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SPLASH or CRASH: Slosher Deco

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Dec 22, 2017

slosher deco splash or crash

Despite the popularity of the Slosher class, the Vanilla Slosher has been often forgotten in competitive play. With the new Slosher Deco’s release, will players be convinced to leave their Tri-Sloshers and Sloshing Machines? Let’s take a look.

The standard Slosher has the longest range of any within the Slosher class, but it also is combined with the slowest fire rate. Basically, this means that if you are unable to land the two initial sloshes that are required to secure a splat, then you will likely lose any firefight against a majority of the meta weapons simply due to their speed. While the Slosher does have reasonable range, it isn’t that much greater than the majority of the meta. It also isn’t as skilled at maintaining and creating space as compared to certain other weapons, like the Splattershot Pro which is utilized more often and the range blaster. Especially as the Pro and Jet Squelcher have received bullet velocity buffs, other ranged options out class the Slosher. Generally, you would only outrange a few selected weapons that are actively used, but their faster fire rate overcomes their lack of range. Any space between the two weapons would be negated by out turfing the slosher and taking it out easier with their map control. The Slosher is a very situational weapon at the moment, as it’s most effective on certain maps and certain positions. The majority of these positions are hills and elevated areas where shooters are disadvantaged. However, these positions can be occupied by either the Tri-Slosher or Sloshing Machine who do the job just as well, if not better. Because the effectiveness of the extra range is barely tangible , you may as well use the Tri-Slosher (which fires quicker), or the Sloshing Machine (which has a wider hitbox and area of effect). The weapon itself is not entirely unusable, but why use it when there are weapons in the same class that are more effective and provide a much more consistent threat. It finds itself in a position that many weapons face: it is just ok. Not good, not bad, just ok and as such these weapons need an amazing kit to see some action.

The Slosher Deco’s kit holds the Sprinkler and Baller. It was a very strong kit when Baller spam was the meta with the Gold Aerospray, but with it being on a weapon with more killing power be enough to bring it back? When examining the Slosher Deco’s kit, we will have to not only compare it to the original Slosher’s kit, but also to the kits of the other Slosher types to determine if it is even worth using over the other options.

slosher deco kit splatoon 2To start off, the Sprinkler for the Slosher Deco is a decent sub weapon at best.The Slosher itself is an average turfing weapon and the sprinkler helps to mitigate this by providing more turf for the team. It also ensures that you will have your special more often, which is never a terrible thing to have during a match. However, the Slosher is not entirely a supportive weapon, and as such, you wouldn’t want a supportive sub weapon when the main weapon is lacking. You want a sub that will help you win more fights, as you already have a slight disadvantage against a majority of the meta weapons who can simply kill faster than you. If you want to play a weapon that can support the team well with a sprinkler, the Slosher is not the right choice either. Utilizing the .96 gal or Splat Brella, you have two weapons that have a sub that matches them and their role. The regular Slosher, even though it is rarely seen in matches, actually has the better sub for the main weapon by providing that extra bomb power. It’s not the best bomb for a Slosher, but it does better than the sprinkler. The burst bomb with the Tri-Slosher helps it to quickly kill with the burst-slosh combo, and the autobomb of the sloshing machine helps it to be extra disruptive and force opponents to move. With all this said, the Slosher Deco’s sprinkler is at a disadvantage as its only use is to maintain turf control, which is better left to another weapon, and spam baller but is baller really a special you need to be spamming anymore? Probably not.

The dream sub for the Slosher would easily be the burst bomb. It would then be in a similar position to the Tri-Slosher, perhaps even better with the extra range to go alongside the burst bomb combo. The Tri-Slosher is pretty much only as dominant as its kit, and largely in part to the ability to burst-slosh-kill. It’s essentially why the Slosher of Splatoon 1 was always a decent option even if people believed inkstrike was a mediocre special for modes outside of splat zones. The ability to kill quickly is exactly what the Slosher requires to contend with other weapons.Without a good special, I believe the Slosher with burst bombs would see use if the Tri-Slosher didn’t already have it. It is too powerful of a combo to not give the weapon and I’m rather disappointed the Slosher wasn’t given it once again. To me, the Slosher requires the burst bombs to be used or else it will never have any reason to be utilized over the other Sloshers.

