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Ink Radio Podcast Ep 7: Doctor Prodigy

Jamie "CryptikSpoon" Thompson

Dec 07, 2017

In this episode we talk about how to grow a LAN, as well as if Japan need us and do we need them for Esports growth. We then shift to the hot topic of the week should we be playing the meta that Japan is playing and what a competitor's focus should be around the meta. Lastly, we top it all off with some bustin and viewer questions!

I, CryptikSpoon, am joined by our usual hosts My Negus, NineWholeGrains and our special guest Dr. Prodigy


Audio Version:

goodnight to park chaewon only#8926

Dec 07, 2017

brb boostin my noots


Dec 07, 2017

This was to thank for one of my most entertaining rides into the city. Thank you guys for quality content! :)

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