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Locals Making a Splash!

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

Apr 20, 2018


This weekend, on top of the North American Inkling Open, we have two local scenes gathering for LANs: GatorLAN in Florida on Saturday and SwithcFest in Southern California on Sunday. Both local Splatoon events are a part of larger LAN events. Both events have free entry and a prize pool!


GatorLAN is an established local with many games, but this is their second edition in which Splatoon 2 is included in the line up. It is included among many games across various scenes like Overwatch, League of Legends, the FGC and Smash, and more! The organizers of the Splatoon event include community players like Starz, Delta, and Madman. It is held at University of Florida, which both Delta and Madman attend as undergraduates. Currently there are 10 teams entering, a pretty solid number for the second time the local scene has come together. This event includes some big names like tictac39, STDx HXN, SKR Copilot, and PY Rafa. Be sure to tune in to the stream on Saturday to catch the action!


SwitchFest is a Nintendo Switch themed LAN that focuses on all things Switch, so also includes Arms, Pokken, and other Switch titles, while also having a Super Smash Bros tournament as the main events. One of the main selling points here is that it is run by 2GGaming, who are organizing their first Splatoon 2 event. They are most well known for promoting the Smash 4 scene and having a strong partnership with E-Sports Arena, where SwitchFest is taking place. SwitchFest has also maxed out, meaning there will be at least 20 teams competing. Some notable folks at Switchfest will be Bryan and Koutetsu of Yami, and db Taylor. Unfortunately there will be no stream for the event, but we hope to hear of lots of fun from all the participants!

These are two of the many local communities that host events for Splatoon 2! New York's Long Island Splat has been active for over half a year now and continues to put on wonderful events, including their first major, Beakon. The oldest of these LANs is the Squid Social held in Toronto, which started back in the Splatoon 1 days! And we have had events in St. Louis, Chicago, the Great Lakes, and Texas as well! It is fantastic to continue to see locals sprouting up throughout the scene, and even more so with attendance like this on a weekend where there is another online major event! We at InkTV hope to continue to see these events grow!

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