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Tourney roundup! - Week of January 15th, 2018


Jan 25, 2018

Tourneys covered this week

  1. SCL 53 (January 20th)
  2. Genesis 5 (January 19th and 20th)

SCL 53

Bracket SCL 53 final bracket The key points from SCL:

  1. Ethereal continues their domination in recent events, taking down InC Sorrow, RCG Extermination, and (in a very close set) Kraken Paradise to claim SCL 53!
  2. Thanks in part to several notable teams appearing in Genesis (covered below), the finals bracket had some newer faces in it. These include Hyrule Clan 2 taking a game off RCG Extermination, Limitless making top 8 and tying with Konton Knights at the top of their group, and SevenUpGaming taking a game off Saikai.

Genesis 5

Event information G5 top cut The rundown on Genesis 5's Splatoon event:

  1. For a recap of day 1's events and a blog featuring live updates that happened from the event, check out here and here, respectively!
  2. SetToDestroyX, the number one seed going into the event, took the title after many VERY exciting and close match-ups, including against Saffron Rice, Team Olive (twice), and Legacy, who they had to defeat in both grand finals and bracket reset after being knocked to losers bracket in winners finals. Who was responsible for that? Legacy!
  3. One team that shocked a lot of people with how well they played, making top 8 in the bracket and finishing a perfect 5-0 in their Swiss pool during day 1 is Saffron Rice, a team consisting of DNerd, Dia, Kazuki, and Phlox!
  4. Before top 12 took place, the amateur bracket started off day 2. That was won by a team called Ikannot Even, consisting of Argo, Mamba, Meep, and Asahi!

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