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Version 2.1.0 Highlights and Predictions

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Dec 11, 2017

splatoon 2 version 2.1.0 patch notes

A new update hits us tomorrow night and as such I would like to analyze some of the changes that on paper to me seem noteworthy. Version 2.1.0 introduces a lot of changes and bug fixes to the game, but some of the weapon and stage balancing seem to be the most important to me.

First off, the splat brella has undergone a pretty dramatic nerf. It will probably still be a very usable weapon, but it did take a pretty decent hit. It now paints a bit less with a single shot while also consuming about 10% more ink. The shield of the brella has also taken a slight nerf in that it takes more damage from blaster and charger weapons. While the splat brella weapon will be painting less for a bit more ink, I believe it will still be a viable support option as it still retains its sprinkler and inkstorm special which is also capable of turfing an area of the map. The damage the brella shield takes may have a slight impact as it does mean jumping in with the brella is a little less safe as chargers mostly tried to camp the super sump point. Longer raged blasters were often a decent option against brellas and this buff helps them and even shorter range blasters more. The turf support of the brella will be mostly unaffected, while some 1v1 and reckless play of the brella will come with more punishment. I wouldn’t be surprised if support mains switch to other options, but if you are a dedicated brella main it doesn’t seem like the end of the brella.

Next up we see the change to the range blaster’s special going from needing 190p to 200p and I guess I kind of know why they did it but it isn’t going to make the weapon any less good. Range blasters were able to paint a lot for a blaster with the inkstorm and so to make them a little less able to turf and be as powerful as they are the amount of turf inked needed raised a bit. This change will hardly affect range blaster mains and it is still one of the best, if not the best blaster option.

Regular blasters and splat dualies received the only buffs of the patch and they may have needed them as they fell out of favor. I personally like both buffs with the blasters getting a decreased movement penalty of 7/60 of a second after firing and the splat dualies getting an increase in damage from 28.0 to 30.0 per bullet. The most vulnerable time for a blaster is when it has just shot and by reducing this penalty the regular blasters may become more formidable options over their longer ranged counterparts on certain maps. The splat dualies buff may not seem like much as either way it is a four shot weapon, it can in fact be the difference between killing or not depending on the amount of damage an opponent has taken elsewhere. There are a lot of things in the game that accumulate chip damage such as stingray, burst bombs, and inkstorm and having just that little extra damage of 90 after 3 shots verses 84 after 3 shots may help secure a kill.

There also seem to be some map layout and objective changes. I for one am happy with the maps selected to be changed as these seem to be the maps with the most complaints often times. These maps include Musselforge Fitness, Starfish Mainstage, Humpback Pumptrack, Inkblot Art Academy, Moray Towers, Port Mackerel, and Snapper Canal. I will just mention some of these map changes and try and decipher what they may mean ultimately based on just text.

starfish mainstage changes

First off one note for Starfish Mainstage reads “Adjusted placement of objects near the center of the map, and reduced obstacles” indicating that the middle or actual mainstage of the map will have less clutter from various music equipment. I for one appreciate this change as there are just simply too many random obstacles that are more annoying than strategically placed, I get they may have added to the aesthetic of the map but were just really nuisance in the end. It is also worth noting that there do seem to be more ramps leading up onto the stage meaning less climbing directly up from low ground for everyone. Lastly it should be mentioned these changes are for all battle modes. These changes can be viewed in the image above and as you can see the center stage looks more clean and sleek than ever before.

Another map receiving some changes is Humpback Pumptrack, however this one only seems to be changed for tower control. I find it very interesting they say the tower path has been “greatly” adjusted perhaps indicating that it will take an entirely new path now. They have also added inkrails similar to the map on rainmaker which lead to the middle of the map. Some obstacles throughout the map have been changed as well. All of these changes specifically for one mode suggests to me that possibly the devs were not happy with the way the mode was played on this map and that it was time for a pretty big change. Maybe I am reading to into the word “greatly”, but as of now I would think the tower probably goes around a completely new path with new checkpoints.

inkblot art academy The Last map I want to bring attention to is Inkblot Art Academy which is receiving changes only to rainmaker. This was probably the most debated mode on the map so it makes sense it is seeing some adjustments. The following changes have been made “added platforms and a slope leading up to the center from the open spaces on the left and right of the map. Increased size of the boxes used to climb into the enemy base from the center of the stage, and adjusted the look to match the stage. Added inkable box for climbing to a high point in the opponents’ base, to the left when viewed from your own base. Adjusted the direction and position of the white objects in each base.” I’ll try and give my take on all of them one by one in order so here goes. The added platforms and a slope on the left and right of the map indicate to me that the lower elevated ground on the edges of the map near the water now have more options to get into the center of the map. This may allow for some new rainmaker strategies during pushes as these areas may prove beneficial. Next change the increased size of the boxes used to climb into enemy base seems to mean the paintable gray box you usually take the rainmaker up to get onto the enemy plat or spawn is now wider. Before I talk more about this I need to mention the next adjustment, the “added inkable box for climbing to a high point in the opponent’s base, to the left when viewed from your own base.” To me this most certainly means that the paintable box seen in tower control to the left of the ramp leading to the enemy’s base has now been added to rainmaker (visual above). It will now be possible to take this box to get to the top left of the enemy base and you can even take the rainmaker along this path as well. Even though these two adjustments are along the left side of the map it may combat the need for more than two very similar rainmaker paths on this map with now a 3rd slightly less similar option. Creating a path alongside the the right side would be too close to the goal and so the devs turned to this option and let’s see if it helps. The last note there about the white object being adjusted may be referring to the tree or mushroom looking sculpture on each team’s plat though I’m not sure. If so maybe this adjustment will also affect how rainmaker is played here.

Finally, let’s go through some miscellaneous changes to the game. A lot of bug fixes regarding out of bounds terrain glitches and weird interactions between the players would occur were made. Some salmon run changes were made to show consistency between all four players screens hopefully making it a more enjoyable experience for all parties. The spectator mode has seen some adjustments such as incorrect sub weapon colors from the spectator’s view and other minor fixes which hopefully lead to a better viewing experience of private battles. And the last thing added that I would like to mention is that the new ranked mode clam blitz will be added to ranked and league rotations meaning we all have a lot more learning to do. This will essentially mean a new way to play each and every map hopefully meaning more variety in tournaments and our ranked battles. This could also mean that more weapons will be played as they may prove to be viable options on the mode.

That’s it for this news update on version 2.1.0, we will be back with our impressions on the new mode and even some various changes after the patch releases. If you would like to view all the changes of the patch be sure to check out the official notes here "Version 2.1.0". Splat you next time!

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