Next, we move on to the special of the Slosher Deco, the baller. The baller has fallen out of the meta for the most part, but perhaps with the new mode in Clam Blitz, it will return to its old glory. For the Slosher Deco however, it isn't that bad as one might think. As I just discussed in the sub weapon section, the ability to kill quickly while only sloshing once would be a tremendous asset for the Slosher to have and this is what the baller allows in some situations. If you don’t manage to get that kill with the baller, but do hit the enemy then you can follow up with one nicely aimed slosh and the enemy is splatted. This is similar to a pseudo burst-slosh combo and while it isn’t as effective as being able to do so at any time (like with a Burst Bomb), it adds more to the weapon than the Tentamissiles of the original kit. At least with Baller, you get that extra damage which helps you finish your opponent off using the range of your Slosher. That wouldn’t even be possible for the Tri or Machine to effectively utilize. This Baller and Slosher follow up adds a little something to the Slosher and with the sprinkler you can perform it more often However,even this is situational and I’m not sure how consistently one would be able to pull it off. Therefore, the special of the Slosher Deco isn’t the best option either and leaves the kit lacking in a lot of ways compared to the Tri-Slosher and Sloshing Machine.

slosher deco slosh inkblotSince the Slosher Deco’s special is a decent option, but not the best, there must be a much more optimal special. Of course, the specials of the Tri-Slosher and Sloshing Machine with Ink Armor and Stingray respectively would not be bad options, but it’s boring to simply copy and paste the kits to the Slosher. As I said before, the Slosher is not the best weapon in a 1v1 situation and often, you will be losing fights because the weapon is just to slow to keep up. Baller allows for an inconsistent combo, but what if there was a special that allowed for a one slosh combo more efficiently and consistently? Oh wait, there is. Splashdown would do what the Baller can do, but better in every way imaginable. Splashdown for lots of damage and finish them up with the Slosher. It would be similar to how the Splattershot follows up with a Burst Bomb. Imagine if the Slosher Deco’s kit was Burst Bomb and Splashdown. I really don’t see how this wouldn’t be one of the best weapons in the game. It is already nearly impossible to escape a Splattershot’s Splashdown Burst Bomb combo, changing that Splattershot to a Slosher would make the combo even more lethal because of an extra option after the Splashdown. I don’t even care that this would probably be one of the most broken kits in the game, it’s better than giving the Slosher possibly some of the worst kits it could possibly get. If this was the Slosher’s kit, I could see every Slosher being played, including the standard Slosher. Instead, the Tri and Machine dominate the meta over and over again.

The Slosher Deco’s kit leaves a lot to be desired and the weapon itself does not do enough to make up for it. It suffers from a lot of the same problems that several weapons do, in that it is a mediocre option and that more consistent and similar weapons exist. In a game like Splatoon 2, you never want to be just ok, a weapon wants that broken or overpowered kit to see it being played. It is a shame that both Slosher variants are lackluster and it makes me wish the development team made more broken kits than kits that really do nothing for the weapon other than to just add variety. Variety in kits for the sake of variety leaves many weapons behind while others excel. There are some weapons that have an almighty kit that can’t really get any better like the Splat Brella or Splattershot; there are those that are merely there and don’t do anything to make a weapon special and demand it to be picked (like the Slosher Deco). Overall, this just means that the weapons with lackluster kits don’t see use and get overshadowed by the weapons that can consistently perform.

The Slosher Deco is a decent weapon at best and as a result, you probably want to play another weapon instead. If you like support weapons, just because this has a Sprinkler doesn’t make it a good one. If you love Baller that much honestly I think the Aerospray is a much better spammer of the special, while Luna and Krak-on roller have a similar follow up after Baller that the Slosher can provide. Then if you just like Sloshers, the Tri-Slosher and the Soshing Machine are much better options as they have very meta specials and are much more consistent threats over the Slosher Deco or Slosher. I don’t even know if the Slosher Deco can be a decent niche pick and its best chance at seeing consistent use is probably in Clam Blitz because Baller seems to be a good special for the mode, although it is still too early to know what are the best options in it right now. Because the Slosher Deco doesn’t do anything to demand it, and is outclassed by a good portion of the weapons, I am going to give it a CRASH. Probably the biggest CRASH since the first iteration of the Foil Flingza Roller because there are little to no reasons to touch the Slosher Deco over other weapons.

slosher deco splatoon 2 crash results


Dec 22, 2017

Wasn't hard to predict this one. The base weapon is plain bad in this game. But what will the squeezer be?

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