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Tourney roundup! - SnS 4 recap!


Jun 07, 2018

SnS 4 thumbnail Disclaimer: This piece is a combination of the normal tournament roundup/recap article as well as a part opinion piece as I give my thoughts on several parts to how SnS 4 unfolded.

Link to SnS 4 Splatoon 2 Overview

Smash'N'Splash 4 (SnS), without a doubt, was the biggest Splatoon LAN to date in terms of number of teams (with over 50!!!!)!

Before we start, a special shout-out to all the staff at EndGameTV, ESPECIALLY A.C. and Eirik for all the hard work they put into making this event a success!

So what happened? Let's dive in and make a splash!

Floated Pools Summary:

SnS 4 floated pools We're starting at the top, with the highest seeded teams! But what happened? Were there any surprises from this TO's perspective? Let's check it out!

  1. Aside from the sets including SetToDestroyX (StDx) and Team Beer, the matches in floated pool A did not disappoint, with sets getting closer the deeper the teams went. This included Deep Blues taking the only game off StDx in the three Swiss rounds.
  2. We also saw one team in particular, BET, go the distance in all three sets that they played. Had their sets against Clockwork, Deep Blues, or Spicy Kraken Rolls (SKR) gone different in game five, this entire pool would have ended differently! (More on BET later, as they definitely made a splash at this event!)
  3. Pool B in floated pools was just as close, as top seed in their pool Komodo saw each of their sets go to a game 5, similar to BET. But they wound up winning one more game 5 to finish second overall in their pool and guarantee a spot in top 24!
  4. The notable finishes in these pools would be:
  • License to Krill: After taking it on the chin 3-0 to Deep Blues in round 1, they dusted themselves off and upset higher seed Clockwork in round 2 and defeated SnS 3 champions Hanran 3-2 in round 3 to guarantee a spot in top 24!
  • Notorious: One of the lower seeds in the floated pools as a whole, they had a less eventful run than License to Krill. But they still pulled off a 7-4 game record and winning two of their three sets to finish fourth in their pool, also guaranteeing top 24!

Placement Pools Summary:

Wave A

SnS 4 Placement Wave A

Wave B

SnS 4 Placement Wave B

Wave C

SnS 4 Placement Wave C

That's three dozen teams, but only half of them could make it to division 1 with the eight teams that did not make top 24 from floated pools. So let's break it down!

  1. In Wave A, a very notable finish is Just for the Halibut, coming in FIRST in their pool after toppling top seed in their pool ıиκΔDelta and defeating Los Inklings 3-2 in round 3 to wrap up the clean 3-0!
  2. In Wave B, one of the pure pickups for this event, Whomst Wanna Splat, finished third overall in their pool with a 2-1 set record and 6-3 game record to lock up a spot in Division 1.
  3. In Wave C, pool 2 saw two teams rise to the top, as RisEN and Vote Nine for Prom King asserted their dominance, combined going almost undefeated before facing off in round 3, a set that went to RisEN 3-1.

Division 2 Summary:

SnS 4 Division 2

The first make or break division, for teams that struggled in placement pools but managed to stay afloat long enough to avoid Bronze Bracket. Only three pools this time, so let's check them out!

  1. One of the notable teams in Division 2 wound up being Franks Hotdogs, a LAN regular team, and they powered their way into division 1 with a 9-2 game record in their pool!
  2. On a personal level, I must point out two of the team names here, and both teams found a way to make Division 1 as well!:
  • Rainmaker Did Nothing Wrong (going a perfect 9-0 in their pool)
  • Clam Blitz did nothing wrong

Division 1 Summary:

Wave G

SnS 4 Division 1

Wave H

SnS 4 Division 2

This is where Splatoon action really starts to heat up, as these teams battled it out for the remaining 16 spots in top 24 (two teams per group would move on). It's Division 1 time, let's break it down!

