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Tourney roundup! - Week of April 30th, 2018


May 09, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. InkForce 7 (May 2nd)
  2. BnS Season 3 Splat Zones Edition! (May 3rd)
  3. FRee Splat Tournament (May 4th)
  4. 4v4 Sundaes (May 6th)

InkForce 7


Bracket: InkForce 7 bracket

Let the (Ink)Force be with you as you check out these highlights!

  1. With 12 teams and only one could win, it was lucky number 7 (seed) BET taking the title 3-2 over Spicy Kraken Rolls (SKR)!
  2. Something to note is that all four sets in top 4 (both semifinals, grand finals, and the bronze match) went at least four of the five game maximum. This means that these teams are relatively close in talent and InkForce is a tourney to watch out for if you want some high level Splatoon gameplay!
  3. If you are interested in learning more about this event, be sure to follow Vespher on Twitter and tune in to his Twitch on Wednesday nights!

BnS Season 3 Splat Zones Edition!

Battlefy page

Top cut bracket: BnS S3 SZ

Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent BnS event!

  1. They were top two seeds in this event for a reason, and late into the night, Prophecy was able to outlast Team Upgrade by sweeping them away 4-0 in grand finals!
  2. Two teams, very close in talent, faced off twice during this event. Gemini took the match played in groups over License to Krill (LtK) 3-1, but LtK came back with a reverse sweep to take the bronze and finish third overall!
  3. Two fun facts about this event:
  • BnS had their first Japanese team play during this event, as the team (whose name translates to) "Infinity Squared" participated and made top cut by finishing second in their group!
  • There was also a pickup team that was promised $20 total if they made top cut, called "Hey, $20 is $20." captained by Bob of SKR! Might this type of thing happen again? You will just have to play and find out!
  1. Be sure to follow InkTV on Twitter and tune in on Thursday nights at 8 pm EDT on Twitch for all the action in BnS!

FRee Splat Tournament

Swiss stage

Top cut

Top cut bracket: FRST 17 top cut

Author's Note: I am very excited to announce that I plan on extending my tourney roundups to cover events in international scenes more consistently, and this is one such event!

As many of you may know, the French scene has plenty of teams we do not normally see. Here are a few highlights from their latest event!

  1. Two teams came into grand finals a perfect 6-0 in the bracket stage, but one of them had to blink. The ultimate winner, Alliance Rogue, walked away with the victory over Rising Moon, losing only one game in the bracket stage and three when combined with the prior Swiss stage!
  1. This tournament is hosted in collaboration with FRST and eSportsBrosTV, so go check out their Twitch for all the action!
  2. This event is also biweekly and typically hosted on Fridays (especially for North American time zones), so if you are looking for a little more competitive Splatoon action before the events of the weekend, be sure to tune in!

4v4 Sundaes


Top 16 standings: 4v4 Sundaes top 16

A sundae on a Sunday? That is genius!!! Here are some highlights!

  1. This tournament is a new biweekly series on Sundays, in order to tag team with a tournament called "The Tide Pool" (which, should it happen this coming Sunday, will be touched on in the next tourney recap).
  2. Prophecy won their second tournament in four days (counting BnS), taking down a new team called "Oblivion" in grand finals!
  3. Another team of note is OctoPi, as they came in a respectable third, defeated the veteran team TakeOver!, and were the only team besides Prophecy to take a game off second place finisher Oblivion.

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