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SPLASH or CRASH: Squeezer

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Dec 28, 2017

squeezer splash or crash

A brand new weapon has been released into Splatoon 2 and with that comes the hard decision of where the weapon fits relative to more traditional weapons. The Squeezer so far has taken a lot of people by surprise due to how unique and fun the weapon is, but will its special qualities be enough to make it a SPLASH?

The Squeezer is like a hybrid weapon in that it is able to be both a semi-automatic (tap the ZR button) and automatic (hold the ZR button) firing weapon. Both of these allow for extremely different playstyles and somehow it works. The semi-automatic fire reminds me of a nozzlenose mixed with a .96 gal, but with a bullet velocity close to the splattershot pro. This type of fire has an extremely long range and is able to kill in 3 shots from a distance greater than the splattershot pro and .96 gal. To make it even better, the weapon has no RNG or spread when in semi-automatic fire meaning if you can aim this weapon will be amazing for you. Essentially with the range and accuracy the Squeezer puts you in a prime position to win any 1v1. The only downside to the semi-automatic firing is that it doesn’t turf at all, in fact it might be the worst painter in the game in this firing mode. You should literally never use this mode if you are trying to ink the ground.

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how the Squeezer may be left out in the meta because it doesn’t ink well enough to keep up with weapons like the N-ZAP and Splat Brella, but that may be a bit of an overstatement. The automatic firing mode is actually a decent painter and it should be used pretty much exclusively for inking turf as it has less range, less power per bullet (4 shot kill), and more spread than the semi-automatic fire mode. Despite the drawbacks in firefight situations the automatic fire mode has about the same range as the N-ZAP and actually creates more solid turf in your color than the N-ZAP even when comparing standard painting and "wiggle" painting.


squeezer tap shots squeezer tap shots wiggle

(First)- Squeezer semi-automatic fire standard painting, strafing right to left (Second)- Squeezer semi-automatic fire wiggle painting, strafing right to left

squeezer automatic fire squeezer automatic fire wiggle

(First)- Squeezer automatic fire standard painting, strafing right to left (Second)- Squeezer automatic fire wiggle painting , strafing right to left

nzap painting nzap wiggle painting

(First)- N-ZAP standard painting, strafing right to left (Second)- N-ZAP wiggle painting, strafing right to left

Check here for more details on N-ZAP wiggle painting

The Squeezer also can shoot for a longer period of time with a full ink tank without ink saver main for either weapon. My rudimentary stopwatch calculations put the Squeezer at about 11.5 seconds of straight turfing in automatic fire mode while the N-ZAP is at about 10.5 seconds. If you put 1 main and 3 subs of ink saver main on each weapon the Squeezer bumps up to about 15.3 seconds and the N-ZAP at about 13.8 seconds. Am I suggesting that the Squeezer is a better support weapon than the N-ZAP or Splat Brella and if you want a weapon that will paint the ground pick the squeezer? No. You are better off with the other weapons as they have Ink Armor and Inkstorm each and these are basically instant ink refills compared to the Stingray which the Squeezer has. This combined with the Brella having sprinkler and the N-ZAP’s faster fire rate makes the Squeezer not as great a painter in comparison, but by no means is it a horrible one. Once players learn how to time their semi-automatic and automatic firing modes efficiently it will be able to at least contribute to the team painting effort. In firefights though you will not be able to out paint any weapon and you will have to hit those tap shots to ensure the enemy doesn't ink enough turf to overwhelm you. Overall the Squeezer is an extremely solid weapon that I believe will only be seen as better the more players practice it.



Now that we’ve talked about the actual main weapon, let’s move on to the kit as it is always a crucial part of the weapon and either makes or breaks it in most cases. The Squeezer’s kit consists of the not so used Splash Wall as the sub weapon and the always annoying Stingray as the special weapon. So as usual, let’s begin with the sub weapon.

