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SPLASH or CRASH: Custom Goo Tuber

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Mar 05, 2018

Custom Goo Tuber splash or crash

Disclaimer 1: SPLASH or CRASH is an opinion and prediction by one person, me, and therefore can be wrong. Do not let me dissuade you from using a weapon you think is really good.

Disclaimer 2: I apologize for being so late on this, I was very sick and I was also away for a bit. Hopefully I can start pumping out content again. Thank you for your patience.

Out of all the weapons in Splatoon 2, none has had quite the negative reputation that the Goo Tuber has had, but is this reputation still deserved? The Goo Tuber has gotten quite a bit of buffs over time and now with a new kit in the Custom Goo Tuber, with its Curling Bomb and Inkjet, is it finally time for the meme to evolve into meta? Well we’re going to find out!

The Goo Tuber sets itself apart from the rest of the charger class through its exceptionally long store charge time of 300 frames, in comparison to every other unscoped charger being able to hold for 75 frames only. Four times the charge holding time is nothing to laugh at and can be a handy tool sometimes, but is necessary? Eh, not really. Most of the time the 75 frames is enough to get the shot you wanted off. I’m not gonna discredit that is definitely an appreciated feature of the weapon however. The long storing time allows one to play on ink rails with the charger more effectively, charge in safer positions and then move further out for a kill, and even retreat to a favorable position after being pushed while also maintaining a charged shot. The Goo Tuber received a recent buff a while back allowing it to kill at about ¾ (71% to be exact) of a full charge. Furthermore, it got another buff that allows it to store partial charges so you can gradually build up your charge or reposition and still keep your charge. These buffs allows it to bypass its longer charge time compared to some of the other chargers putting it at somewhat of an equal playing field. It does lack the range of the other chargers however, as seen below, which if you are going to be a one shot long range weapon you want as much range as possible. Thus, the Goo Tuber lacks behind in this category as a charger.

goo tuber and charger range goo tuber and charger range 2

Both images show the range of various chargers for comparison. The Left line represents the unscoped Splat Charger, the middle line the Goo Tuber, and the right line the Squiffer. The Second picture can be used to further visualize the differences.

I feel in regards to this prediction in particular I have to compare the Custom Goo Tuber to the other chargers because why would it see play if another is better than it? Therefore, the question must be asked if this is better than the best charger at the moment, the Splat Charger. In short, the answer is no. Although, it isn’t that far behind it honestly. I would probably put the Goo Tuber as the third best charger after the unscoped and scoped variants of the Splat Charger. The Bamboozler is pretty close to the Goo Tuber though and each has at least something over the other, the Bamboozler’s charge time and the Goo Tuber’s flexible stored charges. The extra time storing a charge to me overcomes the range the E-liter offers right now, especially since the E-liter charges at the slowest rate of any charger. The E-liter did get that small buff to its projectile’s velocity at full charge, but that isn’t nearly enough for it to warrant any use. When comparing it to the Splat Chargers, as far as the main weapons go the Goo Tuber isn’t that far behind, but the Splat Chargers provide more range and have a faster charge time which is hard to pass up for a charger. The 2.2.0 patch that allowed it to deal 100+ with the partial charge definitely took it out of the meme tier and made a somewhat usable weapon out of it.

Well the Goo Tuber is an alright main weapon, not the strongest of the Charger class, but it is a usable option. For it to make an impact in this game though it for sure needs a strong kit and the kit we have here to analyze is the Curling Bombs and Inkjet.

custom goo tuber kit The Curling Bomb as a sub weapon is usually a very valuable addition to the kit, providing solid pressure and keeping areas inked. I’ve talked about how the Curling Bomb is amazing in tight corridors and preventing the enemy from moving through these areas safely before and that still holds true to this weapon here. Focusing more on what the Curling Bomb can do for the Goo Tuber we turn to the increased mobility it provides as the key to the kits synergy. The Goo Tuber charges slowly and therefore can’t move around the map readily without proper paint coming from other sources. If the Goo Tuber is flanked it may not be able to reposition itself adequately given the charge time, the Curling Bomb however helps to mitigate this. Toss a quick Curling Bomb and get out of an unwanted position in a flash behind its smoothly painted line. Furthermore, with the extended charge storing time you can utilize these ink trails to your advantage and zoom across the map with a stored charge. Keeping up ink pressure while also holding a stored charge as you move throughout the map can be the difference between life and death sometimes.Thinking about this honestly makes me wish they buffed the Goo Tuber to be able to use a sub weapon while retaining a stored charge. Already having a stored charge right after a Curling Bomb is thrown would be extremely deadly sight. One would not need to store up that slow shot and therefore be a much more consistent threat as they can follow the Curling Bomb with a one shot kill at the ready. Overall, the Curling Bomb is a great addition to the Goo Tuber allowing for mobility and pressure to be expanded in a lot of various ways. If you would like to see an expanded analysis of the Curling Bomb in general check out the article I did on the .52 Gal Deco. A lot of the sub weapon section goes into more detail on its inherent strengths outside of a main weapon (I didn’t want to repeat myself in another article).

