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Tourney roundup! - Week of May 7th, 2018


May 16, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. JellyFish Trophee (May 9th)
  2. BnS Season 3 Tower Control Edition! (May 10th)
  3. French Battle #25 (May 11th)
  4. Swift Second Saturdays 6 (May 12th)
  5. Squid Spawning Grounds 10 (May 12th)

JellyFish Trophee


Standings for top 20: JFT top 20

We're double dipping this week with French tournaments, and this is round 1!

  1. According to the tournament staff, this event is one of a handful that the French scene have throughout the year to commemorate national holidays (by hosting an event the day before). The one they celebrated with this event is called Ascension Day!
  2. This event, just five rounds of best of 3 Swiss, was eventually taken by Oblivion, who managed to take the event 5-0!
  3. Oblivion managed to win all five sets they played by defeating eventual second place finisher Hyrule Clan in round 4 and Tragedy, the fourth place finisher, in round 5! Both Hyrule Clan and Tragedy finished with four set wins and one set loss.
  4. If you would like to stay connected with events run by the organizers (Club Ca$halot), be sure to follow them on Twitter!

BnS Season 3 Tower Control Edition!

Battlefy page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S3 TC top 8

Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the most recent Bleck n Spoon tournament!

  1. This event was the most attended Bleck n Spoon tournament since the very first one of the rebranded series!
  2. Gemini claimed the title, and though may have finished fifth in the Swiss stage, they pulled off a clean sweep of top cut!
  1. One team that is especially noteworthy here is a newer team called "Vinilla", who came in second in the Swiss stage and took Yami to a game 7 in the quarterfinals, so do not be surprised if they make waves moving forward!
  2. If you would like to stay up to date on BnS (and other InkTV matters), be sure to follow InkTV on Twitter and watch LIVE on Twitch!

French Battle #25


Top Cut Bracket: FB 25 top cut

Round 2 touring the French community, and while they battle, here is what YOU need to know!

  1. For those unaware, this event is biweekly in the French scene, alternating with the "FRee Splat Tournament", and for more information on that event's last edition, check out our tourney roundup from last week!
  2. In this event, Les Extralamars Arctic lost only one match combined between the group stage and top cut in order to claim victory!
  3. It was a good day overall for the Extralamars clan, as Les Extramalars Z├ęphyr (after losing to the Arctic team) got a default win in the bronze match after a forfeit from the second place finisher from the Jellyfish Trophee Tournament, Hyrule Clan!
  4. If you would like to stay connected with French Battle, be sure to follow them on Twitter and watch their tournament action live on Twitch!

Swift Second Saturdays 6

Battlefy page

Top 8 of Main Bracket: SSS 6 top 8

Swift Second Saturdays returned, amidst finals and Mother's Day weekend, and some good teams showed up to duke it out! Here is what went down:

  1. A newcomer to the Swift Second Saturdays series, Team Olive, defended their top seed by taking down another strong EU team in Chikara 3-2 in grand finals!
  2. The third and fourth place finishers, however, are no stranger to this series, as TOMO defeated quantuM 3-1 in the bronze match, in what wound up being a rematch of the previous Saturday's grand finals!
  3. For those unaware, this series also contains "revival brackets", which are second chance brackets for teams that lose in the main bracket. The winner of the Revival Bracket for SSS 6 wound up being Team Anonymous, while Seafood Sorbet defeated Ijisu 3-1 to claim the Max Revival Bracket!
  4. Because this tournament does not have a tourney specific Twitter account, you are free to follow my Twitter and join the Discord server to stay connected!

Squid Spawning Grounds 10

Swiss Stage

Top Cut

Top Cut Bracket: SSG 10 top 8

You guys want a new team tournament? This is one such event! Check out some of these fresh highlights!

  1. They lost their first set in round 1 of the Swiss stage, but did not lose another one! The ultimate winner, Miruku, swept their first two opponents in top cut and defeated "Big Mood" to claim the tourney win!
  2. Because of how Swiss tournaments work, you may not know your opponent for sure until the next round is revealed. Perhaps grand finals was foreshadowed a bit when Miruku took down Big Mood 2-1 in round 5.

Miruku Big Mood

  1. The team that finished first in the Swiss stage and third overall wound up as a GanGanGalaxy pickup, a team that has made some waves in other events as well!
  2. If you would like to stay connected with Squid Spawning Grounds, feel free to follow Snek, the head TO, on Twitter and watch the tourney live on his Twitch!

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