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Tourney roundup! - Week of January 29th, 2018


Feb 07, 2018

Tourneys covered this week

  1. Tick Tock Tuesdays 19 (January 30th)
  2. Young Ink 6 finals (February 3rd)
  3. Platinum Cup (February 4th)
  4. Sendou's Back n Forth (February 4th)

Tick Tock Tuesdays 19

Bracket Tick Tock Tuesdays 19 Tick Tock Takeaways:

  1. DJ Snake 90's (aka Saikai) posts another in a long line of strong performances, coming back from a 2 games to 1 deficit to topple Neptune and take another Tick Tock Tuesdays adventure!
  2. Monarchy, continues their string of recent strong placements, tying for 5th out of 21 teams in NNCL Lunar XVI the prior Friday and finishing third in their Division 1 pool (20th overall) in InkCage II, by finishing fourth in this event.
  3. Saffron Rice, in their first mainstream event since Genesis 5, where they finished top 8 out of 30 teams, showed that was no fluke. They took down Translucent, Legacy, and Monarchy to claim the bronze match, only losing to eventual tourney winner DJ Snake 90's.

Young Ink 6 finals

Battlefy page

S Bracket: S Bracket Highlights from the S bracket:

  1. 20XX, a team I am personally hearing about for the first time, did not have a great showing on day 1, but came back in finals with a vengeance! Losing only one game in three rounds of groups, they charged through bracket to take the S division title, defeating Hexagone Esports 4-2 in grands!
  2. Speaking of Hexagone Esports, they wound up in a group of 3 and had to defeat Inkvaders in round 3 just to make bracket. They did so and battled their way all the way to grand finals, so well done for them!

S+ Bracket: S+ Bracket Highlights from the S+ bracket:

  1. Team S4, the team that dominated in the Young Ink qualifiers the week prior, proved that they are a team to be taken seriously. The only team to go undefeated on day 1, they backed it up with a 3-0 showing in groups and never losing more than 1 game in any of their three bracket sets.
  2. Team BET also continued their strong showings in recent events that featured newer teams, proving that perhaps they are ready to start taking the next step into becoming a strong and notable team, losing only one game in bracket until grand finals!

Overall tournament note: Remember, BOTH 20XX and Team S4 will earn coaching sessions for winning their respective brackets in Young Ink 6!

Platinum Cup

Bracket Platinum Cup 3 The race for Platinum Cup 3 glory has ended, and here's what YOU need to know:

  1. The Japanese team Meteor lost only two games over the span of three sets to seal the victory and win the $400 grand prize!
  2. Ethereal, winner of several notable events of late including the S division playoffs that got them to Platinum Cup, was the only Western team to advance past round 1, defeating Sho-mona Games before bowing out to Meteor in round 2. They also finished fourth, barely losing the bronze match (not pictured) 5-4 to Libalent Calamari.

Sendou's Back n Forth

Main bracket

Underground bracket

A quick overview of this event:

  • Hosted by Sendou, teams were allowed to pick whatever gametype (meaning map and mode) they desired, switching back and forth in terms of who picks (so team A picks game 1, team B picks game 2), and that rotates until either a team has won two games in a row or the set has reached a seventh game.
  • If the set reached a seventh game with both teams winning three games of the prior six, the deciding match would occur on Blackbelly Skatepark Rainmaker. The first team to push the Rainmaker to the 50 point mark would be declared the winner, leaving the stakes extremely high!
  • The set ends with a winner if either team wins back to back games or takes the "game 7".
  • Teams that got knocked out in the first round of the main bracket got a "second chance" in the Underground bracket, which followed the same format as the main bracket.

Main bracket top 16: Back n Forth top 16 Key moments in the main bracket:

  1. The team 無敵 toppled the 1, 2, and 4 seeded teams in order to come away with the victory, never needing more than four games in any of their sets!
  2. ıиκ¿Nigma was definitely a surprise in this event, defeating both Surge 3-1 and Yami 2-1 in order to finish a very respectable fourth in a 29 team event.

Underground bracket: Back n Forth Underground Digging into the Underground bracket, we find the following:

  1. Xiller, coming off their third place finish in the S+ bracket of Young Ink 6 the day before, took full advantage of their second chance by losing one game in three sets to claim the Underground bracket victory!
  2. Something I find interesting of note in this bracket in particular is that only three of the 11 sets in total did not finish in a 2-0, meaning the team that won game 1 then won game 2 and the set approximately 72.72% of the time.

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