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Nintendo Switch Online Details Revealed

Nicholas "hermes" Devantier

May 08, 2018


If you haven't heard the news yet, yesterday, Nintendo tweeted more details about their new paid online service. The first part confirms the September release month. The features of this online service include playing Nintendo Switch games online (such as Splatoon 2 of course), as well as online play for various classic Nintendo Entertainment System games, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Ice Climber (full list still to be revealed).

One new part of the service that was announced yesterday was save data back up. This allows users to save the data of games online for access later. More details about this service will be revealed closer to launch. You will also be able to use the Nintendo Switch Online app for various functions such as in game chat with Splatoon 2. While Discord seems to be the option that many folks in the community use, still having this Nintendo-branded option is a good alternative.

The last thing that was mentioned yesterday (not particularly related to Splatoon) was that Nintendo has stated that they are not bringing back Virtual Console, and it seems to have been replaced by the retro titles you can access with the online service. There has been some backlash from various communities about this decision, but nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo uses this online service to bring retro content to its audience.


May 08, 2018

C'mon nintendo! It's getting closer to buyable. Just improve match connections and we're in buisness. This cloud saving is the first extra feature that I remoteely care about, but it's not enough to sell me.

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