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Interview with Mr. Nogami, Splatoon 2 Dev

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

May 02, 2018


Today, Nintendo uploaded an interview with Splatoon 2 developer Mr. Nogami to their YouTube channel. Mr. Nogami was the developer who came out during the Nintendo Switch reveal press conference to discuss Splatoon 2 back in January 2017. He discusses in the video some of the thoughts and ideas that went into both the Octo Expansion and Rank X.

In terms of the Octo Expansion, he discusses how the team wanted to make something in a new look an feel compared to the already existing Splatoon 2 single player and multiplayer experiences. They wanted to make something that stood out from the current content and make a world that was still Splatoon, just another side of it, similar to how Salmon Run and the single player campaign each have their own distinct feel when compared to the standard multiplayer online battles.

He also mentions that there will be some more secrets and backstory revealed about Off the Hook in this DLC. Because they will be some of Agent 8's main helpers throughout the story, there will be more information revealed about who they are and help round out their characters, similar to how Callie and Marie were developed more as characters throughout the single player campaigns of the first two games.

Mr. Nogami also discusses Rank X and the way that the new ranking system works. He mentions how the X Power will function similar to how League Power and Splatfest Power function, just on a month-long time frame. This means that it gives the players another variable to compare one another to and compete for in the Ranked Battle mode.

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