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Tourney roundup! - Week of February 19th, 2018


Mar 01, 2018

Tournaments covered

  1. Tick Tock Tuesdays 22 (February 20th)
  2. BnS Season 0 Tower Control Edition (February 22nd)
  3. Young Ink 7 qualifiers (February 24th)
  4. Sendou's In The Zone 2 (February 25th)

Tick Tock Tuesdays 22

Bracket Tick Tock Tuesdays 22 bracket Your weekly Tick Tock Takeaways!

  1. For the third straight Tick Tock Tuesdays (TTT) tournament, Neptune came out on top, not dropping a single game across three sets and sweeping away quantuM to claim the title!
  2. Coming into the set, both Neptune and quantuM had gone undefeated in the prior rounds, as Neptune won all six games and quantuM won all nine that they played.

BnS Season 0 Tower Control Edition

Battlefy page

BnS Season 0 TC top cut

Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of BnS!

  1. Season 0 of BnS ended with Yami taking a 4-1 win in grand finals over Deep Blues.
  2. Team Upgrade is a team that you will want to keep an eye out for, as they finished third overall, defeating License to Krill, Surge, and Fully Torqued in the bronze match after taking two games off Yami in the semifinals.

Young Ink 7 qualifiers

Battlefy page

Young Ink 7 qualifiers top 16

New teams deserve some time in the spotlight too! Here's what happened in Young Ink 7's qualifiers:

  1. Despite six rounds of Swiss to determine bracket placement in the finals (happening next week, casted by InkTV HERE), the top seven teams ended with the same record of 5-1:
  1. Seafood Sorbet may have finished third, but they did manage a 2-0 set victory over BET in the final round of Swiss, guaranteeing the seven way tie in terms of set win/loss.
  2. BET finished first overall, despite seven teams with the same record, because they were the only team to exceed 70% in terms of both winning percentage and opponent's winning percentage.
  • In other words, BET wound up with the "hardest" set of match-ups and still managed a 5-1 record.

Sendou's In The Zone 2

Bracket In The Zone 2 top 16 Sendou's Sunday tourney highlights:

  1. In the sequel to his In The Zone tourney, Sendou used a modified double elimination format to combine the "main" and "underground" brackets he's used in the last three tourneys he's run.
  • The main bracket still functioned as normally, but now all teams would play in the "underground" bracket for additional practice.
  • The winner of the losers/underground bracket would finish second overall in the tournament.
  1. With 41 teams entering, this marks his biggest tournament yet, and a well deserved victory for Kraken Paradise as they did not lose a single game the entire tournament!
  2. In the losers/underground bracket, Crème Fresh cleaned up some of the top teams to finish second and win the underground bracket, defeating Neptune, Team Olive, and Circlejerk before 3-0ing "i love meta" in the final match.

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