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Blue's Splatoon Power Rankings 2

Guest: BlueTakenoko

Feb 10, 2018

Blue takenoko power rankings 2 february

Hi I'm Blue (@BlueTakenoko)!

Some of you may recognize me from Tomo, or creating my first Power Rankings back in December. I'm here today to talk about my new Power Rankings and analyze the result.

For those who do not know what Power Rankings are, it is when multiple people make lists of teams which are then combined to make a final ranking (more info in the image below).

When I first started, I had multiple goals on this project:

  1. To make a ranking as accurate as I can, using multiple points of view.
  2. Utilize the knowledge of players on top placing teams.
  3. Don't make any one person responsible, I don't want people pointing fingers or blaming anyone who made a list.
  4. To bias the final ranking as little as possible. I will never personally make the list used for the ranking (especially by myself).
  5. Use the rankings as a way to encourage teams who are also working hard but may not quite be top X yet.

I started the power rankings because I wanted to utilize the knowledge of players on top placing teams to create a ranking. Players who play the game for many hours, have good understanding of the game and how to win, have experience playing against other top placing teams and know the playstyle of those teams and its players. I believe there are many insights these players can offer, many that are currently under utilized. I wanted to give players a voice.

My goal was to create a list that's close to accurate, using multiple points of view. Different players can have different experiences against the same team. It may not be true for all teams, but each team probably has their own point of view and discussions within the team. I try my best to ask only 1 person per team. For my previous ranking, not everyone responded. This time, everyone responded. I only asked 1 player per team and did my best to ask different people from last time. I tried to select people who are active and have been with their current team for a significant amount of time.

Power Rankings aren't an end all be all list, and can be inaccurate. Its strength is its use of active, knowledgeable players and members of the community. Smash uses players, TOs, casters, etc. For the sake of simplicity and for my goal stated above, I only asked players. A potential weakness is it's not one singular, all-encompassing point of view. Not all players have experience playing against all other teams or keep track of all other teams. However, I’ve noticed that one or two different placings for a team doesn't significantly affect the team’s placement in the rankings. Asking multiple people balances it out. If one or two lists are significantly different, they're balanced out by the others, while still producing some changes. It's important to keep in mind there's no right and wrong, the purpose of this is to get a list based on the player's point of view. And there's a check and balance system.

Player perception and their anonymity (if they choose) is very important to me. Including a player's name is their choice and I will never publish a single person's list. My hope is not a single player is given a hard time, which will encourage them to make a list another time or encourage others to want to participate.

Power Rankings 2


When I released my first ranking I didn't include any analysis (even though I probably should have). I feel this ranking needs even less analysis. More teams played against each other during G5 and Inkcage II, resulting in a more stable list. Not everyone will be 100% in agreement with the result and that's ok. But I hope you feel more comfort than discomfort when looking at this ranking.

So readers, what do you think? Any comments or questions? I also welcome any feedback but cannot guarantee it will or can be done. Thank you so much for reading all/parts or skimming or even just looking at the picture. I really appreciate it.

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