  1. All four teams that struggled (coming in seventh or eighth) in floated pools at the start came roaring back in division 1, each placing at the top of their pool:
  1. One team that kept going strong is Clam Blitz did nothing wrong, helping display one of the cool things about the waterfall format used for this event. They struggled a bit (fourth out of six teams) in placement pools to make Division 2, but claimed the top of their pool in Division 2 and second place in their Division 1 pool to make top 24!
  2. Another team that's worthy of highlighting here is KachoFugetsu, and they're notable for a few reasons:
  • They are an all Japanese team who traveled from Japan to take part in this event.
  • They barely missed making top 24 out of floated pools, finishing fifth to land in Division 1, but promptly made top 24 anyway by going 3-0 in sets and 9-3 in games in Division 1.
  • They are a rarity in the community, as KachoFugetsu is a team consisting entirely of females!!!
  1. Continuing their strong run, Just for the Halibut was also able to squeak into top 24 with a 2-1 record, knocking off Vote Nine for Prom King in a wild five game set!

Top 24:

Winners Bracket

SnS 4 Top 24 W1

SnS 4 Top 24 W2

Losers Bracket

SnS 4 Top 24 L

Here's where we get to the really juicy Splatoon action. 24 teams, and only six would be left standing to make the true top cut bracket and decide the SnS 4 champion. What happened? What sets were the notable ones? Which teams pulled off unexpected performances? Let's take a look!

  1. The two teams that would face off in winners finals (in top 6), and would guarantee themselves at least a third place finish overall, would be StDx and Deep Blues, each going through three teams and finishing with a 9-1 game record!
  • StDx would lose their only game out of 10 to SKR
  • Deep Blues lost only one game, with that loss coming at the hands of Wakanda Forever (but the latter would flip the script come top 6!)
  1. One of the teams highlighted from floated pools, License to Krill, continued a strong showing and fell one set win shy of making top 6, defeating another notable floated pools performer in Notorious to claim a tie for seventh with SnS 3 champ Hanran.
  2. After struggling and finishing in seventh in their floated pool, Clockwork stepped up their game and claimed FOUR key set wins, including two in the losers bracket, to find their way into top 6!
  3. Despite the three highlights above, the spotlight may have shined the brightest on BET, as they made a run through the losers bracket that will not soon be forgotten:
  • They started off by taking out INK Fresh 3-0 in winners round 1.
  • They barely lost to SKR 3-2 in winners round 2, to push them into losers round 1. And that is where they started going off!
  • They swept Aurora Borealis, a pickup consisting of former SpeedRunsLive members, but they weren't done. They swept second overall seed in Komodo, took out Black Squid Ink Burger 3-1, and finished their incredible losers run by defeating Hanran 3-1 as well, securing a spot in top 6 and officially denying Hanran a chance to repeat as SnS champions!!!!

Top 6:

SnS 4 Top 6

Six teams remained out of 52, and one would be crowned the champion of SnS 4. How did it wrap up? Let's find out!

  1. They won SquidStorm 2017. They won Genesis 5. They won Beakon. And this time? StDx won all seven games they played in top 6 over both Deep Blues and Wakanda Forever to be crowned the CHAMPIONS of SnS 4!!!!!
  2. After losing to Deep Blues 3-1 in "winners semis" of top 24, Wakanda Forever (a pickup consisting of half of quantuM) showed they would not be denied so easily.
  • They got a DQ win on BET, ending the latter's incredible run through losers bracket.
  • They defeated Clockwork 3-1, sending the latter to a respectable fourth place finish.
  • They got the salty runback on Deep Blues, this time emerging victorious in the set 3-1 to set up a grand finals against StDx.
  1. Speaking of Clockwork, they finished their strong performance by coming in fourth. They did so by defeating SKR, the same team that had defeated them in the winners portion of top 24, but this time doing SKR one better. Clockwork lost 3-1 in top 24, but then got the revenge sweep in top 6!
  2. Our final note comes regarding Deep Blues. Like StDx, they have managed to play in all four major Splatoon 2 LAN events, and they have seen their placings improve with each successive event:
  • They tied for seventh at SquidStorm.
  • They tied for fifth at Genesis 5.
  • They cracked top four by coming in fourth at Beakon.
  • Their best placement yet coming at Smash'N'Splash 4, taking home the bronze!

Note: This article has been updated to more properly reflect the status of Spicy Ladies ft. Ace as being three-fourths SKR members.

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