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Road to Genesis 5: Yami

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Jan 05, 2018


Leading up to Genesis 5 in January, there are several teams to be on the lookout for, one of them being Yami. The team was formerly sponsored by InControl Gaming, and has since departed from the sponsor. In recent weeks, they have focused on relaxation and enjoying other games while continuing their love of Splatoon. They will be celebrating a year together very soon and G5 is the perfect way to cement that friendship and bond they share. I sat down and had a chat with Silver, Bryan, Spec, Koutetsu, and Red who are some of the members attending, and asked what their thoughts were going into G5!

Hermes: Real quick, just wanted to go through introductions, who you all are, where you guys are from, and how you’re getting to Genesis 5.

Silver: I’ll start. I’m Silver, captain of Yami. I am probably best known for my Octobrush, and I am from Oregon, so it’d be kinda dumb for me not to attend.

Bryan: Well, I’m Bryan, I just… I am a part of the team. I play Splattershot and Range blaster. I’m in SoCal, so it’s about 5 hours away. I’ll be carpooling up with one of my teammates.

Spec: Mikey!

Koutetsu: Alright, alright. Well, I’m Tetsu, or Koutetsu, I don’t know what this community knows me by anymore. I’m going to carpool with Bryan and Spec, possibly a fourth, to G5. Most people will probably know me for my bamboo and brella, but I also play squelchers. I’m basically a flex player for Yami.

Spec: I’m Spec, whatever, I play rollers I guess… I’m coming all the way from Florida, with the help of Bryan. We are going to be doing a donation stream because Florida to California isn’t really an easy flight, and I’m hella grateful he is helping me.

Bryan: Aww… He’s gonna be staying at my house for two days and then Thursday he is going to be driving up with Mikey and I.

Red: Hey guys, Redstarx33 here. Alright, I play chargers, and pro, and .52, and I live all the way in Washington, Seattle, so a pretty easy flight.

Koutetsu: You mean Seattle, Washington?

Red: Yeah Seattle, Washington… Finals have been killing me….

Hermes: And Hunty is also attending?

Bryan: Yeah, her birthday is in December, so she is planning on asking it for a Christmas present I am pretty sure. She’s most likely going. (Unfortunately, as of Jan. 4th, Hunty has not confirmed. Instead, Andy has joined up with Yami.)

Hermes: So you guys have a large roster attending, a full six as opposed to the typical four.

Bryan: Actually, we are doing four and then two more on another team. We are gonna have the other team so everybody can play.

Hermes: That’s a great segue into my next question: what did you guys think about when choosing the lineup of four and the other two on another team?

Koutetsu: Well, Bryan decided, well, because LANs for us are pretty scarce, and the only ones who have been to a LAN are Bryan and Red, and we all wanna play in the tournament, and this is a very important tournament as well, because G5 is one of the biggest Smash tournaments, it’s a really good opportunity to promote the scene, and so have two of us find two other players, and we already found them, being 2dos and Bran.

Bryan: And, like, I want everybody to be in the first team, and its really hard to say “hey go on the second team”, that’ stuff I don’t like at all. What really matters is seeing each other, because we are pretty close, and picking the teams was sort of on a whim decision. It wasn’t drawing popsicle sticks, it was more about seeing each other and hanging out.

Red: I’m going there to headlock Bryan again.


Hermes: Cool! Going off of that, what are you guys all excited about for the event?

Spec: Getting to meet people honestly, for me. Because I really want to meet people, talk to people, be able to hug a lot of people, because I’ve never been to a LAN before.

Koutetsu: It’s kinda the same for me, this is going to be the first big competitive event I am going to. This is gonna be the first one for me. Aside from a little Mario Party competition that’s gonna happen between us. Aside from that, getting to meet people from an online community is a big deal, so that’s kinda why I’m excited.

Bryan: Yeah, like, I’ve known Red the longest, but we already met (at SnS3), meeting Silver and Spec, like I’ve known Silver for a long time.

Silver: We met in the first season of LUTI when TD (Tentacle Difficulties, one of Bryan’s former teams) was begging us (SpeedRunsLive) to not play the set.

