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SPLASH or CRASH: Sloshing Machine Neo

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Apr 16, 2018

Sloshing Machine Neo splash or crash

Disclaimer: SPLASH or CRASH is an opinion and prediction by one person, me, and therefore can be wrong. Do not let me dissuade you from using a weapon you think is really good

The regular Sloshing machine has been a pretty staple pick in the meta since the Stingray became popular, but beyond that it is also just an efficient and consistent weapon. The Sloshing Machine Neo was introduced into the game a while back and the question remains of whether it’s new kit of the not so intimidating Point Sensor and the Splat-Bomb Launcher is enough to give this weapon the SPLASH its predecessor surely would receive.

Jumping right into it, the Sloshing Machine is a great area of effect weapon, meaning that its slosh deals damage in a wide area around itself and is even capable of damaging multiple targets on occasion. This is a crucial attribute for splatting opponents around objects and corners, and is one of the major contributors to the weapon excelling on Tower Control and even Rainmaker as it is able to stop pushes with its main weapon while remaining relatively safe. It also means that the weapon doesn’t always require perfect aim to secure a splat like some other weapons, though it does help to have great aim. Having good accuracy with the weapon allows the capability to two shot splat with at least one direct slosh of damage, which is amazing at quickly finishing enemies. In addition the turfing of the slosh also often prevents enemies from getting away after being hit by one slosh most of the time. It is an extremely rare occasion that an experienced Sloshing Machine player gets one direct slosh and doesn’t finish the splat on their target, meaning those with proper use of the weapon are rewarded. The main weapon excels at getting splats both aggressively and defensively, definitely securing a place as a top of the line main weapon in this department. With a mix of a medium ranged slosh, a wide ranged slosh, and high damage capability the Sloshing Machine is capable of being a slayer and an anchor at times.

slosher range comparison sloshing machine direct range

(First)- Image shows a comparison in turfing range between the three slosher classes. From left to right respectively: Tri Slosher, Sloshing Machine, Slosher. (Second)- Image shows the effective range to land a direct slosh with the Sloshing Machine.

The drawback to the main weapon is definitely that it builds special fairly slowly, at a maximum potential of 26.19 pps (p per second), which to put in perspective is slower than every shooter in the game, the other sloshers, and even chargers are capable of charging special quicker. It does charge special faster than most blasters which makes sense as it is sort of a hybrid between a blaster and a slosher. What all this means for the Sloshing Machine is that it won’t be pumping out special after special every game. Does it need to all the time though? No, it is perfectly capable of being a usable weapon without complete reliance on a special. Therefore, overall the Sloshing Machine is a solid main weapon with only minor drawbacks.

A tremendous aspect of the regular Sloshing Machine is the kit, and therefore if the Neo is to see play as well or push the regular kit to the side it needs to be able to have a better kit or its own niche. So let’s take a deeper look at the Sloshing Machine Neo’s kit of Point Sensor and Splat Bomb Launcher.

sloshing machine neo kit

The Point Sensor as a sub weapon has its uses , but is generally regarded as one of the weaker subs in the game. Having the enemy sensored, located, or marked (however you prefer to refer to it) is a great thing. You won’t be caught by surprise by said player, have an advantage aiming on the player as you can see their movements, often times it makes it easier to gang up as a team on any enemy sensored, and even sometimes the enemy is just too scared to engage if they are located by your Point Sensor. The Point Sensor does provide somewhat of a counter to the Ninja Squid ability, which is a fairly common ability in some frontline weapons such as the splat roller, some shooters and some sloshers. It can definitely help your team deal with some of these players easier, it isn’t going to guarantee a win but it can help. If your team has control of the center of the map and is trying to hold your ground you may also use the sub to mark enemies going through key areas that you know they are likely to push through. From there it can be hard for them get back in with your team focused on their movements.

