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SPLASH or CRASH: Dapple Dualies Nouveau

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Jan 30, 2018

dapple dualies nouveau splash or crash

The Dapples Dualies Nouveau were introduced a little while ago and after the recent patches, I have gotten a chance to give them a spin. They’re a lot of fun. However, just because a weapon is fun, doesn’t mean that it’s good. As usual, we will break down whether the Dapple Dualies Nouveau are strong enough to make a SPLASH in the current game’s meta.

The main weapon of the Dapple Dualies Nouveau definitely has its shortcomings (emphasis on the short), but it’s fairly solid and better than most give it credit for. The Dapples were never the worst weapon in the game and with the 2.2 patch, they received a rather solid buff through better hit detection, reduced ink consumption, and reduced lag on shooting or using your sub/special after a roll. In my opinion, these changes weren’t really needed. However, as nobody was using the weapon, it makes sense why they got a buff and these are definitely appreciated changes. The Dapple Dualies are a great support weapon overall, they build special quite quickly while providing good turf support. Despite not being able to kill at the ranges of most shooters it does turf at a similar range and leaves a fairly solid path of ink (see images below).

dapple nouveau strafing dapple turf range comparison

(First)- Dapple Dualies Nouveau turfing, strafing right to left. Patches can be further solidified with wiggle painting. (Second)- Comparison of turfing range of Splat Dualies (left), Dapple Dualies (center), and N-ZAP (right).

The Dapples’ weakness comes from its obvious lack of range, however as I said, it is more of a support weapon than anything. It should not be played as primary slayer (frontliner who goes for kills), even though they have one of the quickest time to kill in the game (14 frames and 12 frames in standard and after roll firing respectively). To put that in context, the only weapons that can kill in 12 frames are the .52 Gal and the Carbon Roller, even the Splattershot kills slower than the Dapples at 16 frames. Obviously, all of these are fast kill times but the point remains that the Dapple Dualies should not be used to be a killing machine. The lack of range means that in a majority of cases, it will be beaten in a straight 1v1 situation (see images and caption below for more on Dapple Dualies range). The way to use the Dapple Dualies lies in playing back so that you can charge your special quickly and then move up with a teammate to help pick off enemies. Sticking by teammates when looking to kill or push back the enemy team is the most optimal way to get in despite your range. The quick dodge roll is great for staying alive and adds a great mobility option to the short range. However, as I mentioned earlier, just because the option is there doesn’t mean you’ll be a powerful slayer. Overall, I don’t have too much to say about the weapon. It isn’t amazing and it certainly isn’t bad. It is definitely usable, but the lack of range as well as it being a weapon used to charge specials primarily means it is limited to certain maps. Maps in which you are safe to paint from a distance are usually where a Dapple can excel. The problem is these are usually maps where longer range is also favored, so one has to be careful and maintain proper spacing before attacking.

dapple dualies nouveau max splatting range dapple dualies nouveau effective kill range

(First)- Dapple Dualies max range to hit opponent. Bullet damage varies from about 18 to 22 depending on falloff meaning it can get as high as a 6 shot to kill weapon at the normal range of most shooters, most still out range it at this length. (Second)- Dapple Dualies effective range. Furthest point from a target you can get the normal 3 shot splat.

I’m going to go straight into the kit because I feel like they play a huge role in the playstyle of the weapon. The Dapple Dualies Nouveau received Toxic Mist and Inkstorm, which appears to be a rather strong kit, but let’s see it works for the Dapple Dualies Nouveau.

dapple dualies nouveau kit

Toxic Mist has caught on recently especially as it is on the Blaster, a currently strong weapon, and previously receiving a buff. It’s definitely showing that it has a place in the game. On the Dapple Dualies Nouveau though, they are honestly mediocre. They fit the theme of the weapon in that it is a supportive weapon, can throw them from your turfing position to lock down the enemy out or use them to trap an enemy while your teammate takes them out quickly. They are a really good sub weapon to complement a supportive plastyle, but they are also flexible enough where they could be on an aggressive weapon like the Blaster and still be a great asset to the kit. My favorite use for the Toxic Mist is to use it around the objective. Throw it at a common Rainmaker path and the push is slowed down significantly. Throw it at the tower and the tower rider is in an unfavorable position and will likely back out. Even throwing it at or near the Splat Zone is enough to force enemies away from the zone for your team to cap it.

A Toxic Mist user is a valuable component of the team and it is decent coming from the Dapple Dualies, but it could be coming from a better weapon. The Dapples are a supportive weapon so from your slightly back position, you can throw them with ease. However, the Dapples don’t have the best follow up to it as compared to certain other weapons. This is because the short range of the Dapples means you can’t often capitalize on players stuck in the mist without putting yourself in a bad situation or as you’re unable to get there in time to make effective use of it. Sometimes, you will be able to kill those players, but there is a better option that has the same exact kit with the Rapid Pro; throw the mist and quickly take them down with your range and quick fire. I understand that the Rapid Pro is a niche pick in itself, but it does this particular job more effectively as a support Toxic mist user. On the other side of the coin, if you want to play more aggressively with your Toxic Mist then the Blaster is definitely the more consistent choice. The only reason you might want this to be your Toxic Mist user is if you are lacking in a lot of areas, including turf control. Not many strong weapons have Toxic Mist and are a quality turfing option outside of the Splash-o-Matic, but the Inkjet is not enticing to most. Overall, the sub weapon is good and fits the Dapples decently, but perhaps you want to look elsewhere if you are playing the Dapples specifically for maximizing the potential of the Toxic Mist.