Bryan: Yeah! And, like, Tyler I am super close with, and it’ll be great meeting. Like, out of the people here. Obviously I want to meet other people outside of our team, but that experience of meeting people I’ve known and talk to all the time, in Discord, but like actually saying “What’s up.” That’ll be really cool:

Silver: I think what’s gong to be interesting is that, for a lot of people, this will be the first time where I show myself. Only certain people close to me know what I look like. So it’ll be interesting to see people’s reactions.

Red: I’m just showing up to see your guys’s faces again.

Hermes: And outside of your team, who are you all excited to meet?

Red: BRAN!

Spec: Oh yeah, some people on Legacy are attending, and I’m close to some people on Legacy, so I am excited for that.

Bryan: I was gonna say 2dos.

Koutetsu: Yeah, I was gonna say 2dos. I’m a little sad Albino is not going but, maybe next time.

Red: It’ll be fun to see Taylor again from Deep Blues.

Bryan: Taylor! … Looking down the list…

Spec: Nicki.

Bryan: OH YEAH NICKI! Oh my gosh, I wanna see Nicki again for sure!

Koutetsu: I also know I’ve been waiting to meet PasteCat for a long time.

Silver: Personally, I am really excited to meet 2dos, I’ve been friends with him for almost 5 years now. And even he hasn’t seen what I look like. I know he’s also excited to see me.

Red: Oh, and I’m also excited to see how much taller everybody is compared to me.

Bryan: 5’1”?

Red: Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m the shortest one in Yami.

Hermes: If you guys wouldn’t mind humoring me for a bit, can you tell me a bit about the InControl stuff? What went into the decision to take a bit of a break after parting ways with InControl, especially after morale was so high a while ago?

Silver: I can talk about this. Originally, the whole purpose behind joining InControl wasn’t so much to be a bigger name, a lot of people at the time said we were doing it to be recognized. But, you can ask anybody here, the reason why I went after stuff like this was because I had so much faith in everybody’s abilities. And so, when we got with InControl, and there’s no bad blood with them, the owners are really nice, everyone was cool. But, we decided that, in reality, it was better for us to focus on who we were, and we thought it’d be better for us to pursue our own idea of who we are. We thought it’d be better to just move on by ourselves and focus on us. The decrease in motivation came, there hasn’t been too much play lately because a lot of us have other things to do. As opposed to a lot of other teams in the community, we are older, we do have jobs, we do go to school, we have obligations. So, compared to a lot of other teams, there has been a lot less play because of these. During the week we have maybe a solid three hours we can play, and on the weekend it’s all over the place because people are out or busy, and in some cases just still not home. Its not to the point we have no interest in playing the game, it’s been difficult to play, but it’s never been a reason to stop. We always try to play together as much as we can. The decision to sort of relax now came from the fact that we have finally been able to sit down and play other games. Like Bryan and I recently both got ew computers that aren’t toasters, so we have finally been able to play PC games, and we have found that to be pretty enjoyable. At least for me, this is the first time I have decided to step back from the game and do something else.

Bryan: We’re not dying, we’re not dying at all. We are really active among each other, we don’t actively interact with other teams, looking for scrims and stuff like that. But like, within each other, we are a group of friends, and we are pretty active among each other. The thing about InControl, it didn’t really define us as a team to begin with, we were still Yami. But a lot of people put that label on us that we were defined by our sponsor. And in the beginning I didn’t really like that because I knew my friends and I knew that, if we were to choose a sponsor and us, we would choose us because we are a close group of friends and love each other’s company. So, to us, our identity was unchanged when sponsorship happened…

Silver: It’s actually because of that we kept the name Yami attached to that, because we wanted to still remain who we were, and let people know we were still the same. However, upon getting that sponsorship, there was a lot of negative remarks towards us, especially people who were saying we didn’t deserve it. I had a good couple of weeks of having to deal with backlash because of it. We were seen as more of a team that were playing under an organization, not a team of friends who happened to be sponsored. People thought of us as a team because we were playing together because we were sponsored together, not because we were friends.

Hermes: Thank you guys, that was an awesome answer. Going into G5, Yami is going to be slated as a top contender. How do you think the current break is going to affect your performance going in?

Silver: We are definitely gonna play more once January comes up. But I feel like, talking with people who have been at LANs, the game changes more than people realize when there’s no latency involved. And it’s going to be something I’m going to look a lot into and documenting. Certain things become better, certain things become worse, and so there’s only so much you can get from practicing a game online when it does change that much when there is no latency involved.

