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Tourney roundup! - Week of December 4th, 2017


Dec 12, 2017

Tourneys covered this week

  1. Wet Floor Wednesdays 2 (December 6th)
  2. NNCL Lunar XIII (December 8th)
  3. SCL 51 (December 9th)
  4. WFB - a Japanese tournament (December 9th/10th)

Wet Floor Wednesdays 2

Bracket WFW 2 bracket What we learned:

  • TOMO, one of the top teams in Splatoon 1, proved they can still be a strong opponent, taking down second seed Spicy Kraken Rolls (SKR) and top seed Eclipse (twice) to come away with the win.
  • Following their win in Frozen Ink 9, ZOOOM got a respectable 4th place after winning sets from an EnviZion pickup (Envurgacy) and SKR.


Bracket NNCL Lunar XIII winners NNCL Lunar XIII losers Areas of note:

  • Saikai as strong as ever: Defeating what was essentially NNCL defending champ Eclipse and a pickup team of Bran, Nasz, Ant, and Ice, they claim another tourney victory.
  • This was the most teams an NNCL tournament has seen since Splatoon 2 released.

SCL 51

Bracket SCL 51 finals Note: This was a groups to single elimination bracket tournament and the above image is the latter portion of the event. For information on the group stage, please see the bracket linked above.

Notable highlights:

  • InC Sorrow, in their first tournament both as a team and after gaining a sponsorship came away with the tournament victory in grand fashion, losing only one game to FINALLY, Extermination, and [qM] quantuM in finals bracket.
    • Keep in mind, Sorrow is made up of primarily former Extermination members, and they claimed the first tournament set between old and current Ext members 3-1.
  • In the same fashion as NNCL, this and SCL 50 (with 40 entrants) represent the highest attendance consecutive SCL tournaments have had since SCL 23 and SCL 24 in September 2016.
  • Eclipse Konton made up for their disappointing performance in NNCL the night before with a solid fourth place finish, narrowly edging OverTake! and orKs E-sport.


Group stage

Note: The group stage Google Sheets is in Japanese.

WFB final bracket 12/10

What you need to know:

  • Libalent Calamari, the winners of the first Inkergalactic Cup, took down six teams to come out a winner.
  • For Western teams, both Set to Destroy and Team Olive made it out of the group stage:
    • Team Olive finished third in their group on day 1 and lost in round 1 of bracket on day 2
    • Set to Destroy finished first in their group on day 1 and top 8 overall, losing to eventual second place finisher しょーもなGames on day 2
  • For more information on WFB tournaments, check out their Twitter!

Note: This article has been updated to report Eclipse, not Neptune, as first seed for Wet Floor Wednesdays 2.


Dec 16, 2017

Grats to TOMO, they’ve been searching for a win for a long while.

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