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Tourney roundup! - Week of May 21st, 2018


May 30, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. Seascraper 13 (May 22nd)
  2. BnS Season 3 Clam Blitz Edition! (May 24th)
  3. French Battle 26 (May 25th)
  4. Squidboards Splat Series Spring Splatdown (May 26th - May 27th)

Seascraper 13

Main Bracket

Underground Bracket

Main Bracket: Seascraper 13

Underground Bracket: Seascraper 13 UG

If you would like some highlights for this series, you better start climbing that seascraper!

  1. Initially a standard tournament series aimed at EU players (similar to Tick Tock Tuesdays back in the day for NA players), this series has since switched to a seasonal format, of which you can read more about HERE!!!
  2. In the main bracket, a newer team in the EU scene continues to make waves and cause people to take notice, as Amaterasu took down three notable teams, including first seed Oblivion while losing only one game in the process to claim the title!!!
  3. In the underground bracket, Sedna had to dust themselves off after losing 3-1 to Amaterasu and did just that, losing one game in the process to claim victory!
  4. If you would like to stay connected with Seascraper Tournaments and their continuing seasons, follow them on Twitter and check out their Twitch, as they plan on streaming their tournaments moving forward!

BnS Season 3 Clam Blitz Edition!

Battlefy page

Top Cut Bracket: BnS S3 CB

Bleck! Here is a Spoon-fed recap of the latest BnS event!

  1. This was one of our TWO prize pool events this week. The prize pool started through a generous donation by Lag of Team Upgrade, and due to this, Bleck used his normal streaming block on Tuesday evenings to raise donations on his stream. This donation pool eventually reached $350 for this event!!!!!
  • As an aside, this is one of the bigger grassroots prize pools the community has seen for an online tournament, trailing only the two G7 events that happened in the latter half of 2017.
  1. During the actual event, many competitive matches were to be had, and the top four wound up being the top four seeds in the event:

During the stream match (you can tell which matches were streamed because of the light blue highlight around the match score), CJ (essentially Saikai) knocked off Deep Blues 4-2, and on the other side of the bracket? Team Upgrade pulled off an insane upset 4-3 over TOMO to set up grand finals.

  1. In grand finals, we had another set that went all the way to game 7. Who would walk away with the first place prize of $300 and the second place prize of $50? See for yourself from this clip (or if you see the bracket screenshot, you know that Upgrade won game 7 over CJ)!

  1. If you would like to stay up to date with the Bleck n Spoon series, be sure to follow InkTV on Twitter, tune in to streams live on Twitch, and check the section of the InkTV site that covers BnS!

French Battle 26

Main Bracket

Silver Bracket

Bronze Bracket

Main Bracket Top Cut: French Battle 26 Top Cut

Silver Bracket: FB 26 Silver

Bronze Bracket: FB 26 Bronze

Bonjour, et voici quelques faits saillants du dernier tournoi de bataille français! (Translates roughly to "Hello, and here are some highlights from the latest French Battle tournament!")

  1. Looking to improve upon their third place finish in the last French Battle, EL Zéphyr went a clean 8-0 in the group stage, then followed that up by an almost perfect run through bracket, only losing one game in grands to win the tournament!
  2. EL Zéphyr defeated the team, Whoopers, that sent their sister team EL Phoenix to the bronze match, but Phoenix finished strong with a clean sweep to claim the bronze!
  3. In the Silver and Bronze Brackets (teams that finished second and third in their groups, respectively), Squad d'élite (FST) and Berry almost copied the formula for winning from the main bracket, losing only one game in the process across their three set wins!
  4. If you would like to stay connected with the French Battle tournament series, follow them on Twitter, one of their main TOs, PA, on Twitter, and watch their tournaments unfold LIVE on their Twitch!!!

Squidboards Splat Series Spring Splatdown

Battlefy page

Alpha Bracket Finals: Alpha Bracket SqSS May

Beta Bracket Top 8: Beta Bracket top 8 May

A two day event, you say? That is pretty rare in this community for online events, but twice the days should mean twice the highlights!

  1. Most Squidboards events normally come with a $100 first place prize, but for this event, that prize pool was doubled to $200 (joining BnS in the prize pool tourney category for the week).
  • This was also the first two day event under the "Squidboards Splatoon 2 Community Events" umbrella.
  1. During day 1, there was a seven round, best of 3 Swiss stage. This would seed the teams into the two brackets that would take place on day 2. Of everything that happened, one of the most notable moments was an insane push of the Rainmaker on Camp Triggerfish by Team Olive over Chikara!

  1. Going into day 2, everyone knew that there would be good matchups throughout top cut bracket, as stream saw not one but TWO reverse sweeps towards the end of winners bracket, starting with this highlight capturing Revolve taking their set 3-2 over Saikai:

  1. Eventually, the tournament got to grand finals between Revolve, a pickup, and Pandora, the EU representative for the upcoming Splatoon 2 World Championships at E3. That said, Revolve was no ordinary pickup, as their roster contained the following players:
  1. In grand finals, viewers would see one of the most insane finishes to any game of Splatoon in recent memory, game 3 of the set on Musselforge Fitness Clam Blitz with the set tied at 1:

  1. At the end of the event, it was Revolve, the high tier pickup, taking down the likes of Saikai, Team Olive, and Pandora, to claim the tournament victory and the grand prize of $200!!!!
  2. Shoutouts as well go to Team Anonymous on maneuvering over 50 teams in the Beta Bracket to claim victory there, so be sure to look out for them moving forward!
  3. If you would like to stay connected with Squidboards Community Events, be sure to follow them on Twitter and tune into InkTV's coverage of each event every month on InkTV's Twitch!

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