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Tourney roundup! - Week of May 14th, 2018


May 23, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. InkForce 9 (May 16th)
  2. BnS Season 3 Rainmaker Edition! (May 17th)
  3. FRST #18 (May 18th)

InkForce 9


Final Bracket: InkForce 9 May the (Ink)Force be with you! This one had some good teams, so dive in and see what we can find!

  1. In this North America focused tournament, we see Gemini taking it over Deep Blues 3-1 in grand finals to win it, losing only one game across three sets!
  2. This would be Gemini's second notable tournament win in a week's time, as they were also crowned champions of BnS Season 3 Tower Control Edition!
  3. To stay connected with InkForce, be sure to follow the lead TO Vespher on Twitter and watch his stream live on Twitch!!!

BnS Season 3 Rainmaker Edition!

Battlefy page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S3 RM Bleck! Here's a Spoon-fed recap of this week's BnS!

  1. A team that has truly made their mark during BnS was at it again in the Rainmaker Edition, as Team Upgrade pulled off a 4-3 win over Prophecy in a wild and exciting grand finals!!!!
  2. If you would like a small taste of what this grand finals included, just check this clip out courtesy of some fast thinking by Upgrade's LAGRIENZO!!!!

  1. Two upsets of note in the group stage happened in the same round, where the top two seeds in the event were both taken down!
  • Element-R defeated Gemini 3-2, which helped secure the former's place in top cut bracket!
  • Sunken Hope took out Prophecy 3-1, but Prophecy would get their revenge by taking the semifinals match in top cut by a score of 4-1!
  1. To stay connected with all things BnS (and everything else InkTV related), be sure to follow us on Twitter and watch BnS live on Twitch!!!

FRST #18

Swiss Stage

Bracket A - Top Cut

Bracket B

Top Cut Bracket: FRST 18 TC We started with a North American tournament, so we end across the ocean with a French event!

  1. This top cut bracket was no joke, as it included some of the more notable teams in the French scene. Who won? In the end, Rising Moon rose to the top to take down first place finisher in the Swiss stage, Sedna, by a score of 4-2!
  • This set allowed Rising Moon to even the score against Sedna, as the latter took their set in the Swiss stage 2-0.
  1. Even though Rising Moon finished third in the Swiss stage, their path through top cut was not easy by any means, as they had to defeat both El Firmament and ClanŁess, two notable teams in the Western scene!!
  2. Following a trend that a few other tournaments already use, FRST used a "Bracket B" for the teams that finished 9th through 16th in the Swiss stage so they could keep playing. Here, another team in the Extralamars clan played and won all three sets they played as EL Zéphyr defeated ASC Tenshi in a very tight 4-3 set!
  3. To stay connected with FRST, be sure to follow them on Twitter, as well as eSportsBros (who help present and stream the event) on both Twitter and on Twitch, where they stream this and other events live!!!!

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