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Road to Genesis 5: Legacy


Jan 12, 2018

Legacy G5 As Genesis 5 (G5) continues to creep closer, we take a look at another team that placed well during their trip to SquidStorm 2017 in Legacy, as Hype, Mihka, Dan, and Mr. Chillax share their thoughts as we both look back on their team's origins, their thoughts on SquidStorm, and look ahead to G5!

Jordan: Hello everyone, and welcome to the pre-G5 Legacy interview! My name is Jordan of InkTV, and with me today are the wonderful people of Legacy! How you guys doing?

Hype: Hi, my name is Hype and I'm doing pretty good!

Dan: Hi, my name is Dan and I'm doing pretty well today.

Chill: Hi, my name is Mr. Chillax, or Chill for short, and I'm doing pretty good.

Mihka: Hi, I'm Mihka, and I'm doing pretty good.

Jordan: Wonderful, you guys have any questions before we get started?

Hype: Nope, we're good!

Jordan: Alright, let's dive in then! What can you guys tell us about the merger between Pure Inksanity (PNK) and Elbow Drops and Peanut Pops (EDPP) that happened a while back? (This merger is what formed Legacy.)

Hype: So what happened is a teammate of ours named Lapis, he was multiclanning with another team, PNK. As time went on, PNK and EDPP became really close and really good friends. The leader of PNK, Karlos, came to us and asked us if we would want to become one team since we were really good friends. Chill and I thought about it, and decided we would try it and see what happened. So we talked about it, discussed it over, and that's how Legacy came to be what it is today.

Jordan: Awesome! Getting to the G5 specific questions, where is everybody flying or driving from?

Dan: I'm flying from New Jersey.

Hype: Chill and I are flying from Nevada.

Jordan: At G5, what event are you most pumped about?

Hype: I'm most pumped about how the experience will be different from SquidStorm. I'm also interested in how it'll help the competitive scene from Splatoon grow.

Dan: I'm pumped to meet all my teammates, cause I've never done something like this before. Plus I can't wait to play party games and Splatoon 2 with them in person.

Chill: I'm really pumped to be able to compete and experience this whole LAN, as well as play with my team.

Jordan: How are you guys prepping for G5, both as a team and as individuals?

Hype: As a team, we've been scrimming and doing league as much as we can, if we have the time. We've also been testing different comps to see what works, messing around with the meta and getting our synergy together. Individually, I've been practicing the weapons I'm going to play at G5 so I feel confident in them when I'm at the LAN.

Chill: For me individually, I'm kinda doing the same thing. Figuring out what weapons I wanna play, messing with gear and strategies, observing top level players, and improving my individual skills.

Jordan: Of the other teams that are going to G5, which one are you most excited to finally meet in person?

Hype: The team I'm probably most excited to meet is Olive, cause I've seen Nikey play a lot and I really wanna meet him.

Dan: Personally, I'm really excited to meet STDx, because they're such a high level team and I wanna see what their personalities are like cause they seem like really cool people.

Chill: For me, in all honesty, I guess I'm equally excited to see everybody play, because I've already seen most of these top level teams play because I've already met most of them when I went to SquidStorm.

Mihka: I'm most excited to meet the members of Kairos that are going, because that was my first team and I love them, and they still love me.

Jordan: Who is the team you fear most going into G5?

Hype: The team I fear the most? Probably STDx, Team Olive, and probably Deep Blues as well because they took us out (in the pools stage) at SquidStorm.

Mihka: I don't think I'm afraid of any team, but I'm not going to underestimate any team either.

Chill: I have to agree with Hype, I'm afraid of STDx, Team Olive, and Deep Blues.

Jordan: Who is the team you feel most confident against?

Hype: To be honest, we're confident against most of the other teams, but we don't underestimate anyone. Just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean they're not a good team.

Chill: Yeah, I agree, because you can be confident against most of the other teams, but you can't underestimate anyone.

Jordan: So you guys have mentioned SquidStorm. For those of you that went, what do you feel you learned from your time there?

Hype: From my personal experience, I think we definitely learned that when you walk through the doors of the event, try to play as much as you can. People will play for hours on the monitors, and the only time they'll get up is when it's time to go play their sets.

Chill: I would say spend your time wisely and practicing, so when the tournament starts, you'll be all warmed up and everything.

Hype: You could also add that you should talk to people, because you are going to have fun as well.

Jordan: As a follow-up, how will you use that experience for what is to come at G5?

Hype: Pretty much as we said before, get as much practice in as you can, because playing on tablet mode is not fun at all.

Chill: Yeah, getting restricted to tablet mode is not a good experience. We're definitely gonna use our past experience to hopefully get more practice in than we did at SquidStorm. The main reason we say this is because, at SquidStorm, we tried to scrim Hitzel's team, and we got probably one game in, but everybody started disconnecting, so we'd prefer to have a more stable setup at G5. chuckles

Jordan: Okay, a question for those of you that didn't go to SquidStorm. What are you expecting from your first LAN experience?

Dan: I'm expecting to meet a lot of people, and to try my best. I'm probably gonna be really intimidated and my nerves will probably get to me during the matches, so hopefully my teammates will calm me down so I can have fun most of the time.

Mihka: I'm expecting to have a lot of fun and not have Hype point a bunch of cameras at me.

everyone laughs

Jordan: What are you guys going to prove at G5?

Chill: I feel, as a team, we're definitely there to prove that we aren't some pushover team and that we can keep up with the top level teams. But it also means we're there to have fun in addition to doing really well.

Hype: Yeah, that's pretty much that, to show we're a pretty chill team and have fun.

Jordan: Last question, why will you win G5?

Mihka: A miracle.

Dan: I mean, we're not going to lose, of course, but yeah.

Chill: I feel like we're going to do everything we can to win, and everyone will put in 100%, but in the end, we're going to be grateful and okay with whatever position we come in.

Jordan: Which, let's be real here, the LAN experience, while you wanna do well and place well, it's a lot about the social experience and the fun.

Hype: Yeah, the LAN in Boston was really enjoyable. I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.

Dan: I'm more there for the experience that to actually win, though winning would be the cherry on top.

Jordan: Alright, you guys have any closing thoughts?

Hype: Nah, I think I'm good.

Chill: To everybody going to the LAN, don't be shy and meet some new people! Talk to people, cause you never know. You could meet a new friend or something.

Dan: I'll see you all on the 19th!

Jordan: I guess that wraps things up then! Thank you guys for joining me, and stay tuned to for more exciting content!

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