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Beakon: A LAN Like No Other

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Feb 01, 2018

Beakon Splatoon 2 LAN major header

Genesis 5 was called the best Splatoon LAN to date by many, but the fun doesn’t end there! Another major LAN event is on the way with Beakon! Shifting tides to the east coast, Beakon takes us to lively and upbeat New York for plenty of thrilling Splatoon 2 on March 10th-11th. Deer Park Long Island’s AON Gaming will be the venue hosting the event, the same large venue that has been the home of Splatoon 2’s largest North American local LAN, Long Island Splat. Alongside the same venue is the same amazing team, the Long Island Splat crew and EndGameTV providing the stream. With the major in Beakon, things are shaping up to be better than ever as more big names and stronger teams are looking to compete. There are countless reasons why you should attend Beakon and so let’s explore why it will be a main priority for you as an attendee and viewer!

One of the major goals for the Beakon staff is to push for affordability and they did deliver. For starters, Beakon has the the lowest entry fee into the tournament of any major Splatoon LAN, currently sitting at $50 for the normal registration. Additionally, the fee for spectators is just $20 for the two day event, for those of you who want to meet over 100 members of the Splatoon community and get to know those faces behind the screen. I know for me there is no experience quite like meeting people you have connected with online for the first time. Having attended and competed in both Long Island Splat LANs, I know I would not miss the opportunity to meet even more people at this great major. If you want to meet me as well a plenty of other great Splatoon community members, Beakon is the perfect place. Another factor when considering the price of your trip to Beakon is your means of transportation. Whether you are flying in, taking a bus or train, New York has pretty much any option for you and all at an affordable rate. With being reasonably close to two of the world’s major airports (JFK and Laguardia), travel prices are surprisingly low compared to other locations. Below is a list of example prices found by the Beakon staff (prices are based at the time of research, not publication).

Flights( 2 way)

LAX to NYC (JFK) $287

Orlando Int’l to NYC (JFK) $137

Miami to NYC (JFK) $180

Chicago (O’hare) to NYC (JFK) $143

Toronto to NYC $234

Atlanta to NYC $137

Dallas to NYC $255

Houston to NYC $285

Seattle to NYC $281

San Fran to NYC $237

Denver to NYC $212

Boston to NYC $97

Montreal to NYC $219

Long Island Splat/Beakon venue

Look Inside AON Gaming during the festivities of Long Island Splat 2!

If the affordability isn’t enough to entice you to come, perhaps the fact that Beakon is offering one of the largest prize pools for a Splatoon LAN major with its $1000 pot bonus might change your mind! The goal of this large prize pool is to attract the best competitive players and teams from across the globe to compete and foster competitive development. If you aren’t looking to compete for the prize pool because you have no interest in being competitive or don’t believe you have what it takes to win it, there are plenty of other reasons why you should go to Beakon. For one, Beakon is strictly a Splatoon event where you will be surrounded by others who love the game just like you. Furthermore, the venue plans to make use of their extra monitors and any usable Switch docks to allow for a free play station where anyone can play during or after the tourney for fun or to further their skills. No one will be pestering you to take that monitor for their own game as everyone there will be engrossed in Splatoon. If somehow none of that interests you, Beakon still has more to offer as they are working on getting special guests that people may not be known from Splatoon, but definitely are popular in the gaming industry. While they can’t give the full details yet, I can assure you they are close to sealing the deal with certain big names showing up and promoting the event. Even if they aren’t known directly for playing Splatoon, they are coming with the sole purpose of helping Splatoon 2 be seen by a wider audience than ever before.

The Long Island Splat team isn’t holding anything back for this event because they believe more quality events put on by various organizations will only help the community grow and open itself up to gaining new and stable individuals. They definitely have the passion to see this all happen based on their past events. If you haven’t seen the past events of the held check out their vods of the 1st and 2nd local LAN grand finals below and more in their playlists.

High off the excitement of the last major LAN in Genesis 5, many are flocking to sign up and over half of the competitor spots have already been filled so be sure to sign up soon. If you need a reminder of how amazing Genesis 5 was, check out the grand finals below as well as the entire playlist once again. I recommend the Saffron Rice vs. SetToDestroyX set from that list for some extremely hype matches.

Beakon is looking to be another amazing LAN and you don't want to miss it! All the information you need can be found in the links below. If there are any questions be sure to ask here in the comment section or join the discord to chat with the staff. Hope to see you there!

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