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Beakon Spotlight: LAN Newcomers Saikai!

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Mar 10, 2018


After a few LAN majors popping up the past half a year since Splatoon 2 came out, one of the most dominant forces in the North American scene has been absent from competition: Saikai. The team had incredible success in the infancy of the game, winning back to back Squidboards Splat Series titles for its first two iterations, placing incredibly well at various other tournaments, and even landing a sponsorship with the e-sports org Silver Sanction! However, come towards the end of the year, they parted ways with Silver Sanction, and went into a small lull in performance. Still placing in top 8s, but not as many wins, giving other teams opportunities to prove their skill. However, they have been on the rise again, winning SqSS February convincingly over some of the best teams out there right now.

And with that, we have Beakon coming up tomorrow. This is the first LAN major where Saikai will be sending a team. Its unfortunately not a full squad, they pulled in their good friend Copilot to join them for the weekend. However, Shak, Brandon, and Gamer will be representing Saikai at Beakon, and they are hungry for a championship. Even with STDx, winners of every Splatoon 2 major so far, in attendance, they believe they can best the reigning champs and dethrone them, proving that they are not invulnerable. They have been scrimaging non-stop for the past few weks, grinding the maplist and are incredibly confident in their abilities on those maps against the best of the best. They also want to prove with a win at Beakon that the North American scene is still incredibly strong, or even stronger than the European scene.

However it wouldn’t be Saikai if the memes didn’t come with them. A common trend among the team is that they are excited to see just how bad Shak is in person. They also plan to keep Brandon on a leash so he doesn’t run away, and many other team jokes. However, all these jokes prove just how close this team is. They know that they are only messing around, and they are incredibly excited to meet one another. One of the things Brandon is most excited about is just getting pizza with his teammates. Something as simple as good food with good friends I think says a lot about how close he feels to these guys. And the others headed up are also there for the social aspect as much as the competition. They are excited to meet others in the community they have known for the past few years, or see some folks again who have been at some previous Long Island Splat events. You know that when it comes to Saikai, they are one of the teams that will always make sure they have a good time, even when things are serious.

All in all, Saikai is incredibly confident in their chances at this event. As Shak mentioned to me “I'm confident we can win since I've known these people for three years now and have so much experience playing with them. I think our synergy will be really good and it'll show in the tournament.” They are easily one of the most experienced teams playing together attending the tournament, and they have also proved they are dominant in the online Western scene throughout the life of Splatoon 2. Now, will we see them continue that dominance continue into the LAN scene? Tune in today and tomorrow (Sat & Sun March 10 & 11) to EndgameTV to watch their run for the gold!

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