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Genesis 5 Day 1 Roundup

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Jan 20, 2018

Genesis 5 Splatoon 2 day 1

Genesis 5 kicked off today and day 1 started the pools/group stage of the tourney. The day began with what was already predicted to be a bloodbath in Pool A, but somehow it exceeded expectations. Komodo, Deep Blues, and Yami were the favorites to make it out, however the unexpected pickup of Saffron Rice caught everyone by surprise going undefeated in the group with a 5-0 record. Saffron Rice took down both Deep Blues and Yami in what many saw as upsets, however they never got a chance to play Komodo before the end of the swiss pools stage was over. The combination of Phlox, Dia, Kazuki, and Datnerd showed that strong players forming a pickup can put up a strong fight against anyone and so they secure the top seed coming out of group A going into day 2. Komodo started off the day not as well as they would have hoped losing 0-3 to Yami, before turning it around in a big surprise taking down what looked to be a very strong Deep Blues team up to that point in a dominant 0-3 fashion. Komodo ended their day 1 going 4-1 and taking 2nd place overall, solidifying that their strong placement in Squidstorm 2017 was no fluke. Credit to team captain Pixel and the rest of his team for staying composed after starting off the day not on par with their standards. In 3rd place sits Yami who drew the short end of the stick in the group, playing an amazing level of Splatoon but losing two crucial sets 2-3 to both Saffron Rice and Deep Blues. Had Yami beaten either of these teams they would have went straight to the Top Cut bracket, but this combined with perhaps Saffron Rice and Komodo not playing each other meant that they both got through regardless of Yami holding a tiebreaker over Komodo. Nonetheless, Silver, team captain of Yami, has already made it clear they are ready to try again, keeping their confidence high going into the Redemption Bracket of day 2. Deep Blues started off their day hot and looking to be a contender, unfortunately their stride ended after back to back losses to both Saffron Rice and Komodo. They ended off the day 3-2 and earning a 4th place to fight in the Redemption Bracket for a chance at the top cut. Shoalescence and Komrades/Endless Oceans (teams will play a tiebreaker early day 2) took 5th and 6th place respectively meaning they will also be holding on going into day 2 with a chance at clutching out a Top Cut placement.

In Pool B we had one of the favorites to win it all in Team Olive living up to the hype. Traveling all the way from Europe to take a 5-0 in what was another stacked group. The star studded lineup of Sendou, DUDE, Sorin and Nikey looked just as powerful at LAN as they do online and look to go into day 2 in prime position to take it all. In 2nd place was Legacy, who put up a great fight against Team Olive, but ultimately fell to the powerhouse team. Legacy with a slightly different roster than their Squidstorm 2017 roster may have shown than this slight change can go a long way as they have already taken down another favorite in the tournament in Eclipse in a 3-0 fashion. Eclipse meanwhile takes the 3rd place in that group only losing to Team Olive and Legacy. The One, Deejayy, 10sion, and Ross still sport a strong roster and definitely leave Eclipse to be a team to beat in the Redemption Bracket. The rest of the group filling out the redemption bracket entrees include a pickup named Tina doesn’t know, License to Krill, and Team DC. Tina doesn’t know and License to Krill have players that are no slouches when it comes to LAN events in Hitzel and Brock respectively. Hitzel has placed highly in nearly every LAN event he has entered. Meanwhile Brock, alongside his recurring teammate this time as well in Bronze, took a spectacular victory in the Squidstorm 2017 Silver Bracket. Team DC sporting well known Smash Bros. commentator DC showed that he can translate his overall game knowledge to any game he puts his mind to. His teammate Squirt on the other hand put on quite the spectacle, proving that the Dynamo Roller may not be as bad of a choice as everyone thought and he he may be the star of the team so far.

The final pool of the day saw perhaps the biggest upset of the tourney so far. SetToDestroyX, the favorite to win it all and often called the best team in western Splatoon 2, surprisingly took a loss to the pickup of 2dos and His Children. 2dos and His Children consisting of two players who haven’t made much of a stride in Splatoon 2, but were always a dominant force on Speedrunslive back in Splatoon 1 in 2dos and Manabe. Rounding out their roster are two members of the aforementioned team Yami in Red and Koutetsu who are not playing with Yami’s main roster at this event, but showing the team’s dominance with their pickup. With this huge reverse sweep victory over SetToDestroyX, 2dos and His Children take home the first place in their pool. Following behind them in 2nd place is the sponsored SetToDestroyX who had to play the day without their unofficial team captain Hexen who will be joining them tomorrow after some unfortunate weather cancelled his flight. This loss is probably not indicative of how their day 2 performance will turn out when they have their leader back, but they will have a tougher time in bracket going in with a lower seed than expected. In 3rd place is a team no competitive Splatoon fan would have predicted in Super Splat Squids with their star player Fow who is well known for his Super Smash Bros. Wii U Ness play. They also lost to 2dos and His Children, however for a team that has seemingly never played a Splatoon tournament before they showed that they are definitely a team that can make it far in the Redemption Bracket. Below these teams are the pickups of Moon, Divinity, and InkSync who all have some staples in the Splatoon community whether they be players, tournament organizers, or media personal. Moon a throwback to Two Moons a team from the Splatoon 1 days has great players in Specter and Czar. Divinity which is a newer team with some fill in players to help fight alongside one of InkTV’s writers in Hermes. Then, InkSync a team from all over with Alecat from the Australian community flying over and another member of the InkTV family in Jordan who if you have ever entered a Splatoon online tournament 9 times out of 10 Jordan organized it.

Key aspects of day 2 to look out for definitely begin with how SetToDestroyX bounces back once their full roster is available. Hexen normally being the shot caller and leader of the team means losing him was a huge blow to their play. If Hexen can come back and shake off his travel woes as well as obviously lack of warm up after missing day 1, it will do wonders for their confidence as they still have their eyes on winning it all. While Team Olive now may be the favorite with STDx taking an unfortunate early loss, the other Top Cut makers now have put themselves in a prime position to possibly make an upset if they can catch STDx off guard early or even Team Olive if they ride their momentum into the bracket stage. Coming from the Redemption Bracket the strongest contenders seem to Yami, Eclipse and Deep Blues as the full roster teams, but some strong pickups are definitely looking to challenge them. The rest of the competing teams will be playing in an Amateur Bracket given they did not qualify for the Redemption Bracket or Top Cut.

That wraps it up for the Splatoon 2 at Genesis 5 day 1 roundup. For more details on the games you can check out the full bracket. Stay tuned for more updates out of InkTV through Jordan’s live blog here, or the EndGame stream which should go live again around the same time of 10am PST/1pm EST today for what is looking like the best Splatoon LAN to date!

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