We then turn to the special for the Dapple Nouveau: Inkstorm. The Inkstorm was very popular for a while, but recently died down while Ink Armor and Bubble Blower reigned supreme. It is still a fairly strong special, nothing truly makes it bad. It still pushes enemies out of position, is a great pushing or even defending tool, and lays down decent turf coverage on the Splat Zone. The Inkstorm actually pairs with the Dapple Dualies quite well in that they are a special you definitely want to be throwing up as much as possible so that your team can get back in if needed. The Dapple Dualies charge special fairly quickly so this can be accomplished quite easily. The special also compliments it well because as I said the Dapples aren’t the best at fighting enemies head on, so while the enemy is being pushed back or scrambling around due to the storm, one may be able to move in and catch them off guard. Additionally, combine this special with Toxic Mist and it can be huge pest for the enemy team if both are placed correctly. The weapon is mostly supportive and the special reinforces it in a positive manner, allowing the Dapples to that much more of a viable option.

toxic mist ink storm

One key aspect to note is that as a main weapon the Dapple Dualies builds special faster than any other main weapon with the same special. However, the Splat Brella with its Sprinkler is probably still the best option to spam Inkstorms. The Brella is also a much better weapon at winning fights and requires far less support from the team than the Dapples would at the highest of levels. Therefore, I would still rate the Splat Brella as a better support and slayer than the Dapples. The Dapples appear to be outclassed in this regard by an assortment of weapons with the same special, many of which see less use.

The tricky part for me and for the Dapple Dualies is creating a dream kit as the Nouveau’s kit isn’t bad. However, it isn’t enough to make anyone proactively play it. The kit is very supportive and that fits the Dapples well. When examining the other variant with Beakons and Suction Bomb Launcher, it is clear that it is also very supportive and works with the weapon. Both of these options are still not enough to make them a popular choice. These weapons occupy a very small niche, a niche that isn’t necessary on any maps they may be effective on. However, I wouldn’t change these kits at all, besides maybe one receiving a bomb to be more aggressive in certain situations. I feel they truly have some of the best kits possible, but there are too many drawbacks or other weapons that are merely better. Essentially, my stance on the Dapples’ kits are that they’re usable, the user just needs a team to play around them well. They also are never going to be a weapon that should be used on all maps. Possibly, with a lot of dedication, someone can make these kits shine and I wouldn’t be surprised, but even then I’m sure another weapon could perform similarly. If I had to pick a kit that is closer to the Dapples dream kit, it would definitely be the regular variant with Beakon and Suction Bomb Lancher because I see it having a lot less competition and therefore potentially would see more use. For example, nearly all Beakon weapons now aren’t very good, and furthermore it carries a fast charging Suction Bomb Launcher that isn’t provided by any weapon at the moment. The Nouveau sees a lot more competition in its kit from Splat Brella to various members of the Blaster class. Furthermore, the original kit provides a lot more of turf and even a lot of the time objective support through its launching of Suction Bombs over the Inkstorm. Overall, these kits aren’t awful but unless you are a Dualies main, I doubt any kit could entice you to play them more.

The Dapple Dualies Nouveau is a weapon that is extremely fun to play, however at a competitive or upper level of Splatoon there is little to no reason to play it. It can turf well and build up specials, but so can other weapons that have a better kill potential. The lack of range also hurts it quite a bit in the current meta as many long ranged options are becoming more popular. The Forge Splattershot Pro and Heavy Splatling Deco are fairly popular ranged Bubble Blower picks, while the Rapid Blasters are are actually some of the best weapons in the game in my opinion. Therefore, I don’t see this weapon faring well consistently against those ranged weapons. Perhaps a Dapple Dualies main could perform really well with it in a competitive set every now and then, but it just doesn’t have what it takes to be a go to pick on any map. They may be an effective weapon to use in solo ranked as people aren’t coordinating, but I don’t feel they will ever be more than that in the current state of the game. Thus, the Dapple Dualies Nouveau will get a CRASH, perhaps one of the softest CRASHes as there isn’t anything overly wrong with them. But, still a CRASH in the end.

dapple dualies splash or crash result

Chaotic 💚💜#1868

Jan 29, 2018

im not hachi sorry


Jan 29, 2018

He's not even second

Comrade Krona#0701

Jan 29, 2018

Or third

Hachi∞ 💜#6422

Jan 29, 2018


Chaotic 💚💜#1868

Feb 01, 2018

lmao rip hachi


Feb 02, 2018

you missed the 52 deco =0 And I'dve personally given it a barely splash, if only because those rolls CAN throw off people's aim (it takes some practice to be good with the rolls, and then you have to keep when you roll unpredictable)

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