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VipeR E-Sports signs Team X

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Dec 26, 2017


News broke early Sunday that Team X had been signed by VipeR E-Sports, a brand that previously sponsored another team in the scene, Frank’s Hotdogs. However, now that Frank’s Hotdogs has disbanded, it seems VipeR were quick to find another team to represent their brand in the Splatoon scene.

Viper E-Sports is a quite new e-sports organization, who seems to have started up this past fall. They are a shooter-focused org, with teams in CounterStrike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty, but they also have a Rocket League team in their ranks. Splatoon 2 would be yet another shooter to add to their ranks.

Team X is a B division team in LUTI who finished 5th in their pool. They have also been participating in weeklies such as Tick Tock Tuesdays and NNCL for quite a while, including a notable second place on November 17th’s NNCL, making an incredible loser’s bracket run after being sent down from their first match. They have a great group of young players eager to make a splash on the scene.

We are excited to see how this new partnership fairs for both parties. Team X is a squad with a lot of potential and VipeR has put their faith in this team. This new year will hopefully bring great things for VipeR and Team X!

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