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A beginner's tournament guide - Using Battlefy and in-game Private Battles


Apr 17, 2018

Opening note: I would like to thank Aditya and DaBoss for their assistance in this collaboration article!


Is this your first time playing in a tournament? Is the event you're playing in run through Battlefy? Not sure what to expect, specifically, from the US/Canadian Inkling Open (hosted by Nintendo of America)? This handy guide will break down everything you need and more for when the fun begins on April 21st, 2018!

Step 1: Have your team FULLY registered!

In order to participate, you must do the following:

  1. Have at least four (4) players registered on Battlefy BEFORE 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT ON APRIL 21ST.
  2. Have at least ONE player on the team with their in-game name (IGN, or what your inkling is called in-game) and friend code (FC, more on this later) in their name on Battlefy. We strongly recommend everyone (or at least more than one player) have this in their name on the website. If nobody on the team has this, your team will be disqualified.
    • Not sure how to change your name on the site? Check out this guide!

Step 2: Checking in on Battlefy!

One member on your team (this can be literally ANYONE on the team) must check-in on Battlefy on April 21st between 10:00 and 11:00 AM PDT. You can find where to check-in on the right-hand side of the main Battlefy page when check-in has started.


The above image is what the check-in box should look like (note: the time listed in the picture may not necessarily match up with what's on the Battlefy when you open the website up, and that is okay!).

Once you have checked in, wait for the bracket to be announced in the Discord server. It will be up shortly after 11:15 to 11:30 am PDT. The bracket will contain your first opponent. Using Battlefy's match chats (we will discuss this later in the guide!), you will contact your opponent, set up the private battle, and report the match score once finished.

Step 3: Ready up for your match!

Once the bracket is posted and the tournament has started, you will need to ready up for your first match! All matches will officially begin at 11:30 am PDT. Where you had previously checked-in will be replaced with a "Ready Up" button to show that you are ready for your match. Any member of the team can do this. Each team will have ten (10) minutes to "Ready Up" before they automatically forfeit their match (and are dropped from the tournament).

Ready Up

The match ready up screen is shown in the above image. You will want to click "I'm Ready!" and you will be able to play your match!

Once you've readied up, a chatroom will be opened below this screen for you to communicate with your opponent.

Step 4: Contact your opponent on Battlefy!

Battlefy match dashboard

This is what the Battlefy match dashboard looks like. This chatroom is accessible to all members of both teams (your team and your opponent's team) as well as tournament staff. Here, you will have your captains add each other on their Nintendo Switch console. Their friend codes (FCs) are listed next to their in-game names (IGNs).

FC Player Page This is what the player page looks like. This can be accessed by clicking on the player's icon in the top left corner of the Switch main menu (the same page where you can boot up Splatoon 2).

Adding FCs You can access this screen by selecting the "Search with Friend Code" option on the previous screen. From here, you add the twelve (12) digit friend code (FC) that your opponent gives you.

If no one on the opposing team has replied in the Battlefy chat after fifteen (15) minutes past when the round has started, click the "Report Match Issue" button on your Battlefy chat. You may select any of the options (highlighted in the following image), but for this issue, we would prefer "Problem setting up the match". You may also contact tournament staff in the Discord through the #english_tournament_support channel.

Report Match Issue

If you are able to communicate with your opponent and trade friend codes (FCs), one person will now need to host the private battle (PB) in Splatoon 2.

Step 5: Creating a Private Battle!

You will want to start by entering the lobby in Splatoon 2 (the same lobby that allows you to access turf war, ranked battles, and league battles). Go there and look for the following option that leads you to private battles:

Lobby Main Menu

Choose the "Private Battle" option and you should see everyone on your friends list, including everyone who is currently in a private battle! It should look something like this:

PB friends list

Here, you will either choose your opponent's private battle (if they are hosting) or create one (if you are hosting). If your team has been tasked to create the private battle (PB), whoever creates it will see the following screen after they press the Y button on their controller ("Create a room"):

Create PB

From this screen, we highly recommend that the host set a password (again from pressing the Y button on their controller), which will prompt them to set a four digit password choosing numbers between zero (0) and nine (9). This prevents people not on either team's rosters from entering the room. It will also be required to be input by all players that are going to play in the match (as shown on the next screen):

PB with pass

In order to input the password, all the player has to do from this screen is click "Yeah!" and it will require you to enter the four digit password from there (the password must match exactly in order to enter the room).

Between both teams, the player with the most stable internet should be the one hosting the room. Whichever player with a wired connection or strong wifi connection should set up the room with a password. The host's teammates will first join the room, and once they are all in, the opponent's captain should join using the same password. The opposing team will join the room off of their captain.

Once everyone has entered the room (both teams should have four (4) and ONLY four players in the room, spectators are not allowed unless the teams have been contacted in advance on behalf of one of the event stream teams), set the map to match the one listed in the Battlefy chatroom and the mode as Turf War.

PB hosting

Step 6: Play until one team wins three games!

Match victory

This tournament runs with a single-elimination, best of five (5) format. This means that the first team to win three (3) games in a match continues onto the next round. During these five games (or however long the match takes), each team is allowed to substitute their alternate. Inform the other team that you would like to sub between games, and have your alternate ready to swap in when the room is ready. Remember to have them ready as soon as you need them, you CANNOT exceed 40 minutes for matches. You may be given less time depending on how fast the bracket is going (25 to 30 minutes to finish your match). Do not have your substitute play games while waiting if you feel they will not be ready in time.

NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended you take screenshots of the results screen for each game in the case of a match dispute! You can do that using your Nintendo Switch's capture button. You can do this by pressing the square button with a circle in the middle where the screenshot is stored on your Switch console.

Depending on if you have joy cons or a pro controller, you can find this button in one of two places:

Joy Cons capture feature

Pro Controller capture feature

In both images, the capture button has been circled in red.

Step 7: Report the score on Battlefy!

Battlefy full

To report the score, you will press the "Report Score" button, found immediately below the "Report Match Issue" button to make an image similar to the one above appear.

Reporting score

If you would like to report each game score as it happens, click on the buttons in the middle ("Report Score Game 1", "Report Score Game 2", etc.) to make the above image appear (with the two team logos in place of Pearl and Marina). Click on the team that won each game and Battlefy will record that. If you make a mistake in reporting the score, do not worry! You can match dispute your set through the "Report Match Issue" button discussed earlier.

Once you are done with each game (or with the match), be sure to report your score on Battlefy! You will do that in the same chatroom that you use to communicate with your opponents on Battlefy.

Step 8: Did you win? Did you lose?

If you won, congratulations! Ready up for your next match and wait for your opponents to finish. Once they are ready, you will repeat the above process until you either make it to the top eight (8) or you lose your match.

If you lost, better luck next time! We hope you enjoyed your time and learned from the experience!

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