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Road to Genesis 5: Eclipse


Jan 07, 2018

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As the winter months continue to bring cold and snow for much of the Western Splatoon community, the road to Genesis 5 begins to heat up! Several notable teams will be in attendance, from SquidStorm 2017 winners SetToDestroyX to veteran teams like Team Olive to a new team called Eclipse. Formed from the of the remnants of Neptune (and with members tracing back to Glob Quad), this might be the strongest iteration of the team yet. In this interview, I sat down with both The One and DeeJayy to talk about their team's upcoming trip to Genesis 5, covering topics from how everyone will get there to some of what happened with the Neptune split.

With that said, let's get on to the interview!

Jordan: Hello everyone, and welcome to the pre-G5 Eclipse interview! My name is Jordan of InkTV, and with me today, we have The One and DeeJayy. How you guys doing?

DeeJayy: Doing pretty well.

The One: I'm doing pretty good myself.

Jordan: Okay, so you guys know what this is about. Any questions?

The One: Not really, I'm just ready to get this on the road.

Jordan: Alright, so first question! Where is everybody from your team flying and driving from?

The One: So, 10sion is flying in from San Diego, Ross is flying from Santa Clarita, DeeJayy is driving from Sonoma or somewhere in the area, and I will be driving from San Gabriel.

Jordan: Nice! As a new team, why are you still a force to be reckoned with going into G5?

DeeJayy: We are a force to be reckoned with because each of our players have experience in coordination and coordinating with each other.

Jordan: That's good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first LAN event for most of you, if not your entire team, right?

The One: That is correct.

Jordan: Then as the first LAN event for most of you, what excites you most about G5?

The One: I'm personally, regardless of how the competition goes, looking forward to meeting everyone in the community as this would be the first LAN out of several I've been attempted to get a team to go for. Being able to meet a ton of people in the community I interact with daily and people I've gotten to know over time just sounds like a really amazing experience and I can't wait for that.

DeeJayy: Mostly, just meeting everybody that I know.

Jordan: It definitely is going to be a big social event. What at the event are you most pumped about?

The One: I'm most excited for the competition, as it sounds like there's gonna be plenty of teams. Many are common, some are pickups, and some are new entirely. With SquidStorm having some crazy sets itself, I can't wait to see what happens here.

DeeJayy: I'm most pumped about seeing my teammates irl. It'd just be pretty cool.

Jordan: Since you guys are a bit of a shoot-off from the team Neptune, what can you tell us about that split?

The One: For me, it was a lack of progress being made in the team and a negative environment, which made hanging around the team and getting practice in very demotivating and not fun to play. So when we had a chance to make this from a LAN team to an actual team, I looked forward to the opportunity because I wanted a bit of a change and it was about time that we moved on.

Jordan: But why did you guys choose to form a team so soon after leaving Neptune? (Author's note: They won the first Wet Floor Wednesdays with Neptune then played as Team Phantom, which became Eclipse, in the NNCL two days later.)

The One: Mainly, it was during that week that I was thinking about what I wanted to do with Neptune, myself specifically. We did plan to get some LAN experience during NNCL anyway, and after it went well and we talked with other people we planned to bring on the team about becoming an actual team, everyone seemed to be on board with the idea, so we gave it a shot. I'm glad we did, because the new environment has been awesome and I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone on this team.

DeeJayy: Well, I thought it was the right choice because we weren't really improving, some members didn't trust each other, there was no listening, sometimes one of us would just leave randomly, we'd all get confused, and it'd just be done.

Jordan: That's fair. Of the teams going to G5, which of them are you most excited to meet?

The One: There are many teams I'm really excited to meet, but if I had to choose the one team I'm most excited to meet, it would have to be Legacy. Throughout going through the Splatoon community, the teams that eventually became Legacy (Pure Inksanity and Elbow Drops and Peanut Pops) I've known for a while and we're still pretty good friends with the people on Legacy. They're also a really nice team, and after facing them several times, being able to know them and meet them in person sounds really exciting to me.

