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Tourney roundup! - Week of February 12th, 2018


Feb 21, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. Tick Tock Tuesdays 21 (February 13th)
  2. Bleck n Spoon Season 0 Splat Zones Edition (February 15th)
  3. Vanishing Crutches (February 18th)

Tick Tock Tuesdays 21

Bracket Tick Tock Tuesdays 21 The Tick Tock Takeaways from this week:

  1. Neptune, winners of Tick Tock Tuesdays 20, pulled off a very solid run through three quality teams in Spicy Kraken Rolls, Deep Blues, and a new team called Redemption to claim their second straight tourney victory!
  2. A few other things of note:
  • Redemption defeated Tick Tock Tuesdays 20's runner-up and BnS Season 0 Rainmaker winner Legacy in semis.
  • In possible foreshadowing for a couple days later, Deep Blues defeated Legacy 3-2 in the bronze match.

Bleck n Spoon Season 0 Splat Zones Edition

Battlefy page

BnS Season 0 Splat Zones top 8

Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS:

  1. After going under the name "Team of Shaks" and losing to Legacy in grand finals of the Rainmaker edition, Saikai was able to take down Deep Blues in a close seven-game grand finals in the second edition.
  2. One thing of note that can be found through a little digging, Team Upgrade finished tied for fifth but had two sets that, if they had gone the other way, could have changed the final result completely. They almost beat Saikai in groups, losing the set 2-3, and took a pair of games off defending champion Legacy in top cut, so be sure to watch out for them!

Saikai vs Upgrade

Vanishing Crutches

Main bracket

Underground bracket

Main bracket top 16: Vanishing Crutches top 16

Underground bracket: Vanishing Underground What you need to know from the Vanishing Crutches tournament:

  1. As with Sendou's prior two tournaments, this tournament had a different theme than its predecessors:
  • Each set began with no restrictions on anything, but after each game, the losing team could ban, or remove from play, any weapon the opposing team used for the remainder of the set.
  • This time, gametypes (map/mode combinations) were predetermined by the tournament organizers.
  1. This particular tournament saw FINALLY, one of the better teams in the Splatoon 1 days, take the title, with a roster of Hachi, Ice, Kyo, and Ant. They lost only one game (to TakeOver!) until taking Fully Torqued down in six games in grands.
  2. In the Underground bracket, a who's who of newer teams and pickups, Xiller came out victorious, losing only one game in three sets (to Instant Ramen in grand finals).

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