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Tourney roundup! - Week of February 26th, 2018


Mar 06, 2018

Tournaments covered

  1. BnS Season 1 Splat Zones Edition (March 1st)
  2. Tick Tock Saturday (March 3rd)
  3. Young Ink 7 finals (March 3rd)
  4. Sendou's Killer Knockouts (March 4th)

BnS Season 1 Splat Zones Edition

Battlefy page

Top 8:

BnS S1 SZ top cut

Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of this week's BnS!

  1. It was Kairos, one of the more successful teams in the OG BnS series, returning to their roots by taking the title, finishing first in their group and sweeping strong second place finisher Silver Hawks in grand finals!
  2. It was also another strong showing by Team Upgrade, as they took home their second straight third place finish in the BnS series!

Fun fact: Despite Nintendo maintenance delaying the start of BnS by about 15 minutes, this still wound up being the quickest BnS event yet, clocking in at right about four hours!

Tick Tock Saturday

Main bracket

Revival bracket

Main bracket: TTT24 bracket

Revival bracket: TTT24 Revival

Here are your weekly Tick Tock Takeaways:

  1. Due in part to maintenance cancelling Tick Tock Tuesdays 23, this series has been moved to a weekly event on Saturdays, with this being the first edition of the re-branded event. Also, a "Revival bracket" has been added for teams that lose their first set in the main bracket.
  2. Losing only one game in four sets, it's quantuM taking the title in a 3-1 victory over a pickup called "PowerPuffGirls", which consisted of Raziel, Brandon, Prime, and Zig.
  • A quick note on the volatility of match-ups: Silver Hawks, who were swept 4-0 by Kairos about 36 hours prior, returned the favor in a way by knocking them to the Revival bracket with a 3-0 set victory.
  1. For the first ever Revival bracket in the series, it was the pickup "Mornin" taking first place with the roster of Kazuki, 2dos, Spec, and Shy. They claimed it in a 3-2 set win over Two Moons.

Young Ink 7 finals

Battlefy page

S bracket:

YI7 S bracket

S+ bracket:

YI7 S+ bracket

What did lucky number 7 have in store for Young Ink? Let's take a look!

  1. As usual, this is the second day and conclusion of the event. You can read about what happened during the qualifiers HERE!
  2. Two brackets, two different paths, two winners:
  • In the S bracket, it was Яenegade dropping only one game in order to take the title!
  • In the S+ bracket, BET came out on top, but only after a very close set against Instant<>Ramen and a five game grand finals versus Vitamin Sea!
  1. Sadly, after all the festivities were over, Young Ink 7 left us on a bit of a somber note: it will be the last one in the series. Young Ink ends

Sendou's Killer Knockouts

Main bracket

Underground bracket 1

Underground bracket 2

Top 16: Killer Knockouts top 16

Underground bracket 1: Lower Underground KK

Underground bracket 2: Higher Underground KK

How this tournament worked:

  1. As the title of the event alludes to, the main difference with this tournament compared to others is that a KO victory counted as TWO game wins instead of just one, continuing Sendou's theme of a different tournament every week.
  2. This tournament introduced two Underground brackets:
  • Teams that lost in round 1 of the main bracket were placed in what I have referred to as "Underground bracket 1"'.
  • Teams that lost in round 2 of the main bracket were placed in what I have referred to as "Underground bracket 2".

Here's some KILLER highlights from what happened!

  1. The ultimate victors, "GucciGangDE", did not drop a single game as they toppled "QUAD SLOSHER DECO" (aka Saikai) in grand finals. GucciGangDE accomplished this feat with a roster of Majin, Kaito, Echo, and Wadsm!
  2. The winners of the Underground brackets were:
  • Underground bracket 1: ıиκα alpha got clean set victories in round 1 and semis before taking down "Potatoon" 3-2 in grands.
  • Underground bracket 2: Emphatic DENIED 8th seed Dimension a chance at three upsets in a row with a 3-2 victory in grands as well.

Author's note: For anyone curious about how seeding was done for the Tick Tock Saturday Revival bracket or either of Sendou's Killer Knockouts Underground brackets, all three followed the same seeding layout as the main brackets, adjusted to fit just the teams in those brackets.

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