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Team Olive's Sendou on New Roster Addition, Pokefan

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Feb 18, 2018

team olive interview sendou on pokefan

In this exclusive InkTV interview, I sit down with Sendou the captain of Team Olive on the new addition to the roster Pokefan. This addition surprised many and so Sendou wanted to let everyone know just why Pokefan was added to the team. Below is the audio file of our interview included for the full uncut version of our interview (please excuse my voice I am sick). If you would like to read through the edited interview that is also provided below, thank you and enjoy!

Audio here:

WALKY: Hello everyone, I am WALKMAN of InkTV and here today we bring you an exclusive interview with Team Olive captain Sendou to shed some light on his newest acquisition of Pokefan on to the team. This addition kind of came out of nowhere to many fans, so can you tell us why she specifically was brought on to the team?

Sendou: Yeah, sure. First it’s pretty simple, we have five members. We have kept the team small on purpose and tried to focus on a small roster to get to know each other when we play. But right now we have DUDE and Nikey taking a bit of a break, and due to that we have only me, Erza, and Sorin. Only three players that can play so the idea going around was with these three players which player would be the most obvious fit to that. When I started thinking about it from a team building perspective and which kind of player would be perfect for this kind of team comp there weren’t really any obvious choices in regards to players who already played for top teams in the past or so. Normally we have been forming the team from players that have played for top teams, like when we got Erza he had already done some serious work in Rising Moon. This time we didn’t have anything, I didn’t see any players that I wanted to recruit that would make sense for us right now. But just from the wonderland of European solo queue. Well most people who play European solo queue are aware of Pokefan. I always felt that she was a really good player, like that feeling you get when you play against really good competitive players. You are like well now I have to actually try in order to win. I always felt she had a really good charger and it was exactly what we were looking for. So yeah we scrimmed with her and I knew she was going to do well, but even for me I was surprised with how well she ended up doing. We did a couple scrims yesterday against STDx with Kronos, and the day before that it was a variety of players. Just based on those scrims, I think everyone in the team was instantly convinced and it was an easy choice from there.

WALKY: Alright, so I know you have said in the past that Olive doesn’t really go looking for players, you don’t do tryouts usually. In this case though, you were looking for a European player and I know maybe with InControl Sorrow they just disbanded recently, did you ever think about any of those players? Or did you already have your eyes set on Pokefan?

Sendou: Yeah for sure, so we had a variety of different players we considered. For example, we scrimmed with Kronos to see how he would fit the team. With Kronos at first we thought he could fit a flex role for us and maybe play more backliner. We scrimmed and he was like to me “I like this team and I like playing with you guys, but honestly I don’t know if I would want to play for a team that’s going to make me play weapons I don’t really like playing.” That was my concern with him originally, because we clearly need a backline. While Kronos is really good at those weapons, I think looking at it from a longer perspective I don’t know if he would be the best fit if he doesn’t really enjoy playing those weapons. That’s kind of the same with all the players on Sorrow specifically. Banana another player that I would be happy to be on a team with, probably the best roller in the west and so on, but we just aren’t looking for a roller right now. I specifically wanted a Splatling or Charger for a backliner. I always felt it was a weapon that let’s us play to our strengths and for some reason not to many of those players exist in the west, so that was the thinking with that.

WALKY: So definitely with Kronos at least, it was a mutual thing?

Sendou: Yeah, yeah for sure.

WALKY: Then, also you mentioned Olive has tried to keep the roster small, so when DUDE and Nikey come back what’s the plan here? You never had a six person roster before.

Sendou: That’s going to be something we have to think about when they come back. Normally we do it, you could even say seasonally. Just now it was with DUDE and Nikey and Erza was taking a backseat even if he was active. Since we knew Erza was not going to go to Genesis 5 we just focused on not having Erza on the roster and focused having DUDE and Nikey on the roster. So right now, maybe our next focus is the next WFB cup so till then it’s going to be me, Erza, Sorin, Pokefan and after that we figure out a new focus. We’ll look at who is available and figure it out then based on people having real life stuff so maybe not being available all the time and the go from there like that.

WALKY: So is there an estimated time maybe on Nikey and DUDE or no?

Sendou: No, not really. Personally, I’m going to let those players speak for themselves on what they play and don’t play. With DUDE specifically, he’s not just a competitive player. You may have heard of him on Youtube. So he wants to focus on that and of course that is a lot of effort trying to keep up with Youtube, with Twitch and then at the same time trying to find time to scrim. With DUDE he’s going to focus on that side a bit more and you are going to him in Beakon and so on. Then, I guess when he finds a good spot and maybe if there's some LAN that Olive is going to attend you will see him in the roster again.

WALKY: That’s good to know for all those Olive fans out there. Then, just lastly let’s bring it back to Pokefan a little bit. What about her specifically, like alright she plays Charger mostly, but what is so special about her that you had to have her on the team?

Sendou: Well to me, I mentioned before about the team building aspect we wanted to have someone who played exactly like her. It’s not like we even had an option. To me it’s like Pokefan is like a super good player and to me I’m surprised how good she plays this with next to no competitive experience. You might know her from Young Ink finals from a couple weeks back, but other than that she has zero competitive experience. She’s also a player that plays the game a lot and she has really good fundamentals. Really it’s about the potential of it to me. Many players they played competitive since Splatoon 1 and whatnot, but you see they reached their full potential already because they know the competitive side of things. With Pokefan it’s more she has the solid fundamentals and we are going to build on that to make her a really good competitive player as well.

WALKY: Definitely excited to see what this new looking Olive can do. Now it is only like two of you in this main roster that was on the original Olive so something to look forward to. When do you think will be the first time Olive brings her out in a tournament?

Sendou: I think you can expect to see us next weekend already. This weekend was just bad availability so couldn’t make it this weekend, but definitely we will be looking to scrim a lot over the next week and do some tournaments on the weekend. Then see how it goes.

WALKY: Alright thank you Sendou, and that wraps it up unless there is anything you want to say to all the Olive fans out there.

Sendou: Well not much, just keep supporting us and we’ll try to bring out the kind of results you expect from us.

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Feb 19, 2018


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