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A Serious Tenta Brella Strategy Guide

Guest: Fusion

May 24, 2018


I go by Fusion around these parts. To introduce myself, I'm a range blaster main who plays for the team Element-R. I've played Splatoon since day one, and really began to delve into the competitive community after Splatoon 2's release.

With its surprise appearances in Splat Japan League (weapon data from SplatStats) and top 8 of BnS last week, it's clear that the Tenta Brella is capable of more than most players seem to believe. With a well coordinated team, it can create openings like no other weapon in the game can .

I plan on making more guides in the future, so be on the lookout!

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May 24, 2018

I disagree with the Object shredder recommendation: it's useful for armors, beakons, and sprinklers, however for bubbles and rainmaker, it makes little to no difference. Also a bit sad you didn't mention sub power up and beakons, but great vid overall! The talk about fighting around your launched shield, whether folowing directly behind it or hanging back to support teamates using it, was well explained. Broken record here, but the only thing I could add is 1 pure of run speed lets you strafe shoot with your launched shield =3 Now hopefully undercover gets a buff and someone can make a guide for it. . .

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