The special of the Custom Goo Tuber is the Inkjet, a special that has been gaining popularity a lot over the last few patches. This most recent patch gave it a slight mobility buff so that the user can change directions more readily. With other specials dying down a bit in the meta the Inkjet has its solid niche place in the game. I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the largest strengths of the Inkjet is to get up high and add pressure without being vulnerable. This new patch allows for you to maintain that playstyle as well be a little more safe when you need to be more aggressive with the special. An interesting aspect of the Inkjet on a long ranged weapon as well is that generally since you will be using your special from a middle or backline position you will return to a position in which you already belong and can have an impact in. For example in the images below, the landing point of the inkjet is a place where a charger would already want to open up if their team was trying to push back in. This means less wasted time trying to get back into the fight with your team after your special is over. The Inkjet does allows for a different type of pressure than the Goo Tuber can do on its own. The blast damage adds chip damage to your arsenal and can be crucial during team fights if you aren’t hitting all your snipes. It also adds more constant pressure to the Splat Zone that sometimes a charger, especially one that charges so slowly, can’t provide. The Inkjet is probably not the best special that could be paired with the Goo Tuber, but it is definitely an option that adds versatility to the weapon.

custom goo tuber inkjet custom goo tuber inkjet landing

These two pictures show a popular Inkjet spot we talked about in the Rapid Blaster Deco article, now reused for this weapon. In the second image we see that with the range of a charger one could land after their Inkjet and immediately be in a suitable position to make an impact on the game, this may not always be possible for short ranged weapons using an Inkjet.

Going straight into the dream kit for this weapon and I actually think this is a pretty close version of the dream. The Curling Bombs actually add a lot to the kit, making you a more mobile threat and able to reposition yourself with ease. I believe they pair up with the charger pretty well and given the Goo Tuber’s long charge storing I think they can allow for some creative play. The Inkjet as I mentioned is a pretty good option and is no detriment to the kit. I believe that as far as specials go the dream kit of the Goo Tuber can include either the Inkjet or the Stingray, maybe even Bubble Blower. Either of these specials can help the Goo Tuber to be a usable option. I like the Inkjet on this weapon because it sets it apart from the kits of the Splat Charger which dominates the charger class. Perhaps if it also has Stingray it wouldn’t have any reason to be played with the Splat Charger already having the special. Bubble Blower would also be an interesting pick with how little the E-liter is used, and i genuinely do believe the Goo Tuber can be a better main weapon than it. I think overall though for the Goo Tuber to see more action though it doesn’t really need any better kit, it needs to get another buff, nothing too drastic, but something to set it apart further from the Splat Charger. Maybe the buff I mentioned earlier where you can hold a charge even while using a sub weapon. I don’t think that would break the game in anyway and makes it even more unique of an option. They could even experiment with holding a charge through your special, this would actually help both the variants of the Goo Tuber. The main complaint for many with the regular Goo Tuber’s kit is that after a Splashdown there is no follow up, having a charge at the ready may mitigate this by having some option to finish them off. Create some space with the Splashdown and finish with a shot you already had ready. For the Inkjet this means that you aren’t completely useless if someone tries to camp your landing spot. You still have to hit the shot so I think this would be a fair buff that rewards players who can aim under pressure.

The Custom Goo Tuber has a fairly decent kit and is definitely not the worst of the charger class. Doesn’t warrant any playtime over the Splat Charger though? No, not really. The kit is fine, the main weapon just needs to be buffed a little bit and I think it has a fair shot at seeing some play. Until another buff arrives for the weapon, I will have to give it a CRASH! It is close, but still needs some slight tweaking to be a consistent meta or niche option.

The Custom Goo Tuber is an alright option that definitely benefits from the kit it has. With some minor buffs to the main weapon it can rise up in the ranks of the meta, but until then there are barely any reasons to play it.

Custom Goo Tuber splash or crash results


Mar 05, 2018

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