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Saikai vs. Etheral: LUTI S Division Finals

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Jan 13, 2018

LUTI s division finals ethereal vs saikai

Eight weeks, seven sets, and a crucial playoff set have led to this, the grand finals of the Leagues Under The Ink Forge (S) Division. The S Division pit the top eight teams to sign up for the league against one another until only three were left. Saikai won the tiebreaker over Team Olive in the regular season meaning they would get a straight trip to the grand finals. While Ethereal had to prove themselves in what many saw as a stunning underdog victory in the semi finals going 5-1 against Team Olive. That same day, Ethereal then went on to win the the stacked Squidboards Splat Series taking another dominant victory over Team Olive winning 4-2 in the grand finals. Saikai meanwhile, took a surprising exit in the quarterfinals of the tourney not really representing their number one seed well in the most recent notable event.

Ethereal is looking like one of the best teams with their current team composition of Ben on the Blaster with usually two supporting Ink Armors to help him coming out from either Grey, Wadsm, or Frog. Then, Fumiko and his Sloshing Machine is always ready to be brought in on Tower Control and Rainmaker if needed. Their rotating of players between maps and modes as well as Fumiko switching over to the Sloshing Machine over his beloved charger may have given them quite the winning strategy. On the side of Saikai we have the weapon class masters and this method has worked for them since the beginning of Splatoon 2. None of them were really considered top players in the original game, but since Splatoon 2 they caught everyone by surprise, quickly showing their dominance. Team captain Shak sticks to shooters for the most part. Brandon…?/Red is the slosher enthusiast, basically playing whichever slosher he wants. Then, there is Zig/Sunny! is their resident support player playing whatever support weapon the team needs. Chip who is known for his Octobrush play has branched out to other weapons recently. Next up, is Gamer who has been one of the best Splatling player of the western scene since he has touched the weapon class. The list goes on for Saikai, and each player is just as impressive as the last leading to quite the star studded match up between these two.

Us over at InkTV were reached out to by the teams to provide a broadcast of the match and we gladly accepted to bring you what looks like one of the best matches to date. This Sunday at 2pm EST catch the two top teams of all of LUTI battle it out to show how far they have come over the course of this league, right here on the InkTV stream (link to InkTV stream). Not only will the winner prove to everyone they are better, but they will also be playing for a spot in the illustrious Platinum Cup in early February. Will Saikai maintain the dominance they have experienced for months, or will the team currently on fire in Ethereal show that their recent wins are not mere luck but that they are now the team to beat?

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