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Blue's Splatoon Power Rankings 1

Guest: BlueTakenoko

Dec 10, 2017

blue takenoko power rankings 1

Hi I'm Blue (@BlueTakenoko)!

I'm here today to analyze the result of my first Power Rankings.

Power Rankings 1


In this ranking, there were defined groups based on point distribution. SetToDestroyX held a very strong first. Based on the lists, sections could be made with other parts of the ranking. In my opinion there was a high, mid and low section. A team in the same section could win against another as they already have the potential to do so. Some teams in the same section were ranked very, very close. Beating a team in a section above was possible too, but the mid teams seemed to lack consistency. At this point InC Sorrow played in 1 tourney, Eclipse was recently formed and Neptune had just enough members to be included. There wasn't much info or data on these teams. And many other teams didn't have experience against others.

Lists had some significant variations. So it's understandable some of the feedback I got after posting was 'Y should be here instead'. And that's ok. In my opinion the list may not have been perfect but it was close.

This list included many more teams and I appreciated the positive feedback.

Any questions, comments or feedback? Please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!


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