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Has Neptune been Eclipsed?

Jamie "CryptikSpoon" Thompson

Dec 05, 2017

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As of yesterday , The One, Prime and Deejay have left their previous team, Neptune. known for their meteoric rise in the Splatoon 2 rankings by taking games off some of the very top teams, Neptune is in disarray as there are now only 3 remaining players left on the team.The departure of these players was due to internal conflict within the team.

Luc “The One” Dozois has stated that the team will continue to finish off the LUTI season, but has cut ties with the team in every other capacity. Luc has gone on to form Eclipse with Deejay, Jay (both former Neptune), Ross ( playing on Quantum) and 10sion (former Quantum), and River . Luc is hopeful for the future of his newly found team.

“Eclipse originally came from a pickup for the LAN G5 composed of me, Deejayy, Ross, and 10sion, a bit after the pickup team for G5 was made, we went to NNCL last friday to just experiment with our synergy and get some practice in for G5(future Splatoon LAN), we ended up doing well beating yami, saikai twice, and legacy twice and after some discussion informing the others with our plan to leave Neptune we brought up the idea of becoming an actual team. We tried some games saturday and discussing how we want the team to be run and what we would all want from it, later sunday when everyone was on we decided to make it official with us 4 on the roster. It was really just everyone sharing similar goals for a team, so we decided to form and that's when we left Neptune. Eclipse currently has me and Deejayy from Neptune, 10sion, former quantum and a few other teams, Ross (though he has not left Quantum), River, a shooter player Deejayy knew beforehand, and Jay, who me and Deejayy knew beforehand. The team is still new so it's unsure how this roster will last in the long run but for now this is what we have, we plan to keep 6 members the maximum and play tournaments and practice when we are up for it and hope to do well in the long run, we are also in esports hubs league and will be playing in the top division. Just looking forward to the future and i'm really confident in this team and all the players on it”

The road seems positive for team Eclipse as they set their sights on the competition at G5, but what about Neptune?

The team appears to be holding tryouts and the remaining members (Pika, Diego, Killer) seem to be committed to rebuilding and keeping their place as one the highest ranking teams.

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