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Streamer Spotlight: Fate, the Bubbly Night Owl

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Dec 06, 2017

You turn on Twitch, and wanna look for a Splatoon 2 stream, something maybe not as big as DUDE or Power, but still on the competitive side. Welcome to Streamer Spotlight, where we highlight some of the lesser known streamers in the competitive Splatoon community and point you towards some other awesome content creators! I will chat with them, get to know them a bit, and tell you just how awesome they are and why you should tune into their streams!

Now, you come across a simple, no frills stream with a high quality video from 99destiny, and you decide to give them a look see. Within the first few minutes of entering the stream, you hear from the streamer in a chipper voice: "Hallo welcome to streamy stream!" The voice you hear is full of positive energy and good vibes, and you already have an idea of the atmosphere of the stream.

Twitch streamer 99destiny, better known as Fate in the Splatoon 2 competitive community, is a streamer who has been at it since early 2016. The name "99destiny" has been her IGN for the longest time, however, when she joined the competitive scene and got on her first team, she shortened to Fate to fit in the team tag! She is one of the older players in the community at 29, works and lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and loves to play squid game! Over time, her stream has grown a small following, with averages around 15 with no hosts, and larger when hosted by friends. She typically takes the late night time slot due to her work schedule being a night schedule (hence her series "Up Late with Fate!").

She has been on well known teams in the past such as C-, RIP the Dream, Notorious, and has recently ended her tenure with Neosignal. She has also been to many LANs, starting with Squidstorm 2016, and has also attended DPG, SnS, and most recently, Squidstorm 2017. The last event, she finished in 5th place subbing with Ink Delta! Here is a match they played against Black Squid Ink Burger in pools!

Fate is not your typical flashy frontliner or precise charger you find at the top of the Splatoon 2 streamer list. She is a support flex player, being touted as one of the original N'Zap mains, since the days of Splatoon 1, and also plays a mean Splatling as well as Rapid Blaster. Because of this, you never know what weapon you'll see when you tune in, making each stream slightly different. Plus, her support playstyle leans itself well to being right by the objective, seeing lots of action as people congregate on the Zone, Tower, or Rainmaker. However, that's not to say she doesn't get the clutch quads and other game changing plays! This play just happened this past week!

Plus, what sets Fate apart from the rest of Splatoon 2 streamers is her positivity and happy-go-lucky demeanor. You will never tune into a stream with her and see her down in the dumps. Even in solo, where the salt usually comes out, she stays upbeat and has a good time! This comes from her love of the game and desire to share it with others. She is watched streams for a while and though wanted to do the same and share her gameplay with others, creating a community of people around her content. This following has steadily grown since she started, and now she is over 1.2k followers and has a few loyal subscribers!

And for her, streaming is all about the community. She always strives to have a diverse community of viewers, and has a pretty split viewer pool from all over the world because her late night streams in North America happen to be at great times for European and Oceanic viewers. The community is always wlecome to hang out and talk in her chat, but she knows she has quite a few lurkers, which she is happy to also have around. And not only does she love her little community, she is also passionate about the streamer community as a whole. She tries to host other smaller streamers and help them get new folks in their chat rooms. She knows what its like on the smaller end and wants to always help others grow as well. The community is her passion, both streaming and the overall community itself!

Outside of the stream, she is in a relationship with fellow Splatoon player and streamer, PixelatedCody. She is also a Nintendo gamer through and through, and has most recently finished Super Mario Odyssey. She is also a high level Pokken player, and enjoys playing it with friends when she gets the chance. She likes electronic music, and tends to zen out to it a lot. She is also a LUTI staff member, helping bring a consistent league to many players across the community.

Some rapid fire facts about Fate:

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Game (besides Splatoon): Tales of Symphonia

Least Favorite Weapon to Fight in Solo: Range Blaster

Favorite Splatoon 2 Streamer: Bleck?

Favorite Anime: Akame Ga Kill!

Favorite Film: Gladiator/Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Favorite Song Currently: Malik Bash - Hold On

So why tune in to Fate? Her positivity is will make your day/night; her support play will always draw the action to her; and she always interacts with chat and makes you feel welcome! You can find Fate here on Twitch, Twitter, and in her Discord Server! Be sure to check out her streams and give her a follow!


Dec 07, 2017

It's always so inspiring to me to see an awesome woman playing games I love!! This is a great spotlight!! :)

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