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Tourney roundup! - Week of January 8th, 2018


Jan 16, 2018

Tournaments this week

  1. Tick Tock Tuesdays 16 (January 9th)
  2. New Squid City 2 (January 10th)
  3. Tide Pool 3 (January 14th)
  4. Leagues Under The Ink S division finals (January 14th)

Tick Tock Tuesdays 16

Bracket Tick Tock Tuesdays 16 standings What you want to draw attention to:

  1. Different name, same result, as veganteam (TOMO) claims their third straight Tick Tock Tuesdays (TTT) tourney victory, counting their wins as Evisceration in TTT 14 and TTT 15!
  2. Eclipse and Legacy, two teams headed to Genesis 5, looked to keep sharp and finished second and third, respectively, as they continue to practice for the upcoming LAN!

New Squid City 2

Bracket NSC 2 top 16 The spotlight shines on new teams here, and what you wanna know is:

  1. Team BET, after dropping a close set to Team Baππed in winners round 3, made a very strong charge through the losers bracket and went a combined 7-0 against Dank divinity Pick Up in grand finals and bracket reset!
  2. Splat to Oblivion, the 18th seed out of 20, fell to losers finals after a 2-1 loss in winners round 2, only to topple the top three seeds in the tourney and finish a very respectable fourth!

Tide Pool 3

Bracket Tide Pool 3 standings Notable moments:

  1. Evisceration at it again! In the biggest Tide Pool tourney yet, Evisceration comes away with their second tourney win of the week, narrowly defeating Rising Moon in winners finals and sweeping them in grands to claim the title!
  2. Team BET, winners of New Squid City 2 and a potential team on the rise after this week, kept their momentum going and finished a solid third, narrowly losing to Rising Moon in losers finals.

Leagues Under The Ink S division finals

S division playoffs LUTI S division Season 5 playoffs The dust has cleared, here's the key moments:

  1. Saikai and Ethereal went toe to toe in a battle to determine who would be one of the two LUTI teams invited to Platinum Cup, hosted by SplatChampionships!
  2. The two teams took the best of nine set all the way, with Ethereal pulling off the win on Humpback Pump Track Rainmaker to punch their ticket to the eight team Platinum Cup, though Saikai will get another chance in the LUTI Platinum Cup qualifier.
  3. To read more about the match-up, read our preview article!
  4. A couple highlights from the stream:
  • Saikai tying up the set at two wins apiece:

  • Ethereal winning the set five games to four:

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