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Tourney roundup! - Week of June 11th, 2018


Jun 20, 2018

Tournaments covered this week

  1. Splatoon 2 World Championships (June 11th and 12th)
  2. FRST EU - Qualifier 2 (June 15th)
  3. Swift Second Saturdays 9 (June 16th)
  4. LUTI Seeding Tournament (June 17th)

Splatoon 2 World Championships

Nintendo's E3 tournament page

Splatoon Bracket: S2 WC Bracket

For a more game by game recap of day 1 or day 2 of the Splatoon 2 World Championships, check out here or here, respectively!

Ah, E3, so full of games that showcase what a variety of companies have to offer. But for those in the here and now, the Splatoon 2 World Championship was a sight to see so let's break em down!

  1. Having returned to E3 for the second straight year after winning the Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational in 2017 (detailed here), SetToDestroyX looked to claim their second world championship in a row. But to wrap up day one, they were stopped by the BackSquids (formerly known as Gucci Gang) in a heart-stopping five game set!!!!!
  2. After the Japanese team came close in 2017, they would not be denied again! Even though the set was fairly close and very entertaining, the GG BoyZ of Japan claimed the Splatoon 2 World Champions crown (and trophy) by sending the Back Squids back home after a 4-2 grand finals set!

FRST EU - Qualifier 2


Top 20 standings: FRST qualifier 2 top 20 For this event, we travel across the pond to France and check in on the second qualifier of their mini circuit that, as of this article's production, is currently underway!

  1. If you missed their first qualifier, you may check out the bracket here!
  2. For those unaware, the teams that place well enough in this and the first qualifier are placed into a top 16 team single-elimination tournament with four players on the winning team of that top cut event taking home Splatoon t-shirts!!!!
  3. After the dust cleared with six rounds of Swiss, Chikara took home the top spot at an undefeated 6-0, defeating three of the other six top seven finishers in the final three rounds of the event!!! Those teams being:
  1. Be sure to stay connected with eSportsBros, the ones who run FRST, by following them on Twitter and watching their streams live on Twitch!
  2. You can also be sure to check out the finals on June 29th with a link to the bracket here!!!

Swift Second Saturdays 9

Battlefy page

Top Cut Bracket: SSS 9 top cut It'll only take a second, but I'll be swift with this Saturday tournament's recap!

  1. This was the first time that Swift Second Saturdays (SSS) conducted a tournament that isn't a single elimination with revival bracket format, as they look to expand into other formats to see what teams would prefer the most.

  2. May we praise the sun on this day! A pickup formed right before registration closed, Praise the Sun only lost two games during the whole tournament in order to win it all!!! Their roster consisted of the following: Praise the Sun roster

  3. They upset second seed El Firmament in the group stage, swept Memes R' Us during the first round of bracket, and narrowly defeated Oblivion in semifinals to ensure there wouldn't be an all EU grand finals. Their name? Hakai, as they secured a solid second place finish during SSS 9!

LUTI Seeding Tournament

Swiss Stage

Top 16 Bracket

Top Cut Bracket: LUTI seeding tourney Leagues Under The Ink (LUTI) Season 6 is finally coming soon!!!!! In the lead up to that, they hosted a seeding tournament to help get a better understanding of how some of the teams should be placed, division wise. Let's take a look!

  1. This tournament had the additional incentive to play in that the top four teams in the top cut bracket (shown above) would have an advanced placing in the upcoming EndGameTV event that everyone will see more details on later!
  2. After seven rounds of Swiss and an additional four rounds in top cut, the team that emerged victorious was Amaterasu, losing only two games in the top 16 stage!!!!
  3. The other three teams that will benefit most in the immediate future from this event are S M I L E, orKsGP Black, and Memes R' Us as they rounded out the event's top four.
  4. Be sure to stay tuned to LUTI as season 6 drops on Monday, June 25th, 2018!

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