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SPLASH or CRASH: Neo Sploosh-o-matic

Joseph "WALKMAN" Hamdan

Apr 26, 2018

neo sploosh-o-matic splash or crash

I want to start off by saying that I know I am far behind on weapons because of the break we took, but after this one I will be skipping to the 4 newly released weapons with the 3.0 update because I would like to evaluate weapons that are more relevant to the current time which will probably end up being more fun for everyone. I may come back to the missed weapons at some point but for now this is my plan, thank you and enjoy the Neo Sploosh-o-matic!

The Sploosh-o-matic has never been the most feared weapon in either Splatoon 1 or Splatoon 2 despite being a fairly usable weapon with some decent kits. Splatoon 2 now has both Sploosh kits and it is time to rate the newest one, the Neo Sploosh-o-matic with the Squid Beakon and Tenta Missiles. Just by looking at this kit it seems like it would be viable at providing some support for your team, but let’s delve deeper into it and see if it works for the Sploosh.

Starting off with the main weapon as per routine, the Sploosh-o-matic has the shortest range of any shooter or Dualies class weapon in the game which definitely isn’t an enticing quality to have. On the other hand it does have the fastest splat time of any of these weapons as well meaning if an enemy is within your range you can splat them almost instantly. That is the problem though, “if an enemy is within your range”. It can be hard at times to use a weapon like a Sploosh against a team that is packing a good amount of range or even if you miss a shot an enemy can back up out of your range easily and then return the favor by splatting you safely. The Sploosh is a weapon that definite relies on using the terrain and catching enemies off guard in order to splat them, but that may not always be the case. Similarly to how I wrote about the Luna Blaster recently needing an effective method of getting and reaching opponents because of its short range, so does the Sploosh.

A huge redeeming quality of the Sploosh however is just how quickly it can charge its special, the fastest of pretty much any shooter or Dualies potentially. This means that the Sploosh is a weapon that is able to pump out a lot of specials if necessary and doesn’t rely to heavily on its sub weapon to help it, although it does rely on a sub weapon to fix its lack of range. It also is very capable of turfing ground, which makes sense as weapons who turf well usually build their special quickly.The Sploosh isn’t the go to shooter by any means but it has the chance of being a viable weapon on tight maps where it can catch enemies off guard and can get in easy, while being able to utilize its ability to quickly charge specials.

sploosh turfing while strafing nzap painting

(First)- Sploosh-o-matic regular painting, strafing right to left. (Second)- N-ZAP regular painting, strafing right to left. Comparison shows SPloosh can hold its own in regards to turfing.

Moving on to the kit quickly here we will go into the Squid beakon and the Tenta Missiles. I’m not going to pretend to like this kit in the slightest. In my opinion it is one of the worst specials to pair on a short range weapon, if you don’t believe me which Octobrush variant is used more and more feared the regular or the Nouveau with the same exact kit we have here? The regular Octobrush is so much better and similarly to the Octobrush, the regular Sploosh’s kit is so much better than the Neo. Let’s talk about why.

neo sploosh kit

The sub weapon of the Neo Sploosh is the Squid Beakon, a sub weapon that in general isn’t used too much in this game aside from certain maps like Moray Towers. The Beakon does allow you to get back into the battle quickly after being splatted which helps you and your team maintain key areas and keep up pressure during pushes. However, what the Beakon does not allow you to do is move an enemy out of position or close the gap between you and your opponent so that they are within your range. I mentioned this a lot in the Luna Neo’s writeup, short range weapons need a consistent way to close the gap on ranged opponents. If there is a Heavy Splatling in the center tower of Blackbelly Skatepark and you are coming from spawn how do you approach them, slap a Beakon down and that will scare them off? No. Meanwhile with another sub weapon like a Splat Bomb, it can simply be thrown up there and that will force them to move. While the Beakon does have its own uses and those uses are alright, the Sploosh needs something, the weapon lacks way too much range to not have something that helps it move in on opponents.

Think about the regular Sploosh with its Curling Bombs that create opportunities for you to zip around the map quickly and do just what you want to do, get in close on those enemies. Sometimes you can even sneak behind the enemies and create some big plays. Sure the Curling Bomb wouldn’t allow you to get someone off of a high ground position, but still you may be able to approach from a different angle with the curling bomb. Other sub weapons aren’t the perfect fix either and you will still face situations where you are simply unable to approach safely, but the Beakon is practically useless to you under the same circumstances.

Beakon placements on blackbelly skatepark

Although Beakons aren't the most optimal sub weapon on Blackbelly Skatepark, I included this image for some recommended areas to place them. Basically both your own and your enemy's snipe platform (the elevated platform where the right and left Beakons are placed) are good places to have a Beakon. The problem with Beakons here however, is that it is fairly easy to see someone jump to them since the map is rather small.

Moving on to the Tenta Missiles as a special, again not fond of, but I think it’s more useful than the Beakon. If you have been a long time reader of SPLASH or CRASH you remember how I said back in the Octobrush Nouveau edition how Tenta Missiles on a short range weapon are a poor option because it takes you away from the frontlines where you are the most effective. Back then I kind of wrote it off for this reason alone and while I still don’t think it’s the best option it can have its uses. Back to our scenario in which you are trying to approach a Splatling or another long range weapon that is sitting on the top of Blackbelly Skatepark’s center tower how the Beakon won’t help you at all, Tenta Missiles can. Pop those Tenta Missiles toward the center and you will have your opening to move in for sure. Hopefully if you were able to lock your sights on some of their teammates as well you can create a lot of chaos to get a splat.

Obviously you don’t want to rely on your special all the time to have to make a move, but if you are coming from spawn while being locked out your first move should be to build special and make a play with your team anyway. The Sploosh also charges special fairly quickly as I mentioned so it won’t be wasting too much of your time. While you still absolutely need a special weapon that will keep you alive like the Splashdown or Baller when in the frontlines, Tenta Missiles may at least allow you an opportunity to fight your way back in if necessary.

tenta missiles on blackbelly skatepark

This image shows how any enemy on the center tower of Blackbelly Skatepark will be an easy target for Tenta Missiles and they will be forced to react. Tenta Missiles aren't the best special weapon, but can have some use if used strategically.

Even though both the Curling Bomb and the Splashdown received a nerf in the 3.0 patch, they are definitely one of the dream kits for the Sploosh. Another kit I would like to see is the Splat Bomb and Baller or really and explosive bomb with the Baller. I feel like the Sploosh can pop out Baller’s fairly well which will allow it to recap the Splat Zone as well as stay alive in sticky situations. Other than that possibly go full on support like the Dapple Dualies kits. Both are not typically what I like from the short range options, but they work so well because they are paired with a weapon that charges special really fast and also has great mobility. The Sploosh charges special extremely well and might see some use with a special like Inkstorm or Ink Armor where it can easily support its team. There are some combinations that may be interesting to experiment with the Sploosh and although they face competition from other weapons, they are definitely more viable than the kit of the Neo.

The Neo Sploosh-o-Matic is a poor weapon, with a practically useless sub weapon, and a nonoptimal special weapon. In my opinion there is really no reason to use it other than to just have some fun popping out Tenta Missiles, which honestly you could do while using some decent weapons like the N-Zap ‘89 or the Mini Splatling. Overall the weapon is outclassed in nearly every way by some other weapon or kit and therefore the Neo Sploosh-o-matic gets an emphatic CRASH for all its deficiencies.

neo sploosh-o-matic crash result

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