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Tourney recap! - Some of the notable events the past month!


Apr 18, 2018

Author's note: For the purposes of this recap, which is intended to be concise and only touch on the top points of each event, any ancillary brackets in events (such as revival brackets in Swift Second Saturdays or the Beta/Gamma brackets in SqSS March) will be disregarded to avoid weighing down this article with too many details.

Over the past month plus (since the last tourney roundup), there have been several notable events throughout our scene. The goal with this recap is to do just that, hit on some of the more notable events around our scene.

Tournaments covered in this recap

  1. Bleck n Spoon
  2. Swift Second Saturdays (and the move from Tick Tock Tuesdays)
  3. Squidboards Splat Series for March and April
  4. Sendou's Transatlantic Splatoon League (TASL)

Bleck n Spoon

BnS Season 1 Rainmaker Edition

Top 8:

Season 1 Rainmaker

BnS Season 1 Clam Blitz Edition

Top 8:

Season 1 Clam Blitz

BnS Season 1 The Final Exam

Top 8:

Season 1 Final Exam

BnS Season 2 Splat Zones Edition

Top 8:

Season 2 Splat Zones

BnS Season 2 Tower Control Edition

Top 8:

Season 2 Tower Control

Five tournaments boiled down into a handful of highlights. Here's what YOU need to know!

  1. Two back to backs and a second time champion:
  • We first saw an old favorite of the original BnS series take both Rainmaker and Clam Blitz, but not without a challenge as Deep Blues claimed both events!
    • The fun part that makes both tourneys similar? There was a Swiss stage before top 8 cut, and BOTH times, Deep Blues LOST in the Swiss stage to the team they would beat in grand finals: Surge in the Rainmaker edition and Team Upgrade in the Clam Blitz edition.
  • Enter quantuM: A newcomer to the BnS series, quantuM entered both the BnS Season 1 Final Exam and BnS Season 2 Splat Zones Editions. Looking for a "three-peat", they would sweep away Deep Blues in semifinals and knock off Gagaku in grands, 4-2 to claim the Final Exam Edition. The following week? They would defeat Deep Blues again, this time 4-1, to wrap up a repeat in the Splat Zones Edition!
  • Lastly, another team that fans of the original BnS should recognize, Kairos, was able to claim the first Tower Control Edition that was not won by Yami.
    • For Kairos, this was their second tourney victory in the current BnS series, after taking a 4-0 win over Silver Hawks in grand finals of the Season 1 Splat Zones Edition!
  1. A new rivalry brewing?
  • Fans of the original BnS may remember all the match-ups between Deep Blues and Kairos. This time around, Deep Blues has a new team they seem to face off against a lot, that being Team Upgrade. In these events, both teams appeared in three of them. They met in top cut all three times!
    • The first one was BnS Clam Blitz where Deep Blues swept Upgrade in a 4-0 (but as noted earlier, Upgrade defeated Deep Blues 3-0 in the Swiss stage earlier in the event).
    • The two events since then? Deep Blues won both sets, but BOTH sets ended in a 4-3 score, meaning that the two teams may very well be similar in skill and current overall ranking. So stay tuned for more of that!

For more information on the BnS series, be sure to check out our section on it right here on!

Swift Second Saturdays (and why Tick Tock Tuesdays moved)

Swift Second Saturdays 1

Main Bracket: Swift Second Saturdays 1

Swift Second Saturdays 2

Top 8:

Swift Second Saturdays 2 top 8

Swift Second Saturdays 3

Main Bracket: Swift Second Saturdays 3

Swift Second Saturdays 4

Main Bracket: Swift Second Saturdays 4

Four tournaments to cover, so let us be swift and break them all down!

  1. A new team, another back to back, and a surge to the top!
  • The first event, a Sunday event with Saturday in the name, was the first of this re-branded series as Redemption managed to take down one of the more successful teams in the waning days of the Tick Tock Tuesdays series, Neptune!
  • Swift Second Saturdays (SSS) 2 and 3 saw a similar ending to what two BnS events around the same time saw, with quantuM asserting their dominance as a team to be reckoned with in the Western scene!
    • In SSS 2, they wrapped up two tights sets, emerging victorious over the veteran Splatoon team Crème Fresh in semis and putting the tourney to bed with a 3-1 win over Evisceration in grands!
    • SSS 3 saw a similar story unfold, as quantuM held off Køntøn Knights to secure the back to back championship spot!
  • SSS 4 saw quantuM looking for a "three-peat", but much like Deep Blues in BnS, that was not to be. The ultimate winner being Surge, with a near perfect run through four solid teams to take the title!
  1. Fun fact: The second Swift Second Saturdays bracket wound up on a Google Sheets document due to issues with Challonge prior to the start of the event. Tournament staff decided to make this move to avoid delaying or postponing the event.

