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Road to Genesis 5: Deep Blues


Jan 15, 2018

Deep Blues G5 thumbnail Over the last year, covering two Splatoon games, Deep Blues has participated, and performed well in, many of the marquee events in the Splatoon community, from the U.S. Inkling Open back in April 2017 to SquidStorm 2017 a few months ago in November. Now, with Genesis 5 (G5) on the horizon, their roster of Taylor, Dei, Mars, and Umbre looks to take the center stage and prove, once again, that success is one of the keys behind their team's longevity. I recently sat down with them to discuss both how they have found a way to last for so long (approximately two years by now) and what their thoughts are for the upcoming event, G5.

Jordan: Hello everyone, and welcome to this pre-G5 interview. My name is Jordan of InkTV, and I am here today with my good friends from Deep Blues. How you guys doing?

Mars: Doing pretty good.

Umbre: Just another day at the office here.

Taylor: Hello, I am doing good.

Jordan: Then let's get started. First question, where is everybody flying or driving in from?

Taylor: I am driving from Los Angeles, California.

Mars: I am flying from Boston, Massachusetts.

Umbre: I am flying from New York.

Dei: I am going to be driving from the sunny city of Port Hueneme!

Jordan: Wonderful. Since a few of your members also went to SquidStorm, what takeaways do you guys have from that?

Dei: I personally learned that, despite our comp being very "ink efficient", we actually made it pretty far. So we learned that it's about the synergy with your team and the strengths you can play, rather than just the weapons themselves.

Mars: I also agree with that, like a lot of people questioned the weapons we chose. But if you have the right special usage and coordination, you can really pull it off. From my experience, it also allowed me to play in a live setting in tournament, which was really exciting and great for me.

Umbre: I was honestly more surprised that we could perform synergy despite how little time we spent beforehand.

Mars: I feel like us playing in person with each other gave off a good energy and made us play well.

Jordan: As a follow-up question, how will you use that experience to help your team get further when participating at G5?

Dei: From our previous experience, it's mostly about coordination rather than specific weapons. It's what we've been trying to implement in our practices for the event, to coordinate special usages, pairing up, and building team play mechanically rather than trying to force it with the "meta". That's how I believe we'll get further into the competition at G5.

Mars: I honestly agree with that, and with our lineup this time, we won't have to worry about the paint so much, so we can put more of a focus on using our specials, which we've been putting an emphasis on.

Dei: I also feel, at SquidStorm, we were missing our aggressive piece, which ironically enough is our beloved Taylor, so with that, we have a lot more possibilities.

Umbre: When it really comes down to it, it's more the experience with how little practice we did have, if we take the time and put in the effort, we could get a lot farther.

Jordan: For Taylor specifically, since this will be the first tine you play with your team at a LAN, how are you preparing for this?

Taylor: Just practice, so we can perform the best way to perform well. I'm really nervous, personally, because it's the first LAN, but if we practice hard enough, I feel we should be able to get pretty far, personally.

Jordan: What event at G5 are you guys most pumped about?

Umbre: I'm most pumped to see all the new faces at SquidStorm or those that I missed at SquidStorm, plus meeting all my team again, especially Taylor (since he wasn't at SquidStorm).

Jordan: On that note, which other team are you guys most excited about to finally meet in person?

Dei: To be quite honest, there's no particular team I'm most excited to meet, because I've met a lot of people previously at previous LANs, but I guess anyone who hasn't gone to any of these LANs before. But one team specifically would be Hamewaza Labs, as they are a Japanese team going to this event. It would be really cool to meet them, so that would be my choice.

Taylor: For me, it would be Yami, because they are my boys and I hung out with them at E3. Other than them, it would probably be Komodo, because in the first InkStorm, I got really excited watching Pixel play. I started playing competitively because I got to watch him play and it was really cool, so I hope I get to meet him.

Mars: Like Dei, I'm not particularly looking forward to meeting anyone specific, just seeing the same faces from SquidStorm. Mostly just my teammates, because I had the most fun with them at SquidStorm and they made my weekend.

Umbre: For me, it's mostly going to be Team Olive, because I have known two of their players for about three years now, that being Sorin and Nikey.

Jordan: Which team, of the ones going, do you fear most going into G5?

Umbre: We should have a respect for every team, but the simple answer is STDx.

Jordan: On the other side of that coin, who is the team you feel most confident about?

Dei: Personally, and this is not me undermining any of them, I'm most confident about pickup squads, because just the sheer amount of our skill level and synergy and cohesion as a team, it makes them that much less of a competition to us.

Jordan: So, as one of the longest lasting teams in the community, what do you attribute to the longevity?

Mars: I think the most of it is the fact that, instead of arguing about the problems that pop up, we address and work through issues. We don't blame each other about anything, and if there's an issue with a certain individual, we make sure it's known. We've stuck together through many things that other teams have disbanded over, because most of us now are mature adults and we like to solve our problems like them.

Jordan: What are you going to prove at G5?

Taylor: For me, since Splatoon 1, we were one of the higher tiered teams, but since going into Splatoon 2, I feel like we haven't performed as well and don't put up as much of a fight, results wise. I want to prove that we can still put up a fight and perform at a top tier level, results wise.

Jordan: Okay, being one of the more notable Splatoon 1 and Splatoon 2 teams, what does Splatoon 2 being at G5, a big Smash event, mean to you?

Mars: Well, as someone coming from or was previously in the Smash community, Splatoon being beside such a really popular game, in a tournament setting, is really outstanding to me. It's showing that, a game people may not think is worthy of that type of attention, we are stepping up and becoming bigger as a community and the game becoming bigger as a whole.

Jordan: Alright, last question. Why will you win G5?

Dei: Because why not?

Jordan: I like that answer! This has been the Deep Blues pre-G5 interview. As always, my name is Jordan of InkTV, and I would like to thank my friends in Deep Blues to chat with me about the upcoming event.

Taylor: No, I think we're good to go!

Jordan: Okay, thanks again guys, and to our readers, stay tuned to for more exciting content!

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