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Splatoon Philippines: The Growth of a Community

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Dec 08, 2017

Splatoon Philippines

One day I tuned into ThatSrb2DUDE’s stream in which I am a moderator for and as such whenever I can I try to help with any of the viewer’s questions that pop up. Then, some person named alexvaldez asks DUDE and the chat if they have any tips to be a better tournament commentator and what people look for in a good caster. I offered the guy my best advice and he thanked may saying he was looking into growing the Splatoon 2 community in the Philippines and any help was appreciated. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but fast forward a couple months later and our paths would cross again only this time it would be in the youtube comment section of our latest ink radio podcast. He said that the podcast was perfect timing as one of the topics discussed was staring LAN events and he and his team would be hosting a LAN in the Philippines, on December 10th. Once I read the comment it hit me, I knew this guy, and so I contacted him about the event only to find that this passionate gamer looking for advice in a twitch stream was a part of a team connecting the Filipino Splatoon community and helping it grow in tremendous ways. Join me on an inside look at the team that is bringing together Splatoon players across their country to the Splatoon Philippines Holiday Meetup LAN.

The group of behind the event this upcoming Sunday have roots across competitive gaming and gaming in general. Steven “Steef” Revente, founder and manager of the team is one of the people responsible for a budding Super Smash Bros. scene in the Philippines is now on a mission to do the same for Splatoon. Gab “Gubzerker” Madrid the designer and illustrator for the team, only reached S rank in the original game but that hasn’t stopped his dedication to seeing Splatoon grow in his country. Nick “Nick10dude” Profeta manages the stream, and his love of the game stems back to Splatoon 1 despite never being able to own the game. He loved the game so much he picked up everything there is to know about Splatoon without ever actually touching a controller, it was not until a Splatoon 2 demo that he touched the franchise and he knew he couldn’t miss out on the game again. Next up is Brian “Stormz” Sy who’s competitive experience in other games such as Call of Duty and Overwatch shine when he coaches the players and teams that show up to the events. Lastly, our Alex “Okidoki” Valdez an indie developer who’s fighting game passion got pushed to the side a bit once he became engulfed in Splatoon. The E3 invitational in which Team USA defeated Team Japan caught his eye and he has become a huge fan of the competitive scene ever since. His goal is to be the community’s main caster and spread the love of the game he has become so passionate about. The Splatoon PH group have all come together through various journeys and video gaming backgrounds in order to join players of all skill levels and promote the Filipino Splatoon 2 community.

Splatoon PH october meetup lan

Some of the participants of the first Splatoon PH meetup in October

Previously the Splatoon 2 scene in the Philippines has been nonexistent for the most part as there were no teams, just what they describe as solo players who would only come together as pickups during meetups. The team has made it their goal to bring these solo players together and help them form more coordinated teams rather than short-lasting pickups. There aren’t many online tournaments for the game and therefore the players don’t get together enough and play to form teams. The Splatoon PH group’s mission is to put all these players in one place for a fun time and let them get to know each other and form teams as a result. With the creation of more established teams in the community, they can then go on to host more tournaments both online and off to help strengthen the players and the community as a whole. Their last event in October was a major success and the group is responsible for bringing together the current champion of series, Midnight, who is now an established team. This team headed by member of Splatoon PH, Stormz, now looks to expand their presence internationally and play in more events outside the Philippines having their eyes set on the upcoming Inkergalactic cup 3 on December 16th. The group’s influence in team building doesn’t end there as they have also helped Team Miku and Team 5PM make the transition of pickup to formal team.

Step by step, player by player, team by team the Splatoon PH team has started from a community apart to one that grows closer everyday. The upcoming LAN event is their next project to help and foster new teams form and build. Building their scene from the ground up hasn’t been easy, but as more people get involved it shows them that it has all been worth it. Their love for the game has shown through their passion and dedication they put into their events and with this event looking to be more successful than the last it is only a matter of time until the Filipino community becomes more recognized throughout the international scene. A group as hard working and generous as this one deserves our support and this can be accomplished by any of us no matter if we are in the Phillipines, Southeast Asia, or as far away as possible. Those in the area can share their support by showing up to the spectacular event and treating themselves to a good time. While those of us far away can show support and maybe even learn some things about a scene we aren’t familiar with by tuning into the stream when it goes live. All information regarding the event can be found below, and if there are any questions about the event itself or starting a LAN event and promoting Splatoon in your area they would be glad to answer in their facebook group or discord below. Good luck to you this weekend Splatoon PH you are truly an inspiration to us all!

splat ph poster

Squidboards Page | Twitch | Discord | Twitter | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Youtube

If you are interested in watching the stream live reminder that the event takes place December 16th at 1pm GMT +8. This would be 12am eastern standard time on the same day as the Philippines is 13 hours ahead.

For a replay of the past October event's stream click here

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