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Saikai VS. Eclipse Exhibition Match

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Dec 13, 2017

Saikai vs. Eclipse

Friday Dec. 15 9pm EST

One’s a long standing top team from the beginning of Splatoon 2, the other a budding new project that has made a name for itself. Saikai and Eclipse have been battling in back and forth thrilling sets not only since Eclipse’s debut tourney as the pickup Phantom, but back to many of the the member’s time on their former team Neptune. Some would say that Neptune gained its fame through regularly going toe to toe with Saikai who has been considered one of the top 3 teams in the western community for quite some time now. Dating back to the days of their[ former team, the players on Eclipse and Saikai practically have broken even in their total matchups, swinging back and forth week by week. It is no question that the player’s of Eclipse and Saikai have it out for each other as they flaunt their beatings on each other publicly. Every time Saikai loses to them it always seems to lead to the excuse of “this is what we get when we play around too much” while when the other side has lost it was attributed to the team being a pickup without their full roster. Saikai also regularly calls out The One, captain of Eclipse, for what they believe is terrible splat brella play telling him to drop the weapon in reference to what his former teammates on Neptune believed he should do. He on the other hand sees his brella play improving everyday and has even beaten Saikai and won tournaments with the weapon.

However, now there are no excuses, there is no way for them to wiggle themselves out of this one, and there is no way to disregard the other has won. This time the winning team will prove they are better in front of everyone. Saikai and Eclipse will be facing off in an exhibition match this Friday at 9pm est hosted by us at InkTV and you can be sure it will be a good one. The One always felt that his prior team Neptune got snubbed in making the S division of Leagues Under the Ink (LUTI). Saikai constantly reminds them they were lucky to get A division. Well we're giving The One his LUTI set with a true S division team. The two teams will face off in a bo9 set to determine once and for all who is better. Will Eclipse gain the recognition of Saikai and the entire community, or will Saikai put them back in their place? Find out this Friday at 9pm est on InkTV!


Dec 13, 2017

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Ur mom

Dec 15, 2017



Dec 15, 2017

In reply to "ok" Just because you don't have any enjoyment in your life doesn't mean you have to encroach on others.

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