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Young Ink 6 Rewind

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Feb 05, 2018

Young Ink thumbnail This past weekend was the sixth iteration of Young Ink, a tournament for new and upcoming teams to show their stuff. After the tournament, cameraman Bleck? sat down with casters Failboat, Melissa, and Squid.exe to talk about what they saw and what their favorite moments from the tournament were.

Bleck: Hi, everybody, thank you for joining me after these intense matches! Can you guys just introduce yourselves once again?

Failboat: Alrighty! Hi there, my name is Failboat, along with the other commentators today, along with Melissa Acid Sunshine and Squid.exe. I am a YouTuber by trade, more or less new to the Splatoon commentary scene, but not really that new to the e-sports commentary scene. And that’s pretty much my schtick!

Melissa: And I’m Melissa, Aid Sunshine. I am brand new to Splatoon commentary, and pretty new to Splatoon. I started with Splatoon 2 in August, and I am very excited to get to know more about the competitive scene than I already do!

Squid.exe: And I am Squid.exe, competitive player for Scriviner, I play long range. I’ve been casting Splatoon for a few months now. I played Splatoon 1 casually, so it’s exciting for me to be a part of this higher level of the game.

Bleck: Thanks guys. Now, onto the matches. Which one stood out to each of you guys the most?

Failboat: Honestly, BET really surprised me. They didn’t sound like they had much confidence in themselves. I saw them popping up in chat sometimes, and it didn’t sound like they were too in it. But nah, man, they showed up! Team S4 too from the S+ division I also want to give credit to. Probably the best map painting I have ever seen from a team. Constantly with those double N-Zaps, covering the map at all times. Always had Ink Armor. Had Respawn Punisher on the charger. They had the flex player. It was just a very strong comp. And it was so exciting to see them both in Grand Finals! I just wish there was more, I always want to see more! Whenever it’s two great teams, I always want more.

Melissa: Yeah, talking about S4, when we finally realized what Pokefan was running, with all her special power up, I think that was a turning point for all of us. Like oh my gosh so much!

Squid.exe: Yeah, that S4 set was awesome, but I’m going to give it to BET vs Instant Ramen. BET was playing super well that set, they were going off! They were super coordinated, their flanks were insane, and that just really made me excited. And both S4 and BET in the Grand Finals really showed that they were the two strongest teams in this bracket.

Failboat: Yeah, and on that game, there were so many good moments of them just flanking, people coming around the back, it stood out to me!

Squid.exe: Sneaky Boiz!

Failboat: Yeah that’s what I was about to say: Sneaky Boiz!

Failboat: Also, for Sergeant Squids and Absolute Zero, once it got into the last game in the set, everything was pretty stagnate up to that point. But then a tidal wave came! Like a twist in a good novel! Everything just changed all of the sudden. Inkbrushes! Goo Tubers! Dapple Dualies! It turned what was essentially a game four situation into what felt like a game one situation! They had to reset what they knew about the enemy team and just adapt!

Squid.exe: But that’s what I want to pick semantics about: you asked for best set, and that was more the best game.

Bleck: Best game, best set, we will take either one!

Squid.exe: Yeah that was definitely the best game, but I’m going to stick with my best set.

Failboat: Yeah, Absolute Zero had some good players. Again, I am going to bring it up: the Dapple Dualies. They were making some amazing baits, some amazing plays! It truly shined, in their skill, from both teams. Even though Absolute Zero lost, their are still somebody to keep an eye out for! If you meet them randomly on a League match, I’d still be scared!

Squid.exe: Yeah, I’ve seen FurStrike in league a few times, its cool to be able to put a name to the tag so to speak.

Melissa: Yeah, the FurStrike set was really fun for me to watch. First of all, their concept, and second of all, I know and play with two of the players on that team, so it was a bit of the “close to home” thing for me. And I thought that they played really well, I was excited to see if they could push through, and I hope to see them in future competitions.

Bleck: Awesome. And which of the matches do you wish you could have been in the driver’s seat for, shouting about the match for the viewers?

Failboat: For me, round one of S+ division, Vitamin Sea vs Endless Oceans! And also the one with Divinity, I think it was Xiller over Divinity. Those were great! Oh, and BET over Vitamin Sea!

Squid.exe: Yeah, that was my pick!

Failboat: Yeah, so BET lost me for a little bit, I didn’t think they would beat Vitamin Sea that handedly, three to one! It was like one of those moments like “Shut up! We are gonna keep going and we are going to make it all the way to Grands!”

Melissa: Yeah, I would completely agree. BET vs Vitamin Sea.

Squid.exe: And then for on stream matches I wish I could have been a part of, what was that one with the Goo Tuber on Humpback TC?

Failboat: Yeah, they were just popping up out of nowhere!

Squid.exe: I almost wanted to unmute myself! That was INSANE Goo Tuber play! That was Black Blizzard vs Trident. I would have never expected that!