squeezer kit

The Splash Wall has lost a lot of its charm from Splatoon 1, as it now deploys slower and has less health. It also hasn’t been on many weapons that can utilize it well, aside from the heavy Splatling Deco and Firefin Splat Charger. Therefore, it rarely sees much use as these weapons aren’t exactly meta defining and furthermore their variant kits both have Stingray, one of the best specials in the game. Another aspect to the Splash Wall and why it sees less use, is that the maps aren’t really designed for it anymore. Think of the best positions to throw a Splash Wall in Splatoon 2 and I guarantee most of these positions are on Splatoon 1 maps. Port Mackerel’s lanes or Walleye Warehouse’s side corridors or “closed” if you are familiar with competitive callouts. There are only a few places in the new Splatoon 2 maps where Splash Wall is effective and on some modes these locations aren't used much meaning the sub weapon is very situational. The sub weapon also encourages a slow playstyle in a very fast paced meta, which further increases the situational nature of it. However, I think it is at least an average sub weapon for the Squeezer in particular. As I mentioned, the semi-automatic fire is a horrid painter and weapons that can out paint you may be able to overwhelm you by getting in close, but the Splash Wall at least can prevent them from approaching you while you remain a long ranged threat. It’s a very situational sub, but honestly the main weapon is such a killing threat that you don’t really need to rely on a sub weapon and I think a passive sub like the Splash Wall is a decent option to go alongside its raw splatting power. Probably not the best option, but it doesn’t really take anything away from the weapon itself aside from a good portion of ink from your ink tank. It’s because of this I think a standard Squeezer build may include ink saver main and/or sub, so that you can shoot longer after a wall is thrown (to find an optimal amount for you refer to the chart below on semi-automatic shots after splash wallmade by top player Nikey of Team Olive or for a larger image click here)

squeezer chart shots after splash wall nikey

The special weapon of the Squeezer, the Stingray is similar to the Splash Wall, it doesn’t take anything away from the weapon, but it probably isn’t the best special to go alongside it. Stingray is one of the best specials in the game, there is no denying that, but it isn’t really needed on this weapon. It is a solid special because it basically stops any push in Tower Control and Rainmaker. The Squeezer also builds it faster than the Sloshing Machine which is the go to Stingray machine at the moment. I think the only major drawback to the stingray with this weapon is that sometimes you will want that instant ink refill that some other specials give like Ink Armor or Inkstorm. The Stingray on the other hand locks you into a special for about 8 seconds leaving you unable to shoot your main weapon. Honestly, the only thing I think the Squeezer needs to be the best weapon overall in the game is that ink refill special to keep up that semi-automatic pressure and the Stingray does not provide it. The combination of the Splash Wall and Stingray probably makes it one of the most annoying weapons to deal with on Port Mackerel for sure, but I think the Squeezer would just be a more dominant weapon with another special. In short, Stingray is a good special and will definitely have its uses just another special would do wonders for the weapon.

Even though we have only had the Squeezer for a couple of days, I still want to make my dream kit so far for the weapon and this kit from what I have seen so far would probably be the Sprinkler and Inkstorm. As I mentioned before, I don’t think the Squeezer really needs a bomb to help win firefights or get in as the semi-automatic fire can pretty much do this by itself. The more you can use the semi-automatic fire the better, thus the Sprinkler is a great complement to the weapon. It can keep up turf control as you focus on splatting your opponents. Furthermore, it helps to charge that special and spamming Inkstorms is never a bad thing. The Inkstorm can get that extra damage to possibly let you kill in an even quicker 2 shots, making your main weapon that much more of a threat. Additionally, you get that quick ink refill if you throw out the storm to get right back to firing your main weapon. Both Sprinkler and Inkstorm just do so much for the Squeezer as they add more turfing capability and enhance the usage of your main weapon through ink refills and extra damage. Retreating or approaching against a Squeezer while rain is pouring down on you, would probably be one of the most annoying things in the game. This kit wouldn’t make it the best support weapon in the game, the Brella or N-ZAP ‘85 would probably still be the better picks for that, but it would be a weapon with one of the best kill potentials hands down while also helping covering the weapons slight weaknesses.

The Squeezer is a powerful hybrid main weapon that actually works unlike some others in the game. It has the capability to be the go to killer on any team, especially if it has a lot of painting support to go along with it. That may be the key to the Squeezer seeing use, having the correct team composition around it. For example, I could see a composition of a Squeezer, a Splat Brella, and two N-ZAP '85s working in theory as this team can paint and kill quite effectively. I’m confident that the more people practice the weapon the further its limits will be pushed and I don’t see how it would be a detriment to the team if played in the right situation. However, the weapon will require a lot of practice and if you don't have great aim then you will be contributing close to nothing to the team as your semi-automatic fire is not painting and you don't have the kills to make up for it. Even though the kit could probably be better it isn’t unusable like some other weapons, which honestly only makes me excited to see what the variant kit gets. If your team needs a Stingray user or pure killer I’m sure the Squeezer could fill this role well. With all this said I’m extremely impressed with the weapon thus far and if it sees no use at all I’d be surprised. The Squeezer to me therefore gets a big SPLASH and the biggest SPLASH of the series so far as no weapon can quite do what it can given the right support and a skilled player.

squeezer splash results

Hachi∞ 💜#6422

Dec 28, 2017



Dec 29, 2017

Good to get some more splash worthy weapons in game I've got my fingers crossed for the Undercover Brella, when it comes out.


Dec 29, 2017

Incrediblely comprehensively. Sometimes I wonder if Splash or Crash is a review or guide to using the weapon.

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