Now, why did Tick Tock Tuesdays move to Saturdays? The long and the short of it is really simple: Tuesdays are Nintendo's typical maintenance day, and after Tick Tock Tuesdays 23 was cancelled due to an extended maintenance session, the staff decided this was the proper way to move forward. We also wanted to expand the tournament series to other regions (a Saturday afternoon tournament being more friendly to our friends in Europe) and we DID run a Saturday tournament near the end of the Tick Tock Tuesdays series.

Squidboards Splat Series (March and April)

Squidboards Splat Series - March

Top 8 (Alpha Bracket):

SqSS March top 8

Squidboards Inkling Open Warmup

Top 8:

SqSS IOW top 8

One big event, one small event, all under the Squidboards umbrella. So what happened? Let's take a look!

  1. In the international event in March, they were seeded first for a reason and proved it! Kraken Paradise claimed victory over CJ, a Saikai pickup in grand finals of the third straight Squidboards tournament with 96 teams or more!
  • These two teams, of course, are no strangers to this series.
    • Kraken Paradise was coming off a top 4 finish in the January edition and a top 8 finish in the February tournament.
    • As for Saikai, they were not only reigning champions from winning the February event, but also won the first two Squidboards Splat Series events held in September and October 2017.
  1. The Inkling Open Warmup (taking the place of a typical SqSS for the month of April) featured a bit of a twist, and thus a smaller expected team cap and smaller turnout overall:
  • It was locked specifically to teams with players in the United States and Canada to give them some practice for the US/Canadian Inkling Open the following weekend.
  • It also had a team cap of 64 teams and a single elimination, best of five format with almost identical rules to what the Inkling Open will use.
  • In this event, quantuM came back from their fourth place finish in SSS 4 the weekend before to claim a near undefeated run for the title, losing only one game to Surge in grand finals.

Sendou's Transatlantic Splatoon League (TASL)

TASL site

Stay connected with TASL!

Week 1:

TASL Week 1

Week 2:

TASL Week 2

What is TASL?

  • It is a league consisting of some of the top teams from the West, as they battle it out to first determine the top team from each region, then the championship title will be between the winner from the American division and the winner from the European division!
  • The teams participating in this event include:

The American Division:

  1. SetToDestroyX
  2. TOMO (called "Evisceration" earlier in this document)
  3. Saikai
  4. Neptune (replaced with Prophecy after the season began)
  5. Saffron Rice

The European Division:

  1. Team Olive
  2. Kraken Paradise
  3. Ethereal
  4. El Firmament
  5. Gagaku

What we have through two weeks:

  • SetToDestroyX
    • Sets won: 1 of 1
    • Game win/loss record: 5 wins, 1 loss
  • TOMO
    • Sets won: 2 of 2
    • Game win/loss record: 10 wins, 3 losses
  • Saikai
    • Sets won: 1 of 2
    • Game win/loss record: 5 wins, 7 losses
  • Neptune/Prophecy
    • Sets won: 0 of 1
    • Game win/loss record: 3 wins, 5 losses
  • Saffron Rice
    • Sets won: 0 of 2
    • Game win/loss record: 3 wins, 10 losses
  • Team Olive
    • Sets won: 2 of 2
    • Game win/loss record: 10 wins, 5 losses
  • Kraken Paradise
    • Sets won: 1 of 1
    • Game win/loss record: 5 wins, 0 losses
  • Ethereal
    • Sets won: 1 of 2
    • Game win/loss record: 8 wins, 6 losses
  • El Firmament
    • Sets won: 0 of 1
    • Game win/loss record: 2 wins, 5 losses
  • Gagaku
    • Sets won: 0 of 2
    • Game win/loss record: 1 win, 10 losses

Author's note: As of writing this article, week 3 is currently underway, so expect weekly updates on TASL in future tourney roundups!

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