatic, especially when it comes to those final playoff spots.

Next we have Enperry Division, where we have teams such as Kairos, Deep Blues,, Spanish Army, Legacy, Hanran, etc. This division is stacked to say the least. The current leaders are Neptune and quantuM Kids in group A both sitting undefeated, while El Firmament tops group B undefeated and Hanran right behind them with just the loss to the current group leader. One of the early upsets is ClanŁess narrowly beating out Kairos in a nail-biting 5-4 during week 3. El Firmament has been the story of the division so far. The French side has already beaten both Hanran and Legacy, two teams slated to get top spots in group B. Keep an eye on them as they try to make a deep playoff run and come out as champion in this stacked division.

Rockenberg Division is full of teams ready to break into that top echelon of teams. Clear on top of group A is Generation Z, who have yet to lose a game, while three teams sit at two wins each (Notorious, Hokusai Squad, and El Arctic). Surge is the undefeated one in group B, while both Team X and ıиκΔDelta sit at three wins. Eclipse Konton I is the group C leader, while another three teams are right behind at three wins a piece (License to Krill, Squidding Good, and C Sharp). In a division like this where everybody is on that cusp of greatness, there are almost no upsets. However, clear favorites are already developing in each group. It will be interesting to see how the story here unfolds: will these teams continue their hot streak or will one of the teams tailing them surpass them by the end of the season?

Krak-On Division, group C specifically, has had an interesting first few weeks. Group C is currently left with only five of their starting eight teams! Of these teams, each has only gained one win of their own merit outside of these three drops, so it’s a tough group to predict any outcome. Outside of that, Ambition, Blackout, and Squid Patrol top groups A, B, and D respectively, each at 4-0. However, CrossInk in group B is at 4-1, looking to secure a second place finish after only losing to their group leader Blackout. In group D, Leftovers still sit undefeated as well, albeit only three wins, so it will be interesting to see who wins the group between them and Squid Patrol. The action is about to shake up as playoff spots start to become solidified across this division!

Firefin and Annaki Divisions both see newer teams looking to establish themselves on the scene, and lookinng for some early glory. For Firefin, Electric Zoo in group A, Łimitless in group B, Black Duragons and Save MsPaint in group C, and Coral Abyss in group D all with perfect records. For Annaki, the top contenders right now are Double Time and *twisted fate in group A, Lastation and RedeMption in group B, Dredgelords in group C, and Anathema 2, Greed Squids, and Nine to Five in group D, each having perfect records so far as well. All of these teams have something to prove. Be sure to look out for these rising stars come playoff time!

The first season of LUTI in Splatoon 2 is just over halfway done, and we can already see some drama unfolding. Be sure to keep up with the results, and pay attention to those all important playoff spots. That will be where the most intense matches happen this season!

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