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InControlGaming Signs New Powerhouse Sorrow

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Dec 05, 2017

InControl Gaming signing/pickup

With the sweet memories held when leaving an old team comes an everlasting Sorrow. Former members of top team Extermination have announced they will be parting ways with the team and forming a new team, Sorrow. Kiri, Echo, Banana, and Nils of Extermination as well as Wil, who’s played for numerous top teams, have come together to shake up the scene. Extermination being a long time staple in the Splatoon 2 community reigning dominant back to their days in the original Splatoon game. If you’ve been a fan of the Splatoon 2 competitive scene you know who Extermination is and for this group of players to be forming a new team you can be sure top placings are in their future. Kiri, the team's captain, attributes the move to leave their former team to a lack of activity from other members which was holding them back from becoming a better team and showed in their teamwork. "We had no real chance to improve except solo or pickup scrims and both of those can't really improve our teamwork. That's what Extermination has always lacked in. Teamwork. We were just a bunch of really good and skilled players that win just cause of that. No teamwork or coordination whatsoever." He and the other guys formerly of Extermination recognized they all felt the same way and along with Kiri's good friend Wil decided it was time for a change. Then once they had finalized their roster and announced the team on twitter, almost immediately he says something "too good to be true" happened, he was approached by InControl Gaming. and the two worked together to sign a deal that would they believe would help both the players and organization leading into the future.

InControl/Sorrow Splatoon roster

Source: @InControlHQ

The organization quickly picking up Sorrow after parting ways with Yami in what they call a “positive relationship”. This sparked their interest in finding a new team with the potential to both grow the scene and themselves as players. The organization was tremendously impressed with the player’s performance on Extermination and specifically on the SplatStats ranking, showing that they were already powerful but ready to take it up a notch going into the future. InControl Gaming recognizes the special talent these players have and wants to support their endeavors in any way possible. I can confirm the team will be gaining official InControlGaming apparel, goods from various sponsors, various fees and expenses covered, and I’m even told flying them out to major events is a definite possibility in the future. Choosing Sorrow seemed like an easy choice for them as they were impressed by not only the skill of each individual player, but also the maturity they showed at such a young age. With the experience of the InControl family and its connections throughout various video game franchises they believe they can help influence this group to excel in ways unimaginable.

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