Bryan: Yeah, from personal experience at a LAN, the one thing I had to get used to when I was there was the latency thing. And the set up. Because each player, because its an online game, because they have their own home, has their own unique set up. When you go into a uniform setup where everything is the same, and different from yours. When I used to play, I had this set up where the TV was on the floor and I had my WiiU controller in my bed. And then going to Smash n Splash, its was nice. There was a monitor, but not as big as my TV, I was sitting right in front of it. So definitely the setup is also a big deal. But when it comes close to January, you know, the grind never stops dude. But for right now we are taking it chill.

Silver: We are just going to enjoy the holidays basically.

Bryan: Yeah, probably when my next semester starts for school, that will be when I start grinding Splatoon again.

Red: And also, we are on two teams for the LAN, Tetsu and I will have to arrange schedules with our two other players (2dos and Bran), and hopefully, the plan is to play with each other at least once a week. Like I know Bran has no life because he is homeschooled, and then 2dos, and he about two or three hours to play a week, so organizing time with them will also be a part of it.

Bryan: I guess the best practice we could do is some in house stuff, because that’s like, four v four, that might be the best thing, if our schedules align. And stars align if we are all online.

Hermes: Now, going towards some other questions geared towards other teams at the event, which team do you fear the most of the top teams?

Silver: None. Honestly, people are going to take this in a negative light, but I don’t care who we play. I’ve had to go through this before, because, during the first season of LUTI I played with SRL, where out of nowhere we were tossed into top division and forced to play against every team that was considered the best, while everybody was looking at us to say we didn’t deserve to be top division. So going through that and meeting people, going through sets back in the day against Koopa Clan, Choke Squad, NSTC, those sets taught me that you can’t fear people. And so I just don’t care who we play. I just go in with the mindset, just do what you do. Don’t let fear control how you’re going to play. So honestly I don’t fear anyone.

Spec: Honestly I can get behind that mindset. That’s how I basically approach tournaments and LUTI. Like, I just go in thinking these are normal players, they might be better, but again they are just players. And i’ll do what I usually do against them.

Bryan: For me, it’s not necessarily who do I fear, but who do I want to play against. Like, if one of the flashier teams were in our pool like STDX or Olive, I would want to play against them. It’s in a LAN setting its more competitive, it would be super fun to do it. Its not that I am scared of them or expect myself to lose, or like perform worse against them, but I am looking forward to playing good teams like that.

Hermes: And on the flip side, are there any top teams you feel particularly confident against?

Silver: It would be hard to say. The game changes a lot when you remove the latency. There are a lot of teams people say are better because of latency, some that might be worse because of it or whatever, so the rules of the game go out the window when you remove the latency, so it’s hard to say who we are going to do better and who we are going to do worse against. You never know.

Spec: I’m not really sure we can say we are confident against anyone, each team is good in their own right. So we are just gonna play and see what happens.

Hermes: A couple last questions to wrap up. First, what are you guys looking to prove at G5?

Koutetsu: That we can work well together.

Spec: And we have fun together.

Bryan: We are cool people.

Silver: And basically, we are trying to prove we aren’t some scrubs, we are a high level team. Some people will jump at our throats for every little thing we do, so we just wanna show ‘em that we can play.

Red: Show we are four Goo Tubers and can win.


Hermes: Alright, and lastly, why will you win G5?

Spec: This might sound a little corny, but I can honestly say with confidence that I am going to have a great time, so that’s kind of a win in its own right. Just having that much fun.

Silver: The tournament is second to me honestly. I’m going there to have the experience and meet with people that I may or may not actually know.

Bryan: I think for me its always been friends over the game. Its going to be so much stronger when we are there. I know we are going to do well in the bracket. If it goes as far as we get to grand finals, I’m going to trust in my friends and my team to keep me up. Yeah, that’s basically why. Friiieeennddssshhiiiiippp!!

Hermes: You guys are going to win through the power of friendship!

Silver: Yeah, as Tyler said.

As you can tell, Yami is a group of friends first, Splatoon players second. They are a team that epitomizes closeness and comradery. It will be exciting to see how they all do going into their first LAN as a team!

Note: This interview was not quoted verbatim, however most of it was pulled directly from our conversation. Some parts were slightly altered to better convey the messages of the team.

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Jan 05, 2018


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