The sub definitely has its merits, but at the same time it has some pretty big drawbacks as well. Point Sensors don’t provide explosive damage and pressure, they don’t build your special meter, and they simply don’t get you those somewhat lucky kills that can open the game up for your team. Additionally, just because the location of an enemy is known does not guarantee they will be pushed back or get splatted. If they have good positioning on your team and there is no way you can get a safe kill on the enemy, they have no reason to move. Therefore, if you are being locked out by the enemy team Point Sensors won’t really help you in gaining some turf back a lot of the time. Any type of bomb, might. One thing to look out for however if playing a Point Sensor weapon, is that you don’t want too many on the team. One or two players using the Point Sensor is the max I would say could work for a team composition, otherwise you give up too many players not having bombs or turfing sub weapons to gain and hold ground. In the end Point Sensors on a weapon isn’t going to be the end of the world, but it will probably never be anyone’s first choice and the Autobomb of the regular variant would be my choice between the two.

point sensor opening walleye point sensor use while holding

(First)- Image shows a great place to throw a Point Sensor to start a game on Walleye Warehouse. Most of the time to open a game people open the game by rushing to the center of the map, by throwing a sensor between the gap in the center boxes you are almost guaranteed to locate a couple enemies. This applies to the beginning of the game on a number of maps. (Second)- Image shows how Point Sensors can be used to spot out flanks while in control of the objective. This will alert your team to the whereabouts of a sneaky enemy.

Now moving on to the special of the Splat-Bomb Launcher is where we see the redeeming part of the kit. While Point Sensors are less than optimal and don’t fix the lack of turfing provided by the main weapon, the Splat Bomb Rush does the exact opposite. It provides an easy way to cap a Splat Zone or push the enemy out of position. The Splat-Bomb Launcher for sure is one of the most useful specials in a game mode like Splat Zones, where a lot of the fighting happens around a centralized area and controlling this area often gives you the upperhand in terms of positioning. It can also have a strong effect on other modes as well. Always helping in the chaos of a team fight around the Tower, making a quick Rainmaker shield pop during a push, or creating some space near an enemy Clam Blitz goal. Overall it’s just a great special that provides turf, pressure, and can get you kills. Even if you don’t manage to get a splat directly, the chaos of the bombs all over the place allows your team to go in and secure kills much easier especially if paired with weapons like Blasters and Sloshers. Is your team being locked out? Use your Splat-Bomb Launcher to get back in. Is the enemy trying to retake the Splat Zone from you? Use your special to keep up turf around the zone and push them back out. The Splat bomb launcher comes in handy in numerous occasions and is a valuable addition to your team’s composition pretty much no matter the situation.

Splat-bomb launcher on splat zones

Image shows how the Splat-Bomb Launcher can be a valuable asset to helping your team cap the zone after being locked out.

The regular Sloshing Machine is one of the most effective weapons on Tower Control and Rainmaker because of its Stingray, so another kit would probably never take over its role there. The Sloshing Machine Neo with the Splat-Bomb Launcher makes it usable on any mode, including Splat Zones which Stingray may not always be favorable depending on the map. You can also get away with the Neo on Tower Control and Rainmaker if your team already has a Stingray or your team’s playstyle doesn’t revolve around having a Stingray. In my opinion this is the exact special a variant kit needed to be usable alongside the original. It covers the bases that the main weapon as well as the variant kit seem to be lacking and allows for players who genuinely like the Sloshing Machine as a weapon to be flexible in the kit and playstyle they elect to go with. This is why combined together I would say these two kits make up as close to the dream kit as possible, outside of maybe throwing in a bomb or a sprinkler would be interesting as subs on the Neo. I do appreciate that while the Point Sensor doesn’t contribute to building special meter for a main weapon that doesn’t build special fast itself, at least the overall p to get the Splat-Bomb Launcher is only 180p. This is reasonable I believe for the kit and keeps the weapon in check without making it take forever to charge the part of the kit you are using the Neo for.

The Sloshing Machine Neo is a great weapon that can fit into a lot of team compositions very effectively. The Splat-Bomb Launcher covers the weaknesses of the weapon while the Point Sensor doesn’t take too much away from the weapon to make it unplayable. The main weapon secures splats and the rest of the kit supports in various ways to make an overall solid weapon. The Sloshing Machine Neo therefore launches itself into a SPLASH, adding a new viable playstyle to an already usable weapon.

Sloshing Machine Neo splash or crash results

Hachi∞ 💜#6422

Apr 16, 2018

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