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Tourney roundup! - Week of April 16th, 2018


Apr 24, 2018

Tourneys covered this week

  1. BnS Season 2 Rainmaker Edition (April 19th)
  2. US/Canadian Inkling Open Qualifier (April 21st)
  3. GatorLAN (April 21st)
  4. Switchfest (April 22nd)

BnS Season 2 Rainmaker Edition

Battlefy page

Top 8:

Top 8 RM Season 2

Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of last week's Bleck n Spoon.

  1. A frequent entrant to the BnS series, Team Upgrade, finally broke through to claim their first tourney victory in the BnS series!
  2. Because BnS ran a Swiss stage to determine who would make top 8 beforehand, Upgrade played and took down Gemini twice during the event, a 3-1 score in the Swiss stage and a 4-3 grand finals, narrowly avoiding a reverse sweep in the latter set.
  3. One of the earlier highlights of the night came to us from BluRacer, who helped prove that Blackbelly Rainmaker can be over in an instant!

  1. The final push that won Upgrade grand finals, thanks to LAGRIENZO with the push!

US/Canadian Inkling Open Qualifier

Battlefy page

Top 8:

USCIO top 8

A lot went down during the US/Canadian Inkling Open, presented by Nintendo of America and Battlefy, but here's a few things that you should know before top 8 hits this Saturday!

  1. For more details on the event itself and what is on the line, be sure to read the preview article done by my good friend and InkTV colleague, Hermes!
  2. For context comparing the final totals of this event to last year's event, we need to look no further than the final registration numbers.

On the left, we have the total teams from last year's event, and on the right, the final totals from this year's event.

USIO registered USCIO registered

Keep in mind, as Hermes notes in his article, the age restrictions were relaxed to allow anyone 13 and older to enter. It is likely thanks in part to that we had the number of teams who played (meaning they fully registered AND checked in, not just fully registered teams) reach close to 570 (over four times what 2017's event saw).

  1. After seven rounds of best of 5 turf war maches, the event's top eight teams were determined!
  1. Based on how the round of top 8 went during the qualifier, four teams will start on the winners side of a double elimination bracket and the other four will start on the losers side:
  • StDx, quantuM, TOMO, and Saikai will begin on the winners side of bracket.
  • Komodo, Vitamin Sea, Synergy, and Deep Blues will begin on the losers side of bracket.
  1. In the round of top 16, which determined who would move on and who would go home, there was both a major upset and a winner take all:
  • On one side of the bracket, one of the seeded teams by Nintendo (top 24), Prophecy was subject to a major upset by Vitamin Sea as the latter earned their way to top 8!
  • On the other side of the bracket, Two Moons was able to take Saikai to game 5, falling just one win short of moving on to next Saturday!

For these next two events, you can read up on them a bit more in detail with this article that Hermes wrote previewing both events!


Splatoon 2 page


GatorLAN Bracket

It is time for a little fun in the sun with these highlights!

  1. The second GatorLAN to feature Splatoon 2, this event had twice as many teams enter!
  2. The ultimate winner was "Rafa take us to Disney World", a pickup of Marsh, Rafa, Squiddo, and Copilot, losing only two games across four sets!
  3. Wanna see how it ended? Here's the game 4 finish in grands, courtesy of FloridaSplatoon's Twitch!


Splatoon 2 page

Top 8:

Switchfest top 8

Florida had fun on Saturday, time to go West for more on Sunday!

  1. This LAN, which featured many games besides Splatoon 2 including Smash for Wii U and Pokken Tournament, was brought to us by the wonderful people at 2GG!
  2. The winning team, "follow @blueman2171", went into grand finals without losing a single game across three pools matches and two matches in top cut bracket. This team, consisting of Taylor, Bryan, KoutetsuRiolu, and Andy, staved off Eclipse to win the first place portion of the $900 prize pool!

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