Melissa: Yeah, I think the term we used when commentating was a Carnival Pop Up or something like that.

Failboat: Yeah, the Whack-A-Mole game!

Melissa: It was a really fun one to watch for sure! I think for me, that S4 vs Xiller match, that was one I was right there with you guys, listening in and getting excited about!

Squid.exe: Yeah, on paper, it was supposed to be a somewhat close set.

Bleck: Great, great… Now, what big play stood out to you guys? What moment surprised you?

Squid.exe: The one that is sticking out to me right now is the one from the S Division final, where one of the players hesitated and shot a Rainmaker shot instead of going forward. That stuck out in my mind!

Failboat: I recall a moment when a Stingray, I believe it was the second game of S4 vs Xiller, they used a Stingray to secure the tower to ensure that second game.

Squid.exe: Yeah, basically Pokefan got a crucial pick with the stinger.

Melissa: Yeah, I remember that was a moment where you were like “Oh my gosh look at this!”... After six hours of watching Splatoon, you can forget some of the most amazing plays that happened throughout the tournament!

Bleck: Alright, then let’s just move on. We had our two divisions, we have our two winners. Starting with S division, with 20XX taking the win over Hexagone E-Sports. Are you surprised?

Failboat: For me, it was more about the fact that I had already seen Hexagone and liked what they could do. I hadn’t seen 20XX before, so they somewhat caught me off guard. Because Hexagone had a good thing going. But man, 20XX just kept bringing it back.

Squid.exe: But, looking at the bracket, Hexagone had two of their sets go to a game five whereas 20XX didn’t have a single set go to game five!

Bleck: And then for Team S4, winning their bracket, how about them?

Failboat: Yeah for them, it was all about that ink coverage. I hope they go real far. I think they have an interesting dynamic and I’d love to see how teams break it down.

Melissa: I want to say that I think that one was really split for me. I was really happy with both teams. I loved how we talked about Sneaky Boiz with BET, I thought that they would be really good competition for Pokefan to play what she had been playing and made sure that she wasn’t flanked. So that was something I was really looking forward to and I was happy seeing how those matches played out.

Squid.exe: Absolutely, and to add onto that point, out of all of the teams that we’ve seen in this tournament, S4 was the one team that had the most “meta” team composition. You had your double N-Zap, which were your aggressive supports, you had a long range and a flex. And that is the most cookie cutter team comp you could bring to a tournament. Not to discount that, because it clearly worked in spades, they were so commanding on the bracket and in that final set, it just looked like a different team. And even if they did, it was fleeting at best.

Bleck: It would be worth noting that Team S4 only dropped matches in the final bracket, and no more than one per set.

Squid.exe: They were so strong, and you could tell that they have been playing with each other for a while, because they were very confident in each other and their movement was so good. And you could tell, the double N-Zaps especially, their movement was so good. They were really good at coordinating their specials. I had never seen an Ink Armor stack for S4.

Bleck: And lastly, what teams are you guys excited to see outside of Young Ink? Coming off of their wins, building up that confidence.Who are you rooting for to see at Squidboards next weekend?

Failboat: All of the teams honestly, I want to see do well. Any team with roots in Young Ink I will root for, because it shows they are putting in the work and the time, coming out to Squidboards and hopefully claiming some names. Because winning Young Ink is one thing, against all these teams you came out on top. That’s really good! But, taking names from teams in Squidboards that haven’t been in Young Ink, that is the real ticket to the bigger leagues.

Squid.exe: Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see S4 make upper bracket this month, they were so strong and coordinated. And remember, there are going to be two brackets in the Squidboards Series, so they can pop up in either, and this won’t be the last we can see out of any of these teams.

Failboat: Yeah, and there were so many teams that did well that we didn’t get to see on stream, teams like Sons of Fishes, Vitamin Sea, Endless Oceans, Divinity, Seafood Sorbet, Feel Good Ink! There are so many teams I thought we would see that we just didn’t end up looking at!

Squid.exe: Yeah, one thing I like about this tournament that is really good for the competitive scene is that no single team dominates it. It is really surprising that its always somebody new and its super good for the competitive scene! And then so many teams we were expecting to hear from just got beat out by somebody else!

Failboat: And that’s beautiful. Hey, if you’re reading this, enter into Young Ink! It’s always the wild card factor! Nobody likes a stagnant tournament. And here we are: a tournament where anybody can blossom! Go out and give it a shot.

Melissa: Yeah I definitely agree. I really wish I could have seen some people that we all mentioned. It was really exciting to figure out that these are some new people and we are really looking forward to seeing some of the build outs and what they are doing, and how they work together. BET, that’s who I’m looking forward to see move onto another tournament.

Squid.exe: Yeah, I don’t want S4 in my pool for Squidboards for sure. We might have some trouble.

And that wraps up theconversation after Young Ink! Big shout outs to the staff for running an awesome event and the casters for making our stream sound as exciting as it did. Be sure to check out all the teams and casters!

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