DeeJayy: I've also gotta say Legacy. Just over these past few months, facing each other and all the GGs, we'd scrim them, and I think it'd be pretty cool to meet them irl since we're like friends, basically.

Jordan: Yeah, friendly rivals. On the other side of that coin, which team do the two of you fear most going into G5?

The One: I feel the biggest threats are Set to Destroy X, as they won SquidStorm and they're generally seen as the best non-Japanese team. They've gotten good results in tourneys they've played, including Japanese tourneys, but since they don't play many Western tourneys, we don't have much personal experience against them. I'm not too sure how they're going to play either, so it'll be interesting to see how they do.

DeeJayy: STDx, of course, but also Team Olive came to my mind. They're a pretty well-known team, and I'm pretty sure it'd be hard to deal with them since they've stuck together for a while. I definitely fear them a lot.

Jordan: I also have to ask, which of the teams are you most confident going against at G5?

The One: Well, that's a bit of a difficult question to ask, as I don't feel any team could be confident against any other team in this game. It's such a back and forth game and any team has the chance to beat any other team, such as when SKR (now OsG Splatoon) lost 3-2 to STDx in the most recent SquidStorm. While SKR is seen as a really good team, STDx is generally seen as the better team. But you have to realize any team can get a win there and upsets are so common in this game that you can't feel overly confident or even generally confident against any team. I do believe we can go far in the tournament, but you have to be ready for anything and a team could surprise you outta nowhere.

DeeJayy: It's kinda hard to decide because there's so many teams out there, and I feel confident against all the teams, because I have faith in my teammates and we have months to prepare beforehand.

Jordan: Getting back to earlier questions, what have you guys learned in the time you've been on Eclipse?

The One: I've definitely learned how important synergy is in this game. Without Splatoon 1's quick respawn and invincibles and such, dying and coordination as a whole is so much more important. Some of the best teams out there know each other really well, know what they're doing, and can work with each other, teams like Saikai, STDx, and Team Olive. Then you have us, with members like River and 10sion that I met just making this team, so we've only known each other for a few weeks. What we've learned is getting to know each other and working with each other is key.

DeeJayy: I have learned that good players can come together and be a really good team, kinda like Eclipse, if they put effort into each other. Anybody can join and become a good team that goes really far if they put the effort into getting to know each other and working together.

Jordan: Since this will be one of the first big and notable events Eclipse participates in, what are you guys gonna prove at G5?

The One: I personally wanna prove that we are one of the stronger teams out there, that we have the dedication to the team, and that we have the strive and the ability to be one of the best teams out there. I want to show to anyone who has doubts about this team that we have the ability to be one of the best teams and we can beat some of these top teams.

DeeJayy: I want to prove that, as a new team, we can go far despite how little time we've spent together compared to other teams out there.

Jordan: Alright, last question. Why will you win G5?

The One: If we win G5, it'll be because of the dedication everyone has in this team. We practice often, we enter a huge amount of tournaments, we do a lot of scrims, we look over VoDs, we have discussions. We put a ton of time into practicing, learning each other, becoming one of the best, and putting time into constant practice, which I believe frequent practice, both individually and as a team, is one of the best things you can do.

DeeJayy: If we do win G5, it's the effort and the time we've spent with each other since we've been a team. Most days, we've played constantly, like tournaments, scrims, practice, and I feel our members put effort into the team to become better.

Jordan: That concludes this pre-G5 Eclipse interview! I am Jordan of InkTV, and if you guys would like to say any closing thoughts, feel free to do so!

The One: Overall, I'm just looking forward to the event. Whether it's the competition, the people, being able to meet everyone, and just the experience as a whole, it's such an amazing thing. Being able to have a community that can come to this huge event and compete and get to know each other, it's such an amazing thing and I'm really looking forward to the event as a whole.

DeeJayy: I'm just really hyped about seeing everybody, being able to say hi to people you've played against and been with these past months in the Splatoon community, it's just a dream come true in real life.

Jordan: And I'm definitely looking forward to meeting the two of you and many other people! I'd like to thank The One and DeeJayy for taking the time to have this interview with me, and thank everyone else for reading!

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