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Long Island Splat Returns

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Dec 05, 2017

Long Island Splat Logo

The NYC local LAN Long Island Splat is back and ready to shake up the east coast yet again! After a very successful first installment back in September, the Long Island Splat crew has announced the largest Splatoon 2 local will be returning December 16th. Joined by EndGameTV who will be providing the livestream and AON Gaming who is bringing the venue, they are ready to once again deliver an exciting spectacle for the ages.

The first event sporting some big names throughout the Splatoon community such as top player PKfuzzy, Power of top team SetToDestroyX, Hitzel (who if you don't already know just look for the guy screaming callouts across the room even though he has a perfectly functional headset) LittleSoundDJ, GamerAdvanced of Saikai who was recently voted to go to [Genesis 5][5], and even some guy named WALKMAN have all declared they will be returning once again. However, big name or not everyone who showed up last September had only positive things to say about the event and many have already said they would be returning as well. Long Island Splat featured some of the closest sets in Splatoon 2 to date and was both exciting to participate in and watch alongside the live crowd. From the moment the event started you could tell it was going to be special as players and viewers were wowed by the game's going on and laughing together having the time of their lives. The actual tournament was filled with close set after close set and if you haven’t caught the dramatic grand finals which pushed the game to its limits you are in for a treat below. Honestly though, all the sets were amazing and I recommend scrolling through that playlist to check out some more excitement and even some games I commentated myself alongside my good friend fuzzy.

More than anything Long Island Splat was one of the most fun Splatoon events to attend for me, I knew I just had to go and I loved every second of it. The venue fee is cheap compared to other events, its marketed as a local but honestly gets great attendance throughout the east coast, and the people there are amazing. It’s basically a mini major LAN due to the number of people that show up only adding to the excitement. Last event had people all the way from Canada and Florida showing up to compete and spectate. There wasn’t anyone there that wasn’t friendly and I even met great friends I’ve been wanting to meet offline for a while or just people I never knew before. If you are on the fence about coming, scared it won’t be worth your time as a spectator, or afraid because you aren’t the most skilled player, fret not as I can guarantee it will be an event you will never forget. Come and become a part of the Long Island Splat family, hone your skills, make new friends, and just have an amazing time appreciating the game we all love. People of all ages are welcome and the last event had both younger people and older showing their support. There are plenty of setups that allow everyone to play even if they don’t sign up for the tournament or to warm up with in between rounds. Bean bags and plenty of seating to watch the highlighted matches comfortably and be social with all the great people who show up. Even if you don’t have a switch, can’t bring your own, or only have one for you and a loved one the Long Island Splat crew may be able to help and allow you to use their own in certain situations if you let them know beforehand. Don’t have a team? They got you covered again as they can help pair you up with others at the event, or even join your team themselves and trust me having these Splatoon veterans on your team ain't bad. There is nothing this staff won’t do to make sure you have the best and most exciting experience possible, so show up and reward both them and yourself with your presence at Long Island Splat!

All the information you need can be found in the poster and links below. If there are any questions be sure to ask here in the comment section or join the discord to chat with the staff. Hope to see you there!

Long Island Splat Promo Poster

Source: Long Island Splat | Artist: @LalaloopsylandV

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Dec 05, 2017

this event just sounds so exciting! LIS is a necessity for the community on the east coast and I only